A Guide On Using Videos to Improve Your Customer Retention Rate

A Guide On Using Videos to Improve Your Customer Retention Rate

Improving the customer retention rate can be a challenging task for a few. Attracting them the first time to your virtual address requires proper strategy formulation. However, getting them to come back again is the one that requires more effort and patience. One of the major strategies used by modern-day eCommerce companies is using videos to improve customer retention rates. 

Getting the customers on board the first time itself is an expensive task, but that is just not sufficient to keep the business wheel rolling. You need them to return to your website if you wish to grow your business exponentially. Getting new clients is just 50% of the work done; the rest 50% entails retaining them. That is what would lead to business growth.

So how exactly do you make them come back to you?

It is not just like the good old days anymore where you can lure them with your charm (since customers had to visit stores and shops personally). The 21st-century business world has altered operations, and new techniques are adopted for attaining a better customer retention rate. Using videos is one such technique that can help you attract repeat clients or get repeat purchases from the customer. 

In this write-up, we focus on how you can use videos to improve your customer retention rate. 

A Quick Statistic On Why Customer Retention Is Important

As per appinstitute, the improvement in customer retention rate can earn better profits for your business. Their analysis shows that if you can increase your customer retention by 5%, you can expect a rise in profits from 25% to 95%. Not only that, but you can also expect to get better referrals and improve your brand loyalty.

Therefore, if you are looking for a direction to help you improve profits, video marketing is the way to go. 

Let us peruse the next section to understand how you can use videos to improve your customer retention rate. 

Why Use Videos?

Videos are fun to watch compared to lengthy articles. They also leave a strong message with the viewers, which eventually helps in bettering customer retention. It would help if you adapted the video inculcation to improve customer retention rate since people find it easier to comprehend and understand the product details. 

How to Word Around Videos for Better Customer Retention?

Here are few tips to help you tweak your videos for better results in the customer retention arena:

Demo or Tutorial videos

Modern-day buyers are lured with visual appeal, but more importantly, they love product details before final purchase. Therefore, creating demo videos or tutorials gives you a higher chance of developing trust with the customers and lures them to keep coming back. 

You can use these videos to highlight the vital features or aspects of your product. Additionally, you may also put up a tutorial to help your customers on how to use the product or how it may be beneficial for them. 

The customers are already looking at your product in the virtual space. So, you need to present them with information that ticks their buying preferences. Tools like Video Caddy can help you edit your videos swiftly. People remember what they see and hear. So what better way to create a long-lasting impression on their minds than a detailed and informative video?

Improving Brand Awareness Through Videos 

From shaving blades to perfumes, we all have a soft affiliation with specific brands. Let us say if you have to buy a laptop. What is the first name that comes to your mind? It might be any brand, but that is the point! We all have an awareness of the various brand options. Nevertheless, there is a specific name that comes to your mind when you think about that product. You think that is a coincidence? 

Obviously, there are huge efforts made on the part of the companies to create such awareness. So that is another technique that you can use to your advantage. Create videos that focus on your brand. Your customers should be able to relate to your brand for the specific products. 

Think again! What happens when you have to buy another laptop for your husband or wife? Which brand would you browse on the first instance? Then, of course, it would be the same brand that you have related to the laptop in the first instance.

Creating brand awareness videos helps you retain your customers, make them loyal to your brand and improve your brand image.

Product Explainer Videos

One of the most popular strategies to improve customer retention is creating product explainer videos. You can create a video explaining the product features, benefits, and utility. Buyers are enticed by videos that give them a clear idea about the product and helps them understand how it could be beneficial for them. 

Testimonials from Other Clients

I know it is a bit of a cliché, but testimonials and feedback from your previous clients help you gain better trust with a new audience and improve retention rate. 

Your testimonial videos can lure prospective clients and enhance customer confidence. In addition, most of them would be encouraged to show loyalty to your brand and products. This helps in improving customer retention.

Final Thoughts

The 21st century has introduced us to a wide array of techniques that can improve the customer retention rate. Using videos to enhance customer retention rate is one of the most widely practiced techniques. 

This write-up aims to act as your guide in using videos to improve your customer retention rate and explain why using videos is important to do so. Hopefully, this article proves to be of great help to you in your quest to improve customer retention.

Author Bio:

Surrinder Pandita is a content marketer at DigitallyRight and he likes to write about SEO, digital marketing and social media. He enjoys sharing his experience with like-minded professionals and aims to provide customers with high-quality services.