Top 5 Salesforce Testing Tools for 2021

Top 5 Salesforce Testing Tools for 2021

To be effective in sales, a business must put in a lot of effort. Determination and commitment are two fundamental factors that are needed to perform well in a highly competitive market. Apart from this, as a business, you must also have a thorough understanding of your customers. 

To excel in your corporate and customer services, handling the aspects wouldn’t be easier without a CRM like salesforce. It’s a reality that the human aspect in sales can’t go that far, which is why we need salesforce automation to improve brand image among potential customers and boost sales. 

To leverage automation to the fullest, testers use salesforce testing tools, and this blog post is about the top tools that you can use in 2021 with updated features and qualities. 


Accelq is among the top salesforce testing tools because of its advanced, codeless features that facilitate quick and continuous integration for salesforce web automation to ensure smooth salesforce upgrades.

Since salesforce needs to be optimized to out-stand its services with an automated touch, Accelq supports AI-driven, codeless test automation on the cloud so the salesforce apps can easily integrate relevant functionalities as given below

  • Sales Cloud
  • Health Cloud
  • Service Cloud 
  • Cloud for financial services

With salesforce, Accelq also includes nCino live, which comprises automation for all business processes, which makes it a number one salesforce tool choice for 2021.

  1. LeapWork

Sales reps, marketers, and executives can manage any Salesforce workflow using LEAPWORK’s no-code automated tests.

  • LeapWork increases the rate and efficiency of Salesforce Automation to meet market demands.
  • Salesforce Automation with LeapWork allows you to save more time and eliminate repetitive activities.
  • With the help of the highest quality, LeapWork facilitates free on-demand discussion with specialists.

Also, salesforce’s complicated processes can be automated in minutes using LEAPWORK’s remarkable, codeless web automation capabilities. Because of its visual language of building blocks, the automation framework does not require any coding expertise. 

  1. Workflow Rule

Workflow Rules is a standard salesforce testing tool used for sales management by admin since it has been here for the longest and is highly accurate. It is basically about the direction of automation tests.

Workflows have a limited set of features relative to other software, but they usually don’t follow, are incredibly fast, and are relatively straightforward on using.

Features include 

  • Opportunity to change a field, as well as 
  • Ability to create a new field 
  • Develop workflows.

Because of their simplicity, the Workflow Rule is a great place to start for every new administrator. 

  1. Conga Composer

Salesforce software updates and upgrades that are reliable result in higher efficiency and valuable insights. Conga composer’s integration with Salesforce CRM streamlines data generation, monitoring, and distribution. 

This software simplifies the goal of:

  • Establishing documents
  • Presentations
  • Reports 

All in Powerpoint, Word, HTML email, and Excel.

You can get all of your work through one platform with this Salesforce integration app, allowing you to spend less time maintaining the Salesforce API and much more energy on your primary functions.

  1. ToutApp

All inside Salesforce CRM, send customized emails to your prospects and contacts, monitor their interaction, and find out what works best. 

ToutApp’s Salesforce implementation serves as a standalone sales product, allowing users to send emails more quickly and monitor marketing offers. This tool assists sales reps in lead nurturing, allowing them to deliver the correct information to the suitable targets in an appropriate way.

Users can call a prospective contact directly from the Salesforce app, thanks to its built-in phone and dialer system. This communication and advertising management tool can help you organize projects, improve your content, and drive revenue.