How To Use Salesforce CRM To Build A Strong Relationship With Customers?

How To Use Salesforce CRM To Build A Strong Relationship With Customers?


The utilization of Salesforce CRM lays down many unbelievable benefits for companies. So many that if we begin to list, there wouldn't be any end to it; ironically there's a reason why more than 150,000 are actively using Salesforce services. The one reason why Salesforce CRM is unapologetically appreciated is its ability to enhance the quality of relationships businesses have with their customers. 

However, certain companies lack behind when it comes to how to use Salesforce efficiently so that it lays down the best experience for business as well as their customers. If you are struggling in a similar aspect, then here are your solutions! Before we actually begin to unveil the usage of Salesforce, let’s first learn about its benefits.

What is Salesforce CRM beneficial for?

Owing to the fact that Salesforce CRM is becoming one of the fastly-adopted systems all across the world, you can better understand how beneficial the application can be. Salesforce CRM offers quite a detailed digital infrastructure that fuels the data-driven and competitive culture of the business industry along with improving customer support; this is why it has become a key to generating long-term success for the business.

Other than the fact that Salesforce CRM can cater to every service such as marketing, sales, service, financial and commerce cloud, here are some of the benefits of Salesforce CRM, a highly technical system:

  • Lowers the cost of the system by eliminating the manual process requiring outsourcing of services at high costs and making the process error-free.
  • It makes the database more accessible and easily consumable. When running a business (of any size), you would have tons of data that would be absolutely inaccessible and unorganised manually but with Salesforce, you will easily be able to manage the data and bring out something more meaningful and beneficial for your company’s sales.
  • Other than these you can also manage your marketing campaigns and check their respective results. You can easily unify the information and identify the loopholes to campaign success.
  • This platform offers you digital transformation making decision-making easier creating more reliable strategies.

Why to use Salesforce CRM for businesses?

Businesses nowadays are fighting challenges that the pandemic laid down for us and above everything, it has taught us to enhance the digital infrastructure in order to cope with the hard times that may befall us anytime in the future. Owing to this, a Salesforce Customer Relationship Management is a technology that offers end-to-end tech solutions along with making developing efforts towards our business success. Growth and development are quite essential for non-profit organizations and other institutions and this is what a CRM offers us other than a lot more than that.

Many people come up with lame excuses not to engage with a CRM system but if you wish to increase the productivity of your team and shoot up the business profits, then CRM is your best shot. A CRM platform streamlines the manual process in a way that performs in a multifunctional and efficient manner.

The Salesforce customer relationship management system can seem to be a futile investment for you but this investment would set you and your organization up for great heights of success and growth opportunities. As a business, you require to make more personal relationships with your customers and the best way to do it is via Salesforce. As a generation of a digitally connected world, we often forget how difficult it is for people to believe someone behind that screen which is a big reason why your communication and service should be on-point; for the people to trust you.

Who Can Benefit from Salesforce CRM?

Quite commonly, many people or businesses may feel that Salesforce CRM can not suit their business niche but the reality is quite different to this popular perception. One can believe that a Salesforce CRM is for every business and niche out there; from sales to recruiting and customer service. 

Salesforce is a great way to manage interactions, relationships and conversations from external sources to drive business success. Did you know? A CRM has great potential to enhance the productivity of your business assisting companies with high-tech digital services.

If your business is in sales, customer service, business development, marketing, recruiting or any other sector, you are good to choose Salesforce for your business. Also, this CRM is not geographically limited too, no matter where you are located, you can easily access the platform without any errors.

How many companies use Salesforce?

As a medium-sized business, you may feel no reason to invest in a CRM but big and even small medium-sized companies invest in Salesforce because they have started interpreting how well Salesforce CRM treats their business operations. Here are a few companies that use Salesforce as an active business:

As of the recent data, Salesforce tools are being consumed and utilized by more than 150,000 companies spread across different industries around the world. At the same time, over 60% of the customers of Salesforce come from the USA followed by the UK and France.

Spotify, Amazon Web Services, Toyota, Macy's, Walmart Inc.UnitedHealth Group Inc., T-Mobile, etc among many other renowned brands.

How to use Salesforce?

Accessing Salesforce is quite easy, one just needs to understand the right way and train themselves with the right consulting and Salesforce development services. Here are a few services that you must try and use in Salesforce CRM:

Use it to make valuable communications with your customers

With the help of the impactful CRM system, Salesforce assists you in providing a seamless and effective way to communicate with your customers in order to exchange a great service experience. Nowadays people are looking to create meaningful and personalized experiences with the companies they get services from and Salesforce makes this process a lot easier. 

Use it to maintain customer data for a 360-degree view

Unorganized data is the biggest problematic situation for any business. Did you know that Salesforce CRM can collect all your customer data and turn it in a unified and simplistic manner? Generate an all-around view of your customer’s actions, interactions, preferences and other data easily. With this, you can create a personalized marketing campaign for people with similar interests. 

Utilize Salesforce to analyze and develop your marketing campaigns

Most marketing campaigns fail and in many cases, we don’t even know about the reason for the failure. We have multiple data from the platform but this disorganized data leaves no room for improvement. Hence, you require an effective system that offers you comprehensive information on how your marketing campaigns are consumed by the audience and implement strategies to enhance these campaigns.

Manage your finances and maximize your ROI easily

CRMs are specifically designed to organize and optimize revenue, financial gain and customer satisfaction and this is what Salesforce applies to all its applications. With its high-tech services, you can conveniently track the flow of your money so that you can cut your unnecessary expenses and improve your ROI, something that is quite difficult to perform manually.

Make your commerce easier with Salesforce

Supervising the e-commerce or retail business is a challenge of its own. Double your business operations without hiring extra help easily with the efficiency of Salesforce CRM. Manual corporate processes delay the overall operations of the business which is why the profitability suffers. Use the financial and other tools to generate timely reports and other functions in no time.

Which Industries Salesforce Cater to?

 Salesforce is quite an extensive platform that covers all sectors altogether without compromising on service quality. Salesforce is a great platform that lays down immense benefits for businesses. Here are the industries that Salesforce caters to:

Automotive, Communications, Consumer Goods, Education, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media, Non-Profit, Public Sector, Retail, E-commerce, Computer Software, Real Estate, Marketing, Manufacturing, etc.

