35+ Free Instagram Templates for Photoshop

Instagram becomes more and more popular every day. Probably all your friends and colleagues have this application. It means that you can use Instagram to promote your products and interact with your acquaintances. However, you need a proper Instagram template for Photoshop to strengthen your personal brand. Today we want to show you this collection of free Instagram templates. Without further ado, let’s discuss these beautiful templates:

Free Instagram Store Posts Template in PSD

Check out this free Instagram store posts template. It is made in yellow and orange, with a little amount of red. Such a template is perfect for sneakers shop promotion. Use it to strengthen your personal brand and create a loyal audience.

Free Instagram Fashion Templates

Just look at these free Instagram fashion templates in square format. They can be especially helpful if you have an online boutique, significantly improving the visual representation of your clothing account. Keep in mind that you can edit each template to make it match your goals.


Floral Instagram Post Collection Free Psd

This floral Instagram post collection will come in handy for almost everybody. Each template depicts an image in black and white. Also, you can place your text or add a famous quote. Of course, you are welcome to replace photos.


Free Healthy Food Instagram Stories Set Template in PSD

Being healthy cannot be superfluous. Go check out the following free healthy food Instagram stories templates in saturated colors. Just look at these tasty dishes and special recipes. Nobody will stay indifferent.


FREE Instagram Stories

This free Instagram stories template looks simple but quite stylish. You can change the texting and fonts as well as replace the main photo. Feel free to open this template in Photoshop to customize it.

Instagram posts collection for international peace day celebration Free Psd

International peace day can be celebrated only once a year. So, make sure to pick up the right Instagram post template to talk about the upcoming event.


Free Yellow Instagram Posts Template in PSD

These free yellow Instagram posts templates are waiting for your attention. They perfectly catch the sight so the potential client is going to learn more about your products. Do not forget to add a special offer – it will boost sales.


Social media post mockup with beauty concept Free Psd

This social media post mockup with a beauty concept is made in black and white. That is why it looks format and restricted. Such a multipurpose template will come in handy for every Instagram user.


Free Instagram Blog Posts Template in PSD

Here are 9 free Instagram blog post templates in nude colors, also find IPhone mockups in the Ramotion store. Choose the template you like and do not forget to edit that to your liking. Although the design is already fabulous, you can add some slight changes.


FREE Instagram Story Templates

Pay attention to this free Instagram story template in light colors. The design looks minimalistic and classy. We guarantee that you will attract much more attention thanks to this Instagram story template.


Floral Instagram post collection Free Psd

This floral Instagram post collection is worth your attention. Look at these lines and figures, as well as the layouts of the templates. You can place a photo and add relevant text.


Free Toy Shop Instagram Posts Template in PSD + AI

This free toy shop Instagram post template will help you to promote a new collection or your whole shop. Just add appropriate photos and a special offer that can interest a potential client. It is a perfect decision for your account promotion.


Free Download Podcast Instagram | MELUDYA

Check out this free download podcast Instagram template. It is made in nude and pale colors that make the template look gentle. You can change some details such as texting using Adobe Photoshop.


Feel the nature Instagram post template Free Psd

This feel the nature Instagram post template has quite an extraordinary design. However, it is made in a restricted color spectrum including white, green, and beige. If you want to replace a photo and add some special texting, do not hesitate to edit the template in Adobe Photoshop.


Free Soft Pink Instagram Posts Set Template in PSD

These free soft pink Instagram post templates look stunning, don’t they? Just look at these colors: they resemble a bubble gum so they draw attention immediately. Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from this set of templates.


Free Fashion Instagram Template | MECA

Look at this gorgeous free fashion Instagram template. Made in white and deep blue, it looks restricted but attractive. You can use this template to promote a new clothes collection or announce upcoming changes.


