Fascinating YouTube Stats and Facts you should know

Fascinating YouTube Stats and Facts you should know

Ever since its launch in 2005, YouTube has been grabbing huge popularity to the extent that it has become the topmost platform for streaming and sharing videos at present. There is everything there, starting from vlogs and tutorials to original series! What do you want?

Hence it would be absolutely safe to put down that YouTube is still the most popular video-sharing platform. The simple user interface of this platform lets businesses and creators upload content to be viewed by a huge audience.

Product reviews, beauty tutorials, gaming videos, and even unboxing videos- YouTube has got it all. There are millions of channels on YouTube guaranteeing the viewers to find a few of them striking their interests. The growth of the channels has been phenomenal.

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YouTube User Stats

  • YouTube boasts of 2 billion+ monthly users. This number is not as large as that of Facebook, boasting 2.74 billion active monthly users. But mind it, the numbers of YouTube are those of logged-in monthly users!
  • 74% of the adults use YouTube, which is greater than Facebook with 68% adults and Instagram with 40% adults.
  • 77% of the people between ages 15 and 35 use YouTube making it one of the most popular social media platforms. YouTube has 73% of its users aged between 36 and 45, 70% aged between 46 and 55, and 67% of 56 years of age and even older.

This pattern is completely different from the other social media channels, where there is a huge drop in use among the older age groups.

Facts about YouTube Users

With such whopping numbers, both in use case and in popularity, it is quite likely for the uninitiated to wonder what do YouTube users actually do. Well, they watch a crazy number of videos while uploading the same quality videos on their channels.

You would be amazed to know that 500+ hours of video content is uploaded on the channel per minute while 1+ billion hours of videos are watched on the platform every day. Almost half of these views take place on different mobile devices.

Users generally spend over an hour per day watching videos on YouTube. If reports are to be believed, there is a surge of 60% every year in the number of hours users spend watching visual content on YouTube. Now that is something really big!

YouTube stats say that 99% of the YouTube video views come from just 30% of the videos uploaded on the channel. This alone speaks of the popularity and the effectiveness of the videos posted on YouTube.

YouTube Financial Facts

YouTube successfully moved on to become the second-largest holding of Google in 2006, with the tech giant buying the platform for a sum of $1.65 billion. This price has all eyeballs popping out at that time.

At the same time, many experts and analysts agreed that Google was completely insane in making this purchase. Just a decade later, this YouTube purchase decision by Google is considered to be the best customer-tech acquisition ever.

As per research, there is still no data available on the level of profit of the company, with experts placing YouTube’s value at $70 billion in 2016. Well, it is impossible to come up with the correct numbers as far as the YouTube earnings are concerned.

But experts are of the view that the revenue of this platform has reached around $10 billion annually. They are also of the view that YouTube’s revenue keeps increasing by 40% every year. These growth statistics make the channel one of the most powerful assets available on the internet at present. 

The only problem with YouTube is that it can be a bit expensive for the users or subscribers mainly because of massive bandwidth, processing costs, storage, and content royalty. Again, YouTube has stringent copyright restrictions in place. It often takes down all those videos that, in one way or the other, infringe the copyright laws.

Facts on YouTube Advertising

The very first advertisements to appear on the channel were in August 2007. Nevertheless, the channel is quite secretive regarding the revenue it makes through advertisements.

Moreover, business analysts are of the view that the channel earns $15 billion as advertising revenue. It is also worth noting that YouTube is responsible for the 6% revenue that Google makes from its advertisements.

Marketing Statistics for YouTube

If reports are to be believed, the advertisement revenue of YouTube amounts to more than 5 billion. As of 2020, YouTube has been the fifth most widely used social media channel for marketers across the world. This is just after the other well-known streaming models like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The biggest advertiser using YouTube for all its advertisements is Apple, with a wonderful 2.23 billion ads in 2020 only. The second-ranking was for Turbotax with 1.99 billion advertisements.

It is worth noting that 29% of the marketers found pre-roll skippable YouTube video advertisements to be the most effective advertising medium in 2019. The numbers are far more than the numbers for non-skippable ads and their effectiveness on YouTube. For the non-skippable ads, the percentage was just 97% of the marketers.

It’s also worth noting that display advertisements are also the most effective on YouTube, with 10% of the marketers going with this statement. With such whopping percentages ruling the popularity chart of YouTube, it can rightly be said that there is no other social media handle that can offer business and marketing success as fast as YouTube.


Of course, the popularity of YouTube is not known in numbers to the users or the people across the world. As has already been said, there is huge secrecy maintained on this topic. However, the above statistics and facts make it clear that this video streaming and sharing platform is one of the most dominant forces operating in the marketplace right now.

With a brand like YouTube hosting such successful, exclusive and bizarre content, there is yet to be even more interesting YouTube facts and statistics in the near future.