How To Write Lawyer Content For Trending Keywords

How To Write Lawyer Content For Trending Keywords

Trending topics get a massive boost in traffic at their peak. As a result, they could be a great source of clicks and marketing opportunities for blogs and websites. However, there’s always a catch with these trends: they don’t last forever.

Since Lawyer SEO and content marketing is most effective with evergreen, organic traffic, keywords and topics that eventually lose steam don’t seem like a sustainable option.

However, just because their benefits are temporary doesn’t mean you get nothing from them. After all, that spike in traffic is still an attractive attribute for many marketers, so it would be a waste to ignore its potential.

That said, here are why you should make content on trending topics and how to get the most out of them:

4 Crucial Tips On Using Trending And Seasonal Keywords

Writing for seasonal keywords and trends is about taking advantage of the temporary spike in traffic. However, there are ways to extend and boost the ROI for your law firm content marketing efforts.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of the trending topics:

1. Write About Relevant Aspects With Your Website

New fads and trends come out of nowhere all the time. However, you first need to assess if there’s something about the trend you can write about. In other words, only write about the things that have something to do with your website, business, or keywords.

So, if you’re a pastry business, you can make content on recent popular food trends, nutrition research, and media discussing pastries and cooking.

However, that doesn’t mean you can only talk about topics with obvious relevance to your business. For example, if you’re a law firm, you should focus on the legal aspects of a controversy, a new viral product, or a popular show. Many of the above examples aren’t news or information about the law and the practice, but you can impart a perspective about a topic that can still be relevant to your existing content.

2. Update And Add Information When Necessary

People can witness the cycle of trends as they’re happening. Think about how news sites covered COVID-19 and how there have been numerous updates and stories since the first news of its outbreak. For example, you can create a general guide to trending topics about employment law, then update your content as new developments come out.

This is also the same for many viral trends, where it’s a progression of people first hearing about them towards the trend finally dying down. You don’t have to write multiple articles or legal blog posts about it, but you want to ensure you’re updating information into one or two dedicated posts on the topic.

As mentioned, we see the progression of a trend in real-time. However, if your content only discusses the information available when it initially came out, it might get outdated pretty fast. Therefore, ensure you keep up with the news to keep your content the most relevant in your niche and avoid drops in traffic.

3. Strive For Complete And Comprehensive Information

If something goes viral or becomes huge news, it will likely leave a lasting impact. Remember, people will still be looking up old or “dead” trends. So, the interest might drop, but there’s still traffic coming in. Some people might even look it up years after the trend dies down.

So, you want to ensure you’re at the top of the SERPs, even when it is less competitive. After all, ranking high can still yield some ROI regardless of the traffic, so you want to ensure your content stays on top for as long as possible.

Again, even if traffic or search volumes aren’t as high, ranking high in those SERPs still provides much-needed visibility and brand awareness. It’ll be much easier to climb up the SERPs in this scenario, as there will be less competition for you to try to overtake in the rankings.

4. Add More Timeless Information Into The Content

If you want your content to stick around for as long as possible, you should add more timeless information into what otherwise is a passing trend. For example, if there’s a new food trend, you could add a few sections about nutrition, taste, or recipe alternatives.

This could help push your content in more general, less time-limited keywords. Again, this isn’t precisely evergreen content, but it could lengthen your content’s shelf life.

If your content falls off because of changing trends, you shouldn’t worry about it too much. Instead, you can reoptimize it or just create new content about incoming new topics. After all, blogging requires you to be regularly and consistently posting new content all the time. The goal of getting on recent trends is to benefit from the brief traffic spike, which can be sustained if you’re able to keep new visitors interested in your other content.

Some Caveats On Using Trending Keywords

While there are considerable advantages to creating content for trending topics, you must consider their limitations. So, here are two reminders to ensure a successful law firm marketing keyword strategy:

1. Don’t Rely On Trends

Evergreen content that stays up in the SERPs is still the way to go. Even if your legal blog post on a trending topic does really well, ROI will fall off over time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should miss the opportunity to leverage relevant trends. On the contrary, it’s still a significant boost when done right. However, it shouldn’t be relied on, especially when not all trends can apply to your niche and your content topics.

2. Maintain High-Quality Content Backlog

Trending topics will attract new users. However, it is still crucial that they stick around. So, you want to ensure you have other more timeless and valuable content to interest them in reading more.

Remember, dwell time is a crucial Lawyer SEO ranking factor. Not to mention, the longer people stick around, the more chances you’ll have to convert them.


That said, we’ve been talking about stretching the ROI for as long as possible. However, even if your trendier, more time-limited content loses steam, you could still benefit from the spike in click-through rates during its peak.

As long as you have effective lead generation strategies, you could still push your products, landing pages, and other content to the new wave of site visitors. If done right, this new audience could stick around and read more of your existing and future content. Think of this as a starting point, an opportunity, for more future lead marketing opportunities.

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