Therefore, if you have questions in your mind like, how to use salesforce for sales, how to use salesforce for marketing or even how to use Salesforce for customer service, this platform has everything in its pocket!

How efficiently does Salesforce CRM build Customer Relationships?

According to a report by Reve chat, more than 79% of customers said that they wanted companies to express that they care about the buyers before they make any purchase. Businesses may not feel the need to build customers but with accurate investment and behaviors, you can build long-term customers which is special for every brand. If you are looking for CRM like that, this is how Salesforce CRM may assist you:

  1. Fuel the Digital Power of Brands & Their Customer

It is unbelievable how digital platforms have made businesses reach the heights of success in no time. As easy as it has become to get connected to the world, it is harder to offer great and satisfying services to the customers and this is why your business needs to adopt the CRM that generates relationships and makes connections inevitable.

  1. Offers Immediate solutions To Technical Problems

Salesforce offers immediate communication between the customers and the company backend that assists in resolving technical issues before it costs either party any loss. The nature of CRM is to lay down ease and convenience to the people and Salesforce combines its nature with its seamless and error-free experience.

  1. Enhances Customer Engagement

When you offer great service as well as product experience to your customers, they tend to engage with your brand more without going to other brands for services. This is what happens when your customers start trusting you and Salesforce CRM offers great trust fueling engagement and further improvising the experience of customers.


The usage of Salesforce CRM is quite convenient and efficient unless you take the wrong road towards your success journey. If you consider taking Salesforce consulting and guidance from experts, then you can easily level your journey without any failure. Salesforce CRM can be used by any industry and business and still lay down benefits and success ratio better than other CRMs. Use it in the right way and let it show you how exceptionally your company can grow!

Still have questions in mind? Let Cyntexa experts cater to your needs within minutes!

Google Analytics & Salesforce integration challenges and best practices

Google Analytics & Salesforce integration challenges and best practices

Growing digitization has increased the technology-driven methods used for business growth and development. There are various internal procedures in business that need to be monitored and analyzed. 

Google Analytics and Salesforce is one such integration used to monitor the visitors to the website. According to the reports, Google Analytics uses 85.9% of data to build marketing strategies. 

The website is the central point of interaction between consumers and the company. It gives a platform to understand the customer's point of view, which helps the professional strategize the development, marketing, and promotional strategies. 

Google Analytics provides you the essential data regarding the customer, which help to build the leveraging strategies of the business. The salesforce development company uses google analytics for advanced monitoring and CRM facilities. 

The important data regarding the customer will also provide a profitable lead to turn the website visitors into potential customers. 

Salesforce is one of the potent CRM platforms which integrates and uses customer data in marketing, sales, and promotions. Many top-performing companies prefer Salesforce to build a robust marketing infrastructure and promotional policies. 

There are many benefits of salesforce integration, including real-time monitoring and analysis according to accurate data. 

integration of Salesforce and Google analytics leverage you with powerful API with integrated data it streamlines the operation for maximum customer acquisition and ROI. 

According to a recent survey, around 29.3 million websites use Google Analytics, from which the customer data is tracked for several business-related purposes. 

The major motive for integrating Salesforce and Google analytics is to drive the maximum possible revenue from the existing customer data. 

Google Analytics collects massive data, and Salesforce uses the user data for revenue-generating schemes. 

After successfully integrating Google Analytics and Salesforce, you get a complete 360-degree overview of customers' actionable and business-building ideas. 

Google Analytics: An Overview 

Google analytics offers a simplified method to track and monitor visitors' activity on the website. This analytical data helps to strategize with reporting tools and web analytics to build the leveraging strategies with data insights. 

Google tools define your website's performance, analyzing the user traffic and monitoring the ratio of users turning to potential customers. 

Through Google Analytics, you can track and monitor mobile app traffic and social media trends by integrating data sources to build informative and accurate business-building decisions. 

Below are the basic factors and running procedures to use Google analytics for website monitoring: 

  • Google Analytics needs a sign-in from an authentic google account
  • Click on the admin button on the dashboard (present on the bottom left)
  • Create or select the account 
  • Create property by clicking the dropdown menu
  • Enter your site name with the URL to create a website 
  • Select your industry 
  • Select the time zone 
  • Click to get the tracking ID
  • Install the tracking ID on your active website 

These are some of the basic details to run the google analytics on your active website. Many important and advanced features of Google analytics describe leveraging tools for optimized business marketing. 

However, google analytics is used to get real-time data and statistical analysis according to user interaction on the application and website. 

Key attributes of google analytics

Funnel Analysis: 

Google Analytics facilitates funnel analysis for leveraging statistics for your marketing strategies and campaigns. You can track user activities, from clicking on an advertisement to purchasing the products. Various type of funnel analysis that the google analytics provide are:

  • Multiple medium funnels 
  • Purchasing and checkout funnels

Visualization And Reporting:

It is one of the basic features of google analytics which google analytics provides you for report management, tracking, and marketing campaigns. 

Through this feature, you can generate various reports and use them for several purposes. You can also share it effortlessly with your organization. 

The Salesforce development company integrates with Google analytics for several advanced reports in many instances. Below is the list of reports that you can generate with the help of google analytics:

  • Behavior reports
  • Advertising reports
  • Conversion reports 
  • Real-time reports 

Data Activation:

It is one of the advanced features Google Analytics provides with users' data and information. Google Analytics uses advanced machine algorithms to get the core analytics on the marketing data of the user. 

It also includes the benefits of salesforce integration which uses the variable data for marketing campaigns and strategies. Below is listed core information that the google analytics extracted:

  • Predictive analysis 
  • Smart anomaly information 
  • Audience and user demographics

Salesforce: An Overview: 

Salesforce is one of the best cloud-based solutions providing cutting CRM assistance and support for marketing and sales teams on a global platform. 

Using the Salesforce services, the client can track the customer's activity to expand the customer database and build up leveraging strategies for customer acquisition and the company's growth and development. 

Salesforce development company offers several cloud-based services with robust architecture and a global cliental base. 


The architecture of Salesforce defines its acquaintance with multiple layers and their advantages in variable terms. 

