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Founded in 1987, Cambridge House is one of the leading English language schools in Madrid. They have 6 centres throughout Madrid and have developed their own unique methodology to hep students achieve spectacular result with pass rates for the Cambridge exams of 96%. They have recently launched a new project to teach english online with interactive group classes with native teachers.


The web presence for them was very important from an early stage to capture new potential students. Coming from a Flash website they had virtually no presence in Google and almost all traffic was from AdWords and other advertising campaigns.

With the rise in the number of mobile users in 2015 the web need to be able compatible with smartphones.


Adlibweb built Cambridge House’s first non-flash web in 2009 and then the update in 2015 making it responsive. Initially we carried out SEO in order to get the website ranked correctly.

In 2016 we launched and online test as part of the process to assess students’ levels. This has generated over 150,000 unique visitors to the site and has become a major recruiting tool.

Through the years we have added functionality to the site and gone through many adjustments.

In 2017 we started working with the Cambridge House to team to develop an online English language learning platform.


The business has grown very successfully during the time we have worked with Cambridge House and they have been able to grow from3 centres to 6 centres on the back of the business generated by the web.

The online test has become a major recruitment tool allowing for automatic follow-up for people testing their own abilities.

  • Traffic has increased with a CAGR (compound average growth rate) since 2011 of 12%
  • The web has more than 300 highly relevant terms in the top 10 results of Google
  • Over 70% of the traffic comes from the area around Madrid which means that the visitors can all become potential clients
  • A conversion rate of 4% based on web enquiries
  • over 50% of traffic comes directly from inbound marketing activities including SEO and Content Marketing
  • the cost of acquisition through content ,alerting and SEO is half that of Google AdWords
  • A domain authority of 26 with an average page authority of 36
  • Increased usability after two generations of web builds – mobile now makes up more than 50% of all visitors
  • Inbound links from over 1,330 pages from more than 985 high authority domains through content marketing and SEO
  • Domain Authority of 31
  • Talking with Cambridge is due to become a major player in the online English language market with their “Clases de conversación online” programme.
  • In order to deal with the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cambridge House has developed their Online School for groups with the phrase “Estudiar Inglés Online

Recomiendo Adlibweb como agencia de marketing digital sin lugar a dudas. Llevamos muchos años trabajando con ellos y con el paso del tiempo vemos cómo cada día son más profesionales. Son muy creativos y están en todo momento pendientes del cliente y de que sus productos sean muy visibles y se vendan rápido.

Destaco también la versatilidad de esta agencia: te pueden hacer una web con un gran diseño, se encargan de Adwords para tu empresa de forma muy eficiente; también te pueden llevar toda la publicidad en redes sociales. En todo lo que hacen siempre destaco su profesionalidad y su buen hacer. Ojalá todas las agencias fueran como ellos, y lo dice alguien que ya ha probado unas cuantas antes. Recomiendo esta agencia y les animo a que sigan así!

Julio Colmenero, Director Cambridge House