Ciudad Patricia



Owned by the Dutch multinationals VolkerWessels and Zorggroep Waterweg Noord at Schiedam, Ciudad Patricia Senior Resort is a beautiful residence for people aged 55 and older. The complex is comprised of a nursing home, 173 apartments, and a central building with a variety of services. The community is made up of Dutch, English, Germans and Scandinavians.


In 2014 Ciudad Patricia had an outdated and poorly structured website that could not be updated. The web needed to appeal to a demographic that was over 65, the retirees, as well as younger demographic which was related to the children of the retirees. It needed to be clear and easy to navigate in 4 languages. The web needed to be updated by key staff in the organisation without programming knowledge.

To get a good return on investment there needs to be a waiting list of potential clients as investments tend to be incremental. The sales funnel needed to be filled but the sales cycle was typically very long measured in months rather than in weeks and often in years.

The services supplied by Ciudad Patricia are not typical of a senior residence but are self-contained homes in a sheltered environment. This led to sales receiving a lot of enquiries that were not well matched.


In 2014 we redesigned the website for Ciudad Patricia and significantly recoded it for SEO. Moreover, the site was made responsive to allow for mobile traffic. The website was all about content marketing:

  • a blog was put in place
  • the content was written so as to educate potential residents and their families about the whole concept of the community
  • different pieces of content were identified for different stages of the buying cycle
  • key high-value material required email for download

As soon as the web was completed we began inbound marketing with SEO activities based on the content of the web in four different languages. Later, for a specific campaign, we also set up and ran a multilingual AdWords campaign.


The results have been extremely encouraging

  • Web traffic has increased by 450% in just one year
  • Massive lift in enquiries from all languages with a 2% Click to Action rate
  • Better matching of potential customers to services leading to lower costs of acquisition
  • Perfect fit with precisely focused demographics
  • Highly successful PPC campaign with CTRs in excess of 5% (average for all industry is 1.9% with CPC of just €1 (average €2.3) and great conversion rates
  • The complex continues to grow

AdlibWeb has delivered an SEO programme enabling the web to become a key component of our marketing mix with truly exceptional results. Our web traffic has increased >450% in just 1 year, and our cost of acquisition for potential clients has dropped significantly. We couldn’t be happier with their work, their professionalism, and support.

Alan Goswell. Marketing Co-ordinator. Ciudad Patricia. Dec 2016