  • Metadata: Salesforce implements the metadata model that focuses on building and developing an application with advanced customization and scaling aspects. 
  • Multi-tenant: This salesforce model provides a sharing application to handle multiple clients regarding their services. Most companies select this model because of its robust infrastructure and competitive costs. 
  • API: Salesforce is a great and robust source of API. This model develops the salesforce app according to high-end customization with advanced planning and design implementation. 

Application Of Salesforce:

There is a multi-level application of Salesforce, and thus it is highly integrated with any analytical services. There are multiple benefits of salesforce integration and its associate application. 

Below are some of the listed applications of Salesforce which impact the services and customer approach in an innocuous manner. Below are the mentions:

  • Data Customization: The Salesforce development company helps you customize your various types of data and information. It empowers the real-time tracking of data according to the user's activity. 
  • Customer Support: It provides excellent customer assistance to improve the response time of professionals by unifying social media, emails, and calls with a single management medium. It Improves customer support with fast issue solving and connecting to every customer within a minimum time limit. 
  • Analyzing Customer Data And Information: Salesforce help to assess and understand the customer data according to their perception and interests. You can strategize the customer re-engagement activities to invite inactive customers and plan profitable strategies to boost sales. 
  • Flexible Data Analysis And Reporting: With salesforce assistance and support, professionals can create several reports to analyze and check the data and records for further planning and management. 

Salesforce And Google Analytics Integration: 

The major aim of integrating Google Analytics and Salesforce is to boost revenue and statistics with profitable figures. 

Google Analytics is an advanced technological solution that provides the analysis and records of the data according to user interaction. 

Salesforce development company uses such analytical tools to extract the data and build sustainable strategies. 

There are three methods to integrate Salesforce and google analytics. Below is the description of three basic methods: 

Direct Integration Of Salesforce With Google Analytics: 

It is a free-of-charge option, and in this integration, no third party or outsourcing bodies are involved for integration. 

The direct integration process of Google Analytics and Salesforce development company needs a Javascript code in your website, and it with reflected in the lead source of Salesforce. 

This integration is opted for by many companies, but it lacks several vital attributes associated with analysis and tracking. 

This method of direct integration only tracks the form submission visit but not the original and exploring visit of the user. 

In terms of technology, it cannot track the first visit attribution. This term refers to the data analysis regarding the user's first visit and journey. 

It does not track the second or multiple visits of a similar user. However, this information is essential to track the multiple rounds of the user on the website to get a core idea about their perception and requirement. This data also helps get new customers like you through the journey, which is how the user landed on your website. 

But while directly integrating Salesforce with Google Analytics, the analysis can be recorded when a user visits the website and submit the form. 

With a severe budget constraint benefits of Salesforce integration with Google analytics is a perfect way to start, but it has the chance of misleading the attributes in lack of its true source. 

Use The Daddy Analytics For Tracking Leads:

Daddy analytics can help track your leads with upcoming opportunities and revenue projections according to the Adword keyword, Ad level, and campaigns. 

The daddy analytics helps you track email marketing, organic searching, associate medium and channels, and social media handles. 

With the Salesforce development company and its integration with google analytics, you can easily track the group leads and categorize the potential opportunities, including the feature to understand the visitor's behaviour to help the Salesforce start the conversation. 

Google analytics and salesforce integration with daddy analytics is a paid service that improves sales revenue and ROI. 

Tracking ROI In Google Adwords: Daddy Offline Conversation

Daddy offline conversation is an important tool that helps in integrating Google Analytics with the salesforce development company. 

It is a free service that helps with conversion optimization techniques that act as Adwords's robot to track past conversations with the best bids. 

This method allows you to track the hard and soft conversations for the sales cycle and associate revenue. 

By integrating Google Adwords and Salesforce, we use Daddy offline conversions and Daddy analytics internally within the services. 

It surely has some downsides, like it cannot track social media, organic, and email marketing mediums. 

To track the lead, you have to wait until lead conversions, and it also provides the Adwords with information and does not define the conversion medium and item. 

Brief Process Of Integrating The Salesforce And Google Analytics: 

While importing the salesforce information and data with Google analytics, the major key is to integrate the CRM with the analytical data. We will use the Google-generated client ID to get the browser to view the website. 

This key is stored in the salesforce development company as a custom field in Google analytics. It is stored as a custom dimension for future reference. The integration of Google Analytics and Salesforce takes place in seven stages: 

  • Stage 1 To Stage 3: The client ID is saved for Google analytics (as custom dimensions) and Salesforce (as a custom field). 
  • Stage 4 To Stage 6: GA data importing is used with the automated merging of data into Google analytics. 
  • Stage 7: This is the final stage when you can get the salesforce information and data in Google analytics and learn to use it efficiently. 

Major Takeaway From Integration Of Salesforce And Google Analytics:

Getting the huge data and information with the integration of Google Analytics and Salesforce, there are several key takeaways which you can build the specific reports. 

You can use the information to strategize the marketing and sales efficient plans for business growth and development. Below are some major takeaways which you can get: 

  • Advertisements, blog posts, keywords, and campaigns with qualified lead information. 
  • Information about junk traffic distracts the sales rep from the valuable consumer base.
  • The behavior of qualified leads against unqualified leads.
  • Information regarding pages that the qualified leads visit more frequently. 


It is the major information about the integration of Google Analytics and Salesforce development company. The options mentioned above provide a complete overview regarding the use of google analytics and Salesforce. 

The integration helps analyze and optimize the lead status in revenue generation and plan profitable strategies. Integrating Salesforce and Google analytics is available with the free and paid version. 

The company can adapt the methods according to their convenience and requirement. The methods have their takeaways and limitations that are necessary to be aware of. 

We can import plenty of useful and important information to Salesforce and Google Analytics, which lets your sales and marketing team plan sustainable strategies for organization development and profitable strategies. 

Author Bio

Gaurav Sharma is a Digital Marketing Executive at Arka Softwares, a leading salesforce development company. He has 4 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.

What Marketers Can Learn From Salesforce

What Marketers Can Learn From Salesforce

Salesforce is an all-in-one CRM (customer management) software that salespeople can use to manage their leads and campaign. Compared with some of the traditional CRMs, Salesforce can do a lot more for salespeople. With so many features, the platform gets extended to include marketing applications for small businesses. The following are some specific ways that Salesforce can be used by salespeople to improve their productivity and increase revenue:

Add leads to a targeted list and use a drip campaign to engage.

