Why is Advertising so Important?

Advertising remains the primary way most businesses get traffic online. Without ad campaigns, most websites would see little, if any, traffic.

Organic traffic is dwindling for the simple reason that Google and Facebook continue to get better at displaying targeted ads. They no longer randomly promote organic content, choosing instead to charge for every click. That’s having a chilling effect on many business websites, especially the 34% of them that never pay for advertising.

Increase Revenues Through Advertising

That means three out of ten websites has been coasting along, relying primarily on free traffic or just on their existing client base. Almost all of them would benefit from establishing an ongoing ad campaign. Businesses that maintain advertising consistently find that they more than makeup for the spends with high returns.

People are signing up all the time for products and services online. It pays to appeal to them. Failure to keep your brand in front of their eyes will result in lost sales. Why not put some of your other budgets into online ads, at least in an exploratory capacity? That way, if you find the numbers add up, you can establish a sustainable campaign on Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

Ads get attention from potential customers. The people who click are at least somewhat interested in your product. Once your company engages with them and sends them on the customer journey, the relationship turns into a profitable business transaction. Websites and social media websites are essential tools for getting sales, but they all need ads to run effectively.

Ads Smooth out Rough Patches

Ads are central to the success of any website. They’re the fuel that keeps the site growing and the new customers showing up. Without that fuel, growth would become a thing of the past and sales hard to come by naturally. With impressive ad campaigns, sales drop in continuously, making business planning simple. For marketing for MSPs few tactics will come close to competing with a paid ad strategy.

Organic traffic is not nearly as predictable. Since rivals want your rankings, there will be times of loss and going backward. The fluctuations can vary so wildly that it becomes difficult to plan budgets. Even websites that have many organic rankings rely on ads to keep traffic flowing at all times. If they didn’t, they would have many off periods that would kill their revenues.

It’s frustrating to have small amounts of traffic that convert well. It gives webmasters a taste of the good life, but it will leave a business owner wanting more. Ads are the way to get more of the best converting traffic.

Ads Are Measurable

The drawback to ads is they’re costly. The advantage is they’re measurable. There’s no need to waste money when it’s straightforward to find the ads that work and the ones that fail. Facebook and Google both provide in-depth analytics programs for the ads that will allow anyone to see how well their campaigns perform. Armed with that information, you’ll be able to decide on the direction or your spend.

Advertising Allows for Fast Testing

Marketers need to be able to test their ideas quickly. That’s what digital ad systems empower them to do. They can set their campaigns up and spend whatever testing budget they have to see how people respond to their offer, landing pages, and ad copy. Then, they’ll make adjustments until everything is ideal.

The quickness of the test helps marketers cut costs and find the best ads. That means they’re more profitable and can test products in real-world scenarios until they find ones that become best sellers.

Ads have plenty of benefits, especially for companies looking to cut out a piece of the digital pie. Without them, expect to have a website that’s similar to a ghost town – there will be tumbleweed whistling through the main street and little else. With ads, your store or online business will have its aisles stuffed with energetic shoppers who are dropping money everywhere.