Presence Technology, an Enghouse Interactive company



Presence Technology is a multinational company that provides call centre software solutions. They are present in USA, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and South Africa. Turnover in 2015 was $13million. By the very nature of their brand their web needs to be highly visible. They are a relatively small player in their market and are up against stiff competition from major telecom related players.


In early 2010 Presence came to us to help them with their website which was a based upon a legacy CMS that had been adapted so much that it could no longer be updated. The lack of updating meant that it was vulnerable to hacking attempts. Furthermore they were aware that the traffic to their site was low but did not know how to increase it without expensive PPC campaigns.


Initially we parachuted in resources to secure their current web but it became clear that even on a short term basis the web was not tenable. Adlibweb rebuilt the web based upon a standard CMS and migrated the data to a new website which launched in the summer of 2010. This website allowed the marketing staff to be able to update and add to the site themselves and keep the platform up to date. Implementing three languages and ensuring that the web and the content was consistent across all geographies was a significant challenge given the independent and entrepreneurial culture of the organisation.

However Presence was still aware that the traffic was not sufficient and we proposed a dedicated and sustained SEO campaign to increase traffic based on the new code and structure of the new web.

It has been a long road and the relationship has prospered right through to the present (2017). During this time we have been able to help Presence reach their goals through strategic decisions about such areas as:

  • email marketing – they were publishing a weekly industry news letter that consumed major amount of resources and being published on the web meant that there was a disproportionate number of outbound links
  • content marketing using repositories for white papers and case studies
  • setting up blogging
  • managing and optimising specific PPC campaigns in different geographies
  • with specific security issues and increase SEO potential we also manage their server environment
  • when it became apparent that there was significant amounts of mobile and tablet traffic we implemented design changes to their web to make it responsive and mobile friendly.


The results have been extremely rewarding:

  • Traffic has increased with a CAGR (compound average growth rate) of 43%
  • 80% of traffic comes directly from inbound marketing activities including SEO and Content Marketing
  • Increased usability after two generations of web builds
  • Inbound links from over 272 high value domains
  • More than 9,500 pages indexed
  • A domain authority of 37 and some pages as high as 50

The company has done so well that it has recently been the subject of a merger valued at $17 million by Canadian company Enghouse Systems Limited.