Salespeople use CRM systems like Salesforce to track their leads and keep up with their pipeline. But they also use these systems to engage with their prospects in new ways. The key is using drip campaigns (or automated emails) that are triggered when someone visits your website or fills out a form on your site. You can also use drip campaigns to send regular emails based on specific actions they take (like signing up for your newsletter). These emails serve as reminders of what you've offered in the past and make it easy for people to get back in touch with you when they're ready.

With this type of automation, salespeople can focus on building relationships with prospects instead of spending time gathering information about them manually every time they open an email message or visit your website again.

Know which leads are opening emails and clicking on links.

Salesforce's Marketing Cloud can help you understand what content works best for your audience so you can create more compelling messages in the future. You'll also see which channels are most effective at driving traffic to your website and what types of offers resonate with your audience — all so you can optimize your campaigns accordingly.

By using Salesforce's Marketing Cloud, you can get a complete picture of your leads and prospects. This will help you personalize your messaging and make sure that you're delivering the right content at the right time. You'll also be able to see how people engage with your website — whether they're reading blog posts or clicking on links in emails — so that you can optimize your strategies for better results.

Automate follow-up with leads that didn't open an email.

Salesforce sends follow-up emails to leads who didn't open an email that you've sent them within a certain timeframe, which gives you another chance to get their attention before they become cold leads. You can also set up automated email campaigns to keep sending emails until someone opens them — or until you've sent them 10 times at which point the lead will be marked as unresponsive. This tactic helps you increase the number of people who actually read your emails and decreases your unsubscribe rate.

Schedule time in your calendar to handle tasks.

Many people go about their day without scheduling specific times for certain tasks. As a result, they don't get much done because they're constantly interrupted by other people or tasks. If you want to be productive, schedule specific times each day for completing certain tasks such as checking e-mail or social media accounts or responding to customer inquiries. This will allow you to focus on those activities without being distracted by other things going on around you.

Create a list of tasks grouped by account.

In Salesforce, you can create an account hierarchy with multiple levels of accounts (e.g., customer segmentation). This will enable you to group all the tasks related to each customer under one umbrella account instead of having dozens of separate accounts for each type of activity (e.g., lead generation or email campaigns).

This will also help you when it comes time to review your performance. You can easily see how well each account is performing based on the number of tasks completed or the number of contacts within each account.

Report on key performance indicators such as pipeline and win rates.

Salespeople don't just have to worry about their own numbers. They also have to understand how their performance impacts the company's overall success. To this end, they need to report on key metrics like pipeline size, win rate and average deal size to help their managers understand where they stand in terms of hitting revenue targets.

Marketers should be doing the same thing by reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as leads generated or emails opened to help their managers understand where they stand in terms of hitting marketing goals.


As a sales professional you are always looking for ways to improve your sales processes and workflows, whether that means better sales tactics, more automation or better reporting. Salesforce is a simple way to streamline your marketing outreach so you can make sure you do not miss out on any leads, especially the hot ones.

Salesforce Consulting Partners: 5 Things to Look For

Salesforce Consulting Partners: 5 Things to Look For

Salesforce is a leading CRM provider known for its flexibility and intelligence. However, not everyone is successful with the platform. There's one thing that successful organizations do, and that is choosing the right Salesforce Consulting partner. Having the right consulting partner by your side can go a long way in your digital transformation journey. This article looks at choosing the best Salesforce consultant from hundreds of partners available. 

  1. Determine the Work Experience 

Experience is an important criterion when drawing a Salesforce partners list.  An experienced partner understands your project's scope and can show you how to solve your problem.  While giving chances to newcomers can be nice, working with consulting partners with good experience is always best. Find someone who has proven work experience in different platforms like marketing cloud or sales cloud and who can handle your projects appropriately.

The Salesforce partner should be familiar with the intricacies of your line of business. Ask them about their previously handled projects and experience before deciding whether they can help you achieve your goals.

Choose someone who has worked on a similar project as yours to get a sense of their work history.  They should have the experience to deliver on time and within budget. You can review their experience and determine how clients feel about their previous work. 

  1. Look for Salesforce Certifications

Image source: 

A Salesforce Consulting partner should have a proper certification that shows their qualification for a job. Many people can call themselves Salesforce consultants or experts, but certification is the only way to stamp their approval. It proves authentication and offers insurance on whether they have the required knowledge and experience.

You are better off hiring a consultant with a valid Salesforce consultant certification. Certified Salesforce partners are always aware of the latest developments on the Salesforce front.  They will focus on your needs better and solve your problems promptly and efficiently.

A good consultant is a certified Salesforce partner with a good customer satisfaction score. The certifications are essential to all Salesforce professionals because they show their dedication and expertise.  Salesforce's strong certification program offers Consultants, developers, marketers, and architect's credentials when they go through advanced testing. They also earn partners gold, silver, Platinum, and global strategic tiers based on their training. 

  1. Compatibility 

Find someone who understands your business process and can work with you on a project. Compatibility is an important aspect that leads to success in any industry. The partner should understand your business and core problems and offer the best possible solution.

Consider how your partner will handle different configurations and Salesforce integration according to your business specifications. A competent consultant should understand your requirements and develop solutions to meet them. There should be an easy understanding between you and your Consulting partner.

You can determine the reputation, trustworthiness, and accountability of Salesforce consultant partners by talking to their previous clients. A Salesforce Consulting partner must be proactive in business meetings and ready to collaborate with your team on new ideas.

  1. Expert knowledge of Salesforce products 

Image source: 

Technical expertise is an important quality to gauge in a Salesforce consultant. Someone may have the certification but lack the basic understanding of the client and may not help you succeed with the project. A reliable Salesforce Consulting partner must an in-depth knowledge to understand Salesforce products and the right strategies to meet your demands. 

Choose someone who knows specific Salesforce areas like sales cloud and marketing cloud. The best Consulting partner should also be a Salesforce expert who can provide end-to-end solutions to implement and integrate Salesforce services to meet organizational goals. Good knowledge of the Salesforce field is crucial to achieving the intended goals.

