Integrating Gatsby Solutions When SEO & Content Marketing is Your Primary Customer Acquisition Funnel

Integrating Gatsby Solutions When SEO & Content Marketing is Your Primary Customer Acquisition Funnel

Gone are the days when conventional wisdom dictated that SEO and content marketing belonged in their own silos. Marketers and content creators are now understanding how crucial it actually is to ensure that SEO and content marketing work together. 

Great content doesn’t do a lot of good if no one ever sees it. And as search engines continue to refine and rework their algorithms it becomes even more critical for companies to choose a tech stack and front end framework that can provide the right solutions to keep your customer acquisition funnel full and your revenue stream in the black. There are lots of options to choose from when making these decisions, but Gatsby has separated itself from the pack and stands a head and shoulders above the competition.  

Why Gatsby’s Dynamic Site Generator is Important

Why Gatsby, you ask.  First and foremost, Gatsby uses server-side rendering to dynamically generate all pages as static HTML files. All of the page content is compiled ahead of time and stored on a CDN (content delivery network), making it instantly available to Googlebot and other search engine crawlers.  

Incidentally, this also means that the site is more easily discovered by potential clients, is instantly scalable, and loads with lightning-fast speed. This directly translates to decreased bounce rates and higher conversions.  

Adore Beauty, a leading e-commerce beauty company, found that faster page load times alone increased their conversion rate by 16.5%. When YouFit Health Clubs rebuilt their site with Gatsby, they saw their organic search results improve by 22% and had a 60% increase in lead conversion.

Gatsby is also fully optimized for SEO

A fully SEO-optimized website will result in a higher organic search ranking. A higher organic search ranking ensures pages on your site appear closer to the top of your audience’s search results, increasing the traffic to your site, which can translate into leads and revenue.  

A primary driver of SEO is how content contained on your website is presented to search engine crawlers. Not only is all content on a Gatsby site is server-rendered, but it can also be tagged extensively with metadata, which ensures that these pages are easily discoverable by search engine crawlers.  

Another key factor in SEO and search rankings for both mobile and desktop platforms is performance. Slow sites kill rankings, but Gatsby’s lightning-fast architecture ensures that a poor performing site won’t inhibit your SEO.  

Performance metrics like load times and page speed are now more important than ever. With their newly updated Core Web Vitals, Google is prioritizing page speed, and page experience metrics like load times will directly impact SEO performance in the latest update to their page rankings algorithm

Gatsby Provides a Number of Opportunities

How Gatsby is designed and built provides a number of opportunities that marketers can leverage. Gatsby is an easy tool to use, even for marketers without extensive technical knowledge. 

Content marketers will be able to create new pages and site-appropriate content that is easy to edit. This allows businesses to convey their brand how they want, and to create digital experiences that increase visitor engagement.  

With Gatsby you can keep the existing tools that your marketers (and developers) already love using.  Maybe your team is used to writing and modelling content in a specific CMS. No problem, you can keep it. But can also build whatever else you need including the ability to easily add interactive functionality by leveraging the 2500+ Gatsby plugins available.  

The flexibility and ease of use of Gatsby will not only let content marketers create targeted, branded pages with ease but the fact that so much more functionality is put in the hands of your marketers means that your dev team will be freed up to focus on other projects.  

At Novvum, a LA based software firm that specializes in Gatsby-integrated development, migration to Gatsby has been a game changer for our clients- as evidenced by the universally positive feedback we receive.  FinTech Firms, ecommerce platforms, marketer-lead projects, in-house developer-lead projects; all of them report back to us how much more usable and customizable their platform is, as well as how they are seeing the performance benefits and SEO optimization translate to increased traffic.  Novvum is betting on Gatsby-integrated development to represent a core part of our future workload, and we feel like it’s a bet made with “house money”.

Improve Lead Generation

Gatsby leverages the Jamstack to make your site fast by default, improving lead generation, higher revenue/ROI, and your visitor experience. It is fully optimized for SEO and web vitals. Its flexibility and ease of use means that content marketers have an increased ability to produce content and user experiences that represent their brand exactly how they intend, while still being able to use the tools that they are familiar with. For businesses looking to improve their customer acquisition funnel through SEO and content marketing, migrating to Gatsby is a no-brainer.

Author Bio:

Andy Zimmer

Andy Zimmer is the Director of Client Services for Novvum, a full-stack software design and development studio. Andy came to the tech world by way of the sales and marketing world, and found a home at Novvum based on a shared obsession with solving creative problems. In his free time he can usually be found wherever live music is playing, or living and dying with the success of his alma mater’s football team (the University of Michigan Wolverines)- Go Blue!