Modern dynamic Instagram post feed template Free Psd

Why not use this modern dynamic Instagram post feed template? It is designed in black, white, and yellow, with a picture of a handsome man wearing a suit. The picture is not included, so you are welcome to replace it with the relevant photo


Free Instagram Wedding Banners Template in PSD

Just look at the following free Instagram wedding banner templates. They are made in nude colors with the usage of graceful fonts. If you want the guests to remember your wedding ceremony, do not hesitate to customize these templates to your liking.


Free Download Fashion Instagram Template | JAFA

If you are interested in fashion, do not wait any longer. This free download fashion Instagram template is ready to edit and download. It is made in light colors so it immediately attracts a client’s sight.


Free Food Delivery Menu Banner Set Template in PSD

This free food delivery menu banner set template is to help you gather a bigger loyal customer audience. The design is minimalistic as the template is mainly made in black and white. Each template includes at least one picture so you can show what your dishes look like.


6 Super Black Instagram Story – Free Photoshop Template

These free black Instagram story templates are really gorgeous. Although they are made only in black and white, each template conveys really nice vibes. They look luxurious and minimalistic.


Free Instagram Blog Banners Template in PSD

This free Instagram blog banners template looks wild and light. The design is made in pale and faded colors so it does not look irritating. Make sure to edit and customize this template in Photoshop.


Free Coffee Shop Instagram Templates

Need to promote your coffee shop or bakery? Look at this free coffee shop Instagram template in brown and nude colors. Each part depicts coffee beans or cups of cappuccino. Remember that you can edit each template in a few minutes.


Free PSD Interior Instagram Posts and Stories Template

If you are looking for a proper free Interior Instagram post a stories template, check out the following one. It is made in nude and light colors so every potential client is going to like that. Do not forget to change some details in Adobe Photoshop.


Free Instagram Stories Templates

This free Instagram stories template is very bright and attractive. It is made in yellow, light pink, and blue. Keep in mind that you can add slight changes to every part of th

Free Tattoo Instagram Set Template

Owning or managing a tattoo studio? Pay attention to this free tattoo Instagram set template in black and white. Each template depicts a particular person with a beautiful tattoo sketch.


8 Free Instagram Stories Templates

Here are 8 free Instagram stories templates in saturated blue. The design is pretty simple and minimalistic although these templates look really bright. You only need to edit the templates to your liking.


Free Plants Instagram Bundle Templates

Check out these 12 free plants Instagram bundle templates. They are made in beige and light colors. Also, each template includes a section with the text.


Free Coffee Banners Template

Just look at this free coffee banners template in white, blue, and brown. It is minimalistic but pretty stylish due to graceful fonts. Using Adobe Photoshop, you can make any template look perfect.


Fashion Instagram post template set Free Psd

Do not miss the opportunity to use this free fashion Instagram post template set. It consists of 3 templates on orange, yellow, and red. Each template has 100% customizable layouts so you can edit them using Adobe Photoshop.


Free Beauty Banners Template

This free beauty banners template is worth your attention. It depicts a gorgeous girl with a beautiful hairstyle. Each template can be edited in a few minutes without any special skills or preparation.


Instagram posts collection for free theme with dynamic geometrics Free Psd

This free Instagram posts collection with dynamic geometrics looks simple and minimalistic. It is designed in violet and white, the texting is in black. Do not forget to customize the template, of course.


Free Cosmetics Instagram Set Templates

These free cosmetics Instagram set templates in nude colors are waiting for your attention. You just need to add a special offer, place the photos of your products, and edit the template in Photoshop. That’s it!


Social media post mockup with lifestyle concept Free Psd

Why not use this free social media post mockup with a lifestyle concept? Made in white and green, it will perfectly fit any type of account. Each template has a space for texting so you can add a quote or write down your thoughts.


Of course, there are a lot of other Instagram templates for Photoshop that you can get for free. However, we want you to start with this amount and define your main goals and needs. Keep in mind that you can edit and customize every template for free. If you want to see more such templates, make sure to visit websites such as: Free-Psd-Templates, Freepik, Pinterest, Behance. Good luck and stay tuned!

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