Your choice of a Salesforce Consulting partner will depend on your particular requirements and what they can offer. Choose someone who has a clear idea about Salesforce products and will give you a clear blueprint of the process to be done. A Consulting partner can never help implement or customize things if they lack expert knowledge. They should show their understanding of requirements and find innovative solutions to any problem.

Ask the consultant about their previous work experience on similar projects. You can also enquire about the previous clientele and client success stories. Look at their past projects to determine their similarities to your requirements.

  1. Communication Skills

Image source: 

Communication can differentiate between an average and a competent Salesforce consultant. A competent Salesforce Consulting partner can help implement Salesforce capabilities according to the organization's needs. You need someone who can convey their ideas and ensure proper information flow between various departments. 

Choose a partner who understands clients' inputs and can help them with decision-making. It's impossible to fulfill this requirement unless the consultant has strong communication skills. Work with someone who can seek clarity on every problem and help deliver effective results.

Communication is a soft skill that complements a competent consultant's technical and business management skills. A good communicator will uplift your business and help you reach the next level of success. During the negotiations, ask the potential partner to explain how they'll handle customer problems.  

Bottom Line

Implementing Salesforce solutions can be a challenge in the competitive world. Working with Salesforce Consulting partners can help avoid unexpected difficulties and save time. You'll come across many Salesforce Consulting agencies offering lucrative plans. A Salesforce consultant can only help your business if you find the right partner. Hiring the right consultant is the only way to get the most out of the platform.

Why You Should Use Salesforce Development Services

Why You Should Use Salesforce Development Services

Salesforce is the best cloud-based platform for handling customer relationships. Many global enterprises use it today to manage their customers. It is a cloud-based CRM that helps you up to your organizational efficiency and minimize contingencies. It doesn't matter how big or small your company is, or what services you offer; if you choose Salesforce CRM, you need to Hire a dedicated salesforce developer for support. This will help with your marketing, sales, and customer service activities.

Salesforce Consulting Services can help companies increase their productivity by implementing a new CRM solution or improving their current Salesforce app infrastructure. Salesforce provides excellent performance, so it is an excellent choice for your business.

Here are some reasons to adopt Salesforce services and hire salesforce developers.

Improve the customer experience

Salesforce development consulting firms can help organizations improve their customer experience. This is done by providing important automation tools that ensure customer resolutions are quickly done.

Create user-friendly applications

Salesforce development services make it possible for businesses to create user-friendly applications. They ensure to enhance customer services by building robust, secured and intuitive applications. This is essential since customers will be using these applications extensively. 

Ensure data security

Data security is another critical concern for businesses. With so much valuable customer data being stored on the Salesforce platform, businesses must have a plan in place to keep this data safe and secure.

Hire salesforce developers to help your organization chalk out a comprehensive data security plan that will protect their customer's information from any potential threats.

Increase In Company Sales

It's essential to automate and smooth the critical phases of the sales process, which include quote evaluation, pricing discussions, and contracts. Businesses can hire dedicated salesforce developers to manage the whole sales pipeline, from generating new leads to closing a transaction. They will bring order to your entire CRM process and can help you do things effectively. Using salesforce development services, you can gather all sales-related information in one place and make your entire sales process easy to manage.

Make better judgments and predictions

The advantage of Salesforce development services is that you can monitor your data in real time and chalk out a better picture of the market. You can also have an in-depth understanding of how your business is growing. Besides, you can get a complete picture of the entire ecosystem, use it to evaluate your current performance, and discover ways to enhance and make calculated predictions.

Get deeper insight into your competitors

Salesforce development services also allow you to understand your competitor's strategies better. This way, you can devise strategies to stay ahead of them. By understanding what your competitors are doing and how they're approaching the market, you can make decisions that will give you an edge over them.

Save money, time, and effort 

Companies that use Salesforce development services can save money, time, and effort. This is because they don't have to worry about maintaining and upgrading their system independently. The platform would do the homework for them. With the help of a Salesforce development company, businesses can focus on their core activities and leave the technical aspects to the professionals.

Give More Power to your Sales & Marketing teams

By adopting Salesforce development services, businesses can give their sales and marketing teams more power. This is because they will have all the necessary tools and resources to help boost their productivity.

AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace with ready-to-install apps. It is a simple way to integrate free solutions, components, and consulting services into their business. There are 10 million different installs that allow partners to choose and install solutions that fit their organization's needs. The commerce and CDP apps can help you transform the customer journey and build loyalty to accelerate revenue with personalized experiences. 

Obtain Important Customer Insights

With a full-fledged Salesforce platform, you get 360-degree data on your clients – their favorite services or products, product search history, and more. With the consolidated data visible on your Salesforce platform's 360-degree panel, an expert Salesforce consultant can aid you in understanding customer behavior across multiple touchpoints and channels. By enlisting the services of a Salesforce Implementation Consultant, firms can ensure that they are providing a superior cross-channel customer experience across marketing, sales, commerce, and other channels.

Streamline Every Process in Your Company

From HR to accounting, every process in your company can be streamlined with Salesforce. This is because Salesforce has a wide range of apps that can be used to automate various processes. By using Salesforce, businesses can save time and effort as they don't have to worry about manually managing these processes.

Achieve Your Business Goals

Salesforce development services can help you achieve your business goals by providing the necessary tools and resources. With Salesforce, you can track your progress and performance, which will allow you to identify areas that need improvement.

Additionally, Salesforce can also help you create better marketing campaigns, sales strategies, and more. If you engage a Salesforce Development Company, stay assured that you'd take your company to new heights. 

Wrapping Up

Salesforce development services can help businesses in several ways. From saving time and money to gaining insights into the competition, Salesforce can help companies to achieve their goals. 


Organizations need to put customers at the center of everything these days. And, to serve customers better, you need a customer relationship management platform. This is where SalesforceCRM comes into the picture. It helps organizations identify new opportunities, manage user data, drive marketing campaigns, and improve overall organizational efficiency. This article will show why you should use salesforce development services. Stay tuned! 

Author Bio:

Maulik Shah is the CEO of BiztechCS, a salesforce development company from India. Maulik likes to explore beyond his comfort zone. When it comes to writing for the blog, his contribution is priceless. No one else on the team can bring the deep industry knowledge to articles that he has. However, his door is always open and he is generous with sharing that knowledge.

