Secrets To Website Design: Scale Website With These Tips

Secrets To Website Design: Scale Website With These Tips

A website excels when the design can commit to the website’s functionality and user experience and appropriately complements the content. Professional web designers will pull off the best possible website design outcomes according to the priorities. They will make sure that the website includes high-performing content and exceptional user experience to ensure that the design can transcend. 

Clutter-free and minimal homepage

The homepage of the website must be able to deliver the core message immediately. That will be possible by the words written on the website. Try to avoid stuffing the web page with too much content. Just include what can appeal to the user’s perspective instead of focusing on the word count. The less the visitors have to read, the more they will be able to evaluate and process the content. 

Visual hierarchy

Hierarchy, being an essential principle of design, helps in displaying the content in an effective and clear way. When hierarchy is rightly used, you’ll be able to generate visitors’ engagement and attention on the page elements as per the priority.

Minimise the use of vibrant colour schemes

Considering the availability of mesmerising hues and shades, it is easy to explore various opportunities. With the bold and bright, you can explore aesthetics; with so many colours put together, the visual noise can accentuate or overpower the rest of the web design. 

Try to keep your website’s colour palette with neutral background colours. If the background sticks to a toned-down and cool colour scheme, the call-to-action buttons, design elements and other menu items. Make your website stand out and get all the attention it deserves. Most of the time, what is required is a black, white and neutral background. 

Steer clear from colour schemes

Considering that there are a huge variety of hues and shades out there, it will be easy to go overboard with colour. If you put a lot of colours at the same place, then the visual noise can overpower the rest of the web design. Therefore, it is suggested to use a neutral and simple colour palette and background colours. A toned-down background will stand out and get the deserved attention. Sometimes all that you need is a black, white and neutral background. 

Responsive design

There are a number of devices out there with different screen sizes. No matter how accessible the web design is, it should offer a similar experience no matter what it is being viewed on. Rather than putting a lot of effort into extremely complicated animations and hover effects that might only work on some types of devices. Therefore, it is better to spend time in improving the whole UI/UX. Following the trends in responsive design will make your website user-friendly and provide an optimised experience across mobile devices and desktops. 

Incorporate case studies

Case studies must always be a prominent part of a web designer’s portfolio, but a lot of people skip that section. Ofcourse they take a little of time and effort, but case studies really help you in multiple ways. Case studies can add so much to a portfolio website, but many skip over creating them. 

Make the website easy to navigate

Website navigation holds a lot of importance so that users can easily find what they are looking for in the marketplace. If they can easily find what they have been looking for, they will get impressed. Solid navigation will definitely help search engine to index your content and greatly improve the user experience. 

Keep your website mobile friendly.

All of the website visitors should be able to enjoy the professional website at its best. No matter the browsing device. When you are designing a website, Wix can automatically create a mobile-friendly version of the website so that you can keep pace with the increasingly mobile world. Go through the mobile version of your site as per the user’s perspective, test page, buttons and user actions. For that, the website should have a clean and less cluttered design with proper optimisation and scaling of the assets. 

Consistent typography 

When we are reading a book, every page of the book provides a sense of order. Spacing will be the same size, with the exact spacing and the same repeating format. This keeps the visitors engaged and offers an uninterrupted experience reading the content. 

Just like that, the website design also needs to follow a sense of order. This means the text should be the same size with proper spacing and adhere to a single format. The colour, line spacing, padding, and weight in a particular content must be kept similar. 

Work on experimental web design projects

Think of creating something other than the ordinary, push yourself and try to make something out of the box. Build or redesign something that will make your work go in a different and unique direction. If you explore undefined territories, it does not have to end in a confusing situation, the outcome can be something that you’ll love or you might not. Furthermore, if you are practising and exploring your talent, even if you fail to produce a good one, no one ever has to know about it. 


Understanding that selecting a development and web design company can be a task since there are a number of firms in the marketplace. A good and professional web design company provides experienced web development and design experts. Implementing the right tips can bring in drastic changes. Ultimately, these will help improve the experience, performance and customer conversions rates of the website. 

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