Dutch owned Oxygen Worldwide arranges medical oxygen delivery worldwide for oxygen users on holiday or staying abroad for a longer period of time. The company operates in more than 95 different countries and operates 24/7. The company was founded in 1993 and we began to work with them in 2006.


OxygenWorldwide has a distributed operational system that allows for 24 hour coverage for their emergency services. This means that there has to be a very clear hand over of patient cases between operators that are probably in different locations. Systems need to be in the cloud and secure.

This is a competitive market and the company required a web that would work for them in multiple languages to meet the global requirements of their business. The web needed to be updated by their own staff to ensure compatibility.

Effective marketing to potential customer groups required innovative print and graphic design material.

With strong competition from companies in the USA the web needed to be positioned for key terms that people requiring oxygen would use – in 11 languages!

With the increase of the use of mobile the web later needed to be updated to be responsive.

As the company grew, the complexity of managing more clients in more countries both travelling and on the point of travelling and a highly complex network of suppliers became a priority. The day to day management of the sales and operational processes required a more rigorous approach as well as a change management process for the staff that had become accustomed to the older system. The system needed to run 24/7 and fast.

When the mobile revolution took place the web also required updating to become responsive. About the same time it was apparent that there needed to be a stronger emphasis on content in the web to be able to compete with larger and more sophisticated competition.


Initially we started with a cloud based CRM for the company which meant defining the business process which were not formalised! At this time it was not integrated with the website or email but a stand alone system.

We designed a web form them based on their corporate image using a standard CMS platform that all could use. The usability of the web was paramount given that the requirements of the clients for OxygenWorldwide were complex and unique. Forms needed to be clear and easy to fill in all languages.

An SEO program was started in order to ensure good visibility in the search engines. The program encompassed English, French, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese.

As this was not sufficient we looked for ways to be able to increase content whilst keeping coherence with the rest of the web and for areas that would gain interest. Two solutions we put forward and implemented:

  • a wiki and FAQ that defined all the terms related to the industry
  • a blog that corralled both latest news about the issues for those travelling with oxygen as well as more general articles on oxygen usage.

In order to be deal with the increased volume and transactions the CRM was completely overhauled and integrated with the web to facilitate communication with clients as well as suppliers. The increased functionality required a dedicated server and we were asked to manage the server of the company. A payment platform was also added to allow for invoice payment by clients that did not want to make a bank transfer.

Because of a slightly older demographic mobile access did not begin to become significant until mid 2014. At this point we decided to update and make the web responsive. Currently mobile and tablet correspond to more than 50% of all visits.


Over the last 10 years the results have simply improved over and over again:

  • Traffic has increased with a CAGR (compound average growth rate) of 39%
  • The web has more than 500 highly relevant terms in the top 10 results of Google
  • 85% of traffic comes directly from inbound marketing activities including SEO and Content Marketing
  • Domain authority of 27 and an average page authority of 34
  • Some of the blog pages account for over 15% of traffic to the web and have become Google Quick Answer boxes
  • Increased usability after two generations of web builds
  • Inbound links from over 3,000 pages on high authority domains through content marketing and SEO

OxygenWorldwide.com, has been a client of AdLibweb for 13 years. Besides designing various websites for us over the years have they set up and maintained a database for our complex business model.We have also left the SEO for OxygenWorldwide successfully in their hands.

Besides this have they designed and made several websites for a variety of business I launched myself independent to OxygenWorldwide. I can highly recommend Adlibweb as they are original in their design, have an excellent response time, are accurate and up to date with today’s web related issues.

Rutger Berntsen, CEO – OxygenWorldwide