Top 5 Salesforce Testing Tools for 2021

Top 5 Salesforce Testing Tools for 2021

To be effective in sales, a business must put in a lot of effort. Determination and commitment are two fundamental factors that are needed to perform well in a highly competitive market. Apart from this, as a business, you must also have a thorough understanding of your customers. 

To excel in your corporate and customer services, handling the aspects wouldn't be easier without a CRM like salesforce. It's a reality that the human aspect in sales can't go that far, which is why we need salesforce automation to improve brand image among potential customers and boost sales. 

To leverage automation to the fullest, testers use salesforce testing tools, and this blog post is about the top tools that you can use in 2021 with updated features and qualities. 


Accelq is among the top salesforce testing tools because of its advanced, codeless features that facilitate quick and continuous integration for salesforce web automation to ensure smooth salesforce upgrades.

Since salesforce needs to be optimized to out-stand its services with an automated touch, Accelq supports AI-driven, codeless test automation on the cloud so the salesforce apps can easily integrate relevant functionalities as given below

  • Sales Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • Service Cloud 
  • Cloud for financial services

With salesforce, Accelq also includes nCino live, which comprises automation for all business processes, which makes it a number one salesforce tool choice for 2021.

  1. LeapWork

Sales reps, marketers, and executives can manage any Salesforce workflow using LEAPWORK's no-code automated tests.

  • LeapWork increases the rate and efficiency of Salesforce Automation to meet market demands.
  • Salesforce Automation with LeapWork allows you to save more time and eliminate repetitive activities.
  • With the help of the highest quality, LeapWork facilitates free on-demand discussion with specialists.

Also, salesforce's complicated processes can be automated in minutes using LEAPWORK's remarkable, codeless web automation capabilities. Because of its visual language of building blocks, the automation framework does not require any coding expertise. 

  1. Workflow Rule

Workflow Rules is a standard salesforce testing tool used for sales management by admin since it has been here for the longest and is highly accurate. It is basically about the direction of automation tests.

Workflows have a limited set of features relative to other software, but they usually don't follow, are incredibly fast, and are relatively straightforward on using.

Features include 

  • Opportunity to change a field, as well as 
  • Ability to create a new field 
  • Develop workflows.

Because of their simplicity, the Workflow Rule is a great place to start for every new administrator. 

  1. Conga Composer

Salesforce software updates and upgrades that are reliable result in higher efficiency and valuable insights. Conga composer's integration with Salesforce CRM streamlines data generation, monitoring, and distribution. 

This software simplifies the goal of:

  • Establishing documents
  • Presentations
  • Reports 

All in Powerpoint, Word, HTML email, and Excel.

You can get all of your work through one platform with this Salesforce integration app, allowing you to spend less time maintaining the Salesforce API and much more energy on your primary functions.

  1. ToutApp

All inside Salesforce CRM, send customized emails to your prospects and contacts, monitor their interaction, and find out what works best. 

ToutApp's Salesforce implementation serves as a standalone sales product, allowing users to send emails more quickly and monitor marketing offers. This tool assists sales reps in lead nurturing, allowing them to deliver the correct information to the suitable targets in an appropriate way.

Users can call a prospective contact directly from the Salesforce app, thanks to its built-in phone and dialer system. This communication and advertising management tool can help you organize projects, improve your content, and drive revenue.

Salesforce CRM Tips

5 Trending Salesforce CRM Tips to Watch Out In 2021

With the times changing and technology being incorporated into businesses, it's no surprise that simple innovations such as CRM software are becoming popular. Many brands that prioritize customer relations have turned to this new model to interact with clients much better.

Not to say that the previous customer interaction methods never bore any success, but CRM offers so much more. Both customers and prospects can expect swift and timely service if you use CRM. This makes your firm appear professional and very functional.

In 2021, CRM promises to be much bigger and better. Below are some key trends you should watch out for in the CRM sphere if you are a business owner.

1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Revolutionize Customer Interaction

AI is slowly becoming a part of day-to-day life. Simple programs like smartphone apps have AI incorporated into them, and Mobile app testing companies are beginning to approve this trend. Salesforce companies are not being left behind either. They are integrating AI into CRM. This way, they can have control over customer segmentation, pricing, and configuration of product packages.

AI can analyze and manage large amounts of data with full capacity. It will give firms an optimal platform to handle customers in the best way possible. Automating the time-consuming manual tasks of CRM will save money and create an opportunity for service agents to resolve customer complaints more efficiently.

CRM with AI will assist businesses to make the best decision because it provides real-time data on sales. Salesforce experts believe that an AI-CRM collaboration will give their companies a significant boost in revenue globally and reach the trillion mark by the end of 2021.

2 Customer Experience Will Be the Top Priority

According to Salesforce,84% of customers say the experience they get from a company is just as necessary as the services and goods they provide. Thus, more companies are improving their game when it comes to customer experience.

The future of CRM is ultimately going to be influenced by customer experience. CRM usability is a great challenge, especially for clients. Because of this, we may see a change in the focus in terms of the approach. You should expect a more user-friendly interface with most CRM models as they try and make information access much more straightforward.

CRM functionality will also change to make customer initiation and contact easy for the customer service and sales agents. In the future, expect to see companies adopt a personalized customer support route with CRM. This way, they can reliably address the consumers' needs.

3 Mobile CRM Will Get Bigger

Ten years ago, CRM never left the confinements of office space. Now, most CRM systems are digital, and to match emerging trends and the ever-evolving customer services, this has changed. Most businesses now have workers working remotely, from their homes' comfort or where they may please. It's a great step because working from home is said to improve employees’ productivity.

Because of this, CRM resources can be accessed on the go by multiple employees with ease in offline-online interchangeably. Now when you cross your office doors, you can carry your work home with you. Most professionals may continue to perform office duties well beyond the usual 9 to 5 schedules.

The growing need for customer communication will see CRM slowly going into mobile devices. This is evident with more of its features being modified for these platforms. The only drawback to this trend is the security of this potentially confidential information, in case your device gets lost or stolen.

4 Customer Service Agents Will Be an Integral Part of the System

If the communications expectations are not met, about 40% will turn away for the business. This is ultimately the most challenging aspect of firms - managing customer expectations.

