Production Service Network



American film director and producer Michael Moffett was used to dealing with foreign production companies in Spain. His company specialised in supplying local crews, locations and smoothing the wrinkles for commercial and documentary shoots in Spain. However, he realised that there was a major opportunity for doing the same elsewhere in the world with a “boots on the ground approach”.

So it was that in 2014 that Production Service Network (PSN) was born. Initially, with a core group of countries, it has now grown to have capabilities in 100+ countries and it is still growing.

In 2018 looking to open up new markets with Below the Line (BTL) and Scripted Narrative, we are still working very actively with them to make sure they stay the go-to site for multi-location shoots.


PSN was essentially a startup business with no web presence.

They needed to have a web that would clearly show their capabilities integrating videos of shoots of the partner countries in an attractive manner and allow for real text for search engines to be able to understand the context of the pages.

They needed to be found in the search engines and needed to attract two types of visitors. The first were other partners where they did not have a presence so they could expand the network. More importantly, they need to attract production companies, producers and directors that wanted to find locations to shoot worldwide. Making a documentary or shooting a TV Commercial is a complicated business and they need to be able to show that they were on top of the local situation. Their web had to show “authority”.


Adlibweb had already worked with Michael producing his own website so we knew we could work together well. We developed a website that integrated the high-quality videos from Vimeo on their site along with watermarked images and texts that showed the expertise in all their then 20 partner countries.

From the very beginning, we encouraged them to blog and connect to social media where they could be found for the audience that was important to them using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

We carried out an SEO program for them optimising pages and encouraging inbound linking and constantly adding terms as their reach expanded and more country partners were brought on board.

In order to control their environment and ensure that they had enough space for the massive amount of digital assets that they have an ongoing communication, we manage their server environment.

A recent rebuild has built a completely responsive web with over 800 shoots making it much more visual but not losing important ranking.


Over the last 3 years the results have simply improved:

  • Traffic has increased with a CAGR (compound average growth rate) since 2013 of 83%
  • The web has more than 500 highly relevant terms in the top 10 results of Google
  • 87% of traffic comes directly from inbound marketing activities including SEO and Content Marketing
  • A domain authority of 25 with some pages having an authority of 36
  • Increased usability after two generations of web builds
  • Inbound links from over 1,000 pages on high authority domains through content marketing and SEO
  • The number of partner countries has doubled in just two years
  • The positioning of new genre-based slicing and dicing of videos lends a new dimension to their activities with inroads into high end scripted entertainment shoots.