CRM promises an excellent level of automation incorporated into the customer service department. So, where does this leave customer service agents? Repetitive tasks that are both time and energy-consuming will be automatic, with the most crucial aspects left to human customer service agents.

The human aspect plays a crucial role in customer service, so eliminating it will not be an option. No one wants to talk to a bot about a service or a product they are prospecting. The bot will only promote the product or service rather than offer an honest opinion.

This means that the inclusion of technology and automation of CRM will not render anyone jobless. It will only promote a much cohesive and efficient customer service experience and relationships.

5 Voice Technology Give the Sales Procedure the Perfect Push

The Einstein voice assistant in Salesforce makes it easier for sales service agents to update, notify, and message their teams about customer information. Expect to see more CRM leaders will incorporate voice assistants and other supporting hardware into their operations.

Experts anticipate that voice technology can create more traction to the CRM models, and they appear to be the next big thing that CRM networks will explore. This way, CRM systems will not only offer customer data but also give feedback and essential analytics.


Change is inevitable, and growth is optional. These 2021 CRM prediction trends will improve the business’s performance, especially on their customer service side. Any company willing to incorporate them stands a chance of success with both their customers and prospects.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Salesforce Expert

Whenever you invest in new technologies, you want to be certain that the technology will help you achieve what you intend it to. In fact, you need to nurture, protect, control and modify the technology to attain the maximum return on investment. Investing in Salesforce for your business operation success does not give you a guarantee to be successful in the business. When an organization incorporates Salesforce into their Standard Operating procedures (SOPs), they begin it with detailed training and roll-out, which is relevant to train employees so as to make the Salesforce implementation successful and generate maximum ROI.

Why do you need a Salesforce expert?

There is no doubt that Salesforce is one of the most powerful and most popular cloud platform providers in the world. Their marketing automation, customer relationship management (CRM) and other software manage all the customer-related processes of your business efficiently, smoothly and effectively. It offers several benefits for your organization to facilitate its prosperity, and in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Salesforce platform, it is evident you need a professional Salesforce expert who can assist you in streamlining your business processes much more efficiently with the platform capabilities.

While evaluating whether your business would need a Salesforce expert, ponder upon the issues that you face at a business or technology level. Decide if you have the right kind of skill set and capability internally to handle these tasks. Be realistic. There is nothing wrong in taking a little outside help.

Who are these Salesforce experts?

The Salesforce experts are people who can offer the expert advice, business help and support with the organization operations for the technical and non-technical implementation of the Salesforce cloud platform. The CRM implemented in any organization can provide success to the business only when each and every employee totally understands the execution of Salesforce CRM for the day to day operations. This is where the Salesforce experts come into play. They provide full assistance and proper training to the employees at your organization.

In order to get the maximum out of your Salesforce CRM, a credible Salesforce consultant is critical to match your business objectives and needs. These professionals help organizations improve efficiency and performance and achieve success in the short as well as the long term. They analyze bottlenecks and offer the finest and inventive solutions to grow your business. With their help, your team can seamlessly and smoothly transition to the new CRM platform and restructure their work processes to improve internal and external communication. As a result, you can reduce your operational costs, gain deeper insights into the CRM stats, increase customer satisfaction and become better prepared to face business challenges.

Top 5 reasons for hiring a Salesforce expert

Companies get a number of benefits by hiring Salesforce experts for successful Salesforce implementation. Below mentioned are a few of them:

1. Time-saving

Appointing a Salesforce expert can save your organization a lot of time, making it more productive and providing more time to close deals. Salesforce experts are well versed with the technical details of the software implementation. During the implementation of the platform, your Salesforce expert can establish definite milestones that will help you in tracking the progress of your platform implementation.

They will help your organization to access seamless and creative solutions for all types of problems being faced by businesses today. Without their assistance, you might waste months or years of internal hours; on the other hand, an expert can help in quicker implementation and can perform maintenance on your behalf. This allows you to instantly take advantage of your Salesforce platform.

2. Experts can help in strategic decision making

With the growing prosperity of your business, you have to make bigger & better decisions leading to changes in your existing CRM and other software. In this regard, an expert opinion can go a long way. The Salesforce expert can collaborate with your team members in order to figure out a smooth way to incorporate these changes to fit your business needs. They can assure you regarding a hassle-free expansion of your business.

Several business organizations seek the help of expert services to make better decisions about business growth and operations. Investment in Salesforce will provide you with the right kind of guidance you need while expanding your footprint. Their advice surely pays off in the long run.

3. Efficient and improved problem solving

A certified Salesforce expert can certainly help you with all sorts of problems, be it the integration of your CRM software with other applications and software or transferring large chunks of data from your system. They can offer you an unbiased opinion and assist in taking appropriate steps to avoid problems.

If you can involve them beforehand, they can take your decisions in a better way; else they can help in fixing problems or eliminating them, considering the circumstance and other parameters. You can also save money by avoiding the risks of any business decisions. Most critical and urgent matters can be better-taken care of by these experts than your team members.

Salesforce experts are well aware of the out-of-the-box approaches to problem-solving. They are used to working on complex problems by coming up with the most efficient strategies to improve the return on investment (ROI) of your business. They are quite tech-savvy and are aware of modern technology trends and new business tools that can benefit your organization.

4. More effective prospect grabbing (Increased ROI)

Salesforce experts can help businesses to better position themselves so as to seize prospective clients. With the ever-improving features of the CRM platforms to enhance the user experience, increase marketing outreach, customer engagement and real-time monitoring of the operating procedures, Salesforce helps the enterprises in exploiting these features and rightly positioning the enterprise to attract the future business prospects.

A good Salesforce expert will design your system in such a way that there is a higher adoption rate and the platform works in a way which is desired by the organization so as to maximize the return on investment.

5. Making the most of the features & capabilities

The Salesforce platform offers a comprehensive and diverse set of features for almost all types of businesses and industries. It has so many different modules, features, capabilities and integrations that it is highly challenging for a normal engineer to make use of all that the platform has to offer to the amplest capacity.

A Salesforce expert can provide you with a thorough understanding of all the features and capabilities since they have extensive knowledge of the platform, and they know which feature will work best for what type of requirement. Hence, they can be valuable and provide you with result oriented help.

Salesforce experts hold professional certifications and belong to reputed institutes; thus, while working with them, your employees can learn a lot about solution deployment, API integrations and seamless operations. They can provide training to help your team members get answers to all their queries so as to make the transition to Salesforce a smooth one. This way, you can increase the skill set and proficiency of your staff.

Where can you find Salesforce experts?

Finding the right Salesforce expert for your organization is a tricky and demanding task. There is already an acute shortage of proficient Salesforce experts in the market. As a business, there are a number of ways you can hire Salesforce experts.

You can hire Salesforce experts from out staffing companies for a fixed price to devotedly work on your company; you can advertise your requirement in local newspapers and yellow pages, you can reach out to experts through social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. or you can find them on freelance websites (Upwork, Freelancer) or job portals (Monster, Glassdoor, Indeed).


Hiring a capable and talented Salesforce expert for your enterprise can entirely transform your faulty business processes by revamping your business infrastructure. These experts can prove to be invaluable members of your organization that could help in achieving greater sales, enhanced user experience, effective marketing and higher productivity.

Author Bio

Chris is the Director of InboxArmy, a white label email marketing agency that specializes in providing email marketing services from production to deployment. He has worked directly with Fortune 500 companies, retail giants, nonprofits, SMBs and government bodies in all facets of their email marketing services and email campaign management programs since almost 2 decades. Chris’s success track record covers building email programs at competitive email marketing pricing and using data-driven strategies to turn around underperforming accounts.

Salesforce DX to Improve Marketing and Sales Pipeline for Your Business

Now, modern-day business enterprises tend to use various marketing platforms. For the marketers and administrators, it has also become much harder now to keep track of all their activities, which require a dedicated platform. This is where Salesforce comes into picture by offering them an all-in-one platform as both a CRM and also a comprehensive marketing system. It can now effectively sync the marketing, sales, as well as customer relationship activities across the campaigns and initiatives in a single platform.

Marketing essentials for Salesforce

As we have read above, Salesforce on cloud is an end-to-end marketing platform, which now helps the businesses to create unique marketing campaigns to enhance the sales numbers and smoothen the process through the sales pipeline. Handling this process with Salesforce wiki integration also helps in streamlining all business activities, including mobile communications, messaging, email marketing, and social media marketing, etc. It also incorporates the landing pages on your portal and social media promotions etc.

Previously, all these various marketing platforms had been using different plug-ins and various add-ons in order to implement the system and measure the performance. Salesforce was actually trying to unify all these under the roof so that one could effectively do all the planning, execution, and analysis of the marketing communications all in one place.

Combining all these, Salesforce now helps the users to better coordinate with the marketing channels, and it also effectively use the available data in order to enhance the allied marketing efforts. With the use of more relevant information related to customer behavior and purchase history etc., Salesforce can now effectively assist the business decision-makers in selecting the most relevant marketing messages and also try to develop a personalized strategy for marketing to different types of customers.

All the work towards success in hitting the apt customer, through the apt channels, and at the right time in marketing communication. With about three million subscribers across the globe, Salesforce is now of the most effective and most sophisticated solution for marketers from all the industries to perform better.

Salesforce helping in business

Just getting on to the Salesforce platform may not ensure your success by default. You need to learn the concepts and use Salesforce to the fullest potential in order to enjoy the best results. Further, in this article, we will discuss some points to be noted for the users to enjoy the best benefits out of it.

  1. Creating a relationship in a parent-child model

While devising the marketing campaigns, one should try to set up a parent-child, which will further help in side-by-side reporting of various items at a time. For example, those campaigns which may have ‘Website Forms’ with child campaigns could be of different types for web submissions.

  1. Standard naming conventions

For the beginners onto Salesforce, there is a high chance that you may end up with a big number of campaigns in hand to manage overtime. In such cases, users need to find out the best performing campaigns and organize them better. To do this well, you have to follow a better naming conventional from the beginning itself. For example, try to label the outbound mails with such names, which specify the actual objective of campaigns along with the date and also by adding some specifications to distinguish such campaigns over others in the future.

  1. Lead score

Lead score is assigned to determine the lead relevance as to how much prospective a particular lead through a specific campaign is. Assigning lead scores will also help to understand how often a prospect interacted with a campaign and for how long it was. You can also plan a specific lead-centric approach while validating this. This could also be done for the various leads across the brand assets as the content, apps, web pages, etc. Providers like also ensure ways to ensure customer success while dealing with the Salesforce investment part of the clients. A perfect lead score will help the salesperson to identify the best leads having the highest potential, which will further help them to work closely with the most prospective leads and convert.

  1. Scoring campaign responses

Along with leads, you could also rank the marketing campaigns as a whole to assess the success or failure of each. It is possible to assess such things with the help of Salesforce, which features all the tools for doing so. For example, you could measure the effectiveness of your mail campaigns with the pointers like click through rates, email open rates, bounce rates, call to action rates, etc. On the other hand, you may assess the success rate of a webinar using the number of people who attended it, the count of viewers who left in between, those who interacted with the content, etc. To ensure the best out of these ranking and scoring features, one should always define the campaign standards, too, at the first point based on the scores given to the campaigns across various channels. This approach to scoring will let the marketers gain a better insight into the campaigns you have initiated.

The Scratch Orgs approach

Scratch Orgs have really revolutionized the developmental approach for enterprise applications, and here are some of the unconventional advantages you get through it.

  • The developers can open and keep up to 25 scratch orgs active for a project.
  • Once you create a Scratch Org, it will be deleted after seven days automatically.
  • Developers could also create 50 Scratch Orgs per day as per the Dev Hub.
  • Using Salesforce DX Scratch Org will also help increase the productivity of developers.
  • Better team collaboration too, is ensured through Scratch Orgs.

For the businesses of our times, the success key is to get more reliable connections and effectively establishing successful relationships with the customers. In small business administration too, Salesforce could be effectively used to establish a one-on-one relation without a higher overhead. As the business grows and the client base also expands, it may become difficult to provide a personalized experience, where the advanced CRM solutions of Salesforce come into help.

As we have read above, Salesforce on cloud is an end-to-end marketing platform, which now helps businesses to create unique marketing campaigns to enhance sales numbers and smoothen the process through the sales pipeline.