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How To Your YouTube Channel Growth In Simple Steps

Growing a YouTube channel may be quite a process, one that has frustrated many people out of vlogging. However, growing a YouTube channel can become a piece of cake if you learn the right tricks.

The most beautiful thing about the whole process is that the job gets easier with time. Your chances of getting followers keep increasing with an increasing number of followers on your account. It means that it is much easier to grow an account with ten thousand subscribers than one with one hundred subscribers.

Most work should be put into the process at the early stage. Your account might reach a point where it will be sufficient enough to keep growing on its own with little or no deliberate effort to grow the account provided you keep delivering quality videos with trending content.

Most people think editing comes right when you’ve got the videos shot, although it is true to some extent. But that’s not the whole story. You can make your videos even better while you’re editing them.

But you can literally transform them into very high-end professional videos only if you’re shooting them with the editing perspective in your mind. It only takes a few videography tips and tricks to create such a difference.

And the great thing is that you may not need that high-end videography equipment, the iPhone you’ve got should do it.

Below are practical steps that will yield effective growth;

1.      You Cannot Take a Break

If you have been inconsistent with your appearance on your YouTube account, you need to do better. Growing a YouTube channel requires consistency. You have to keep posting quality videos from time to time.

While it is awesome to want to release high-quality, award-worthy videos, you must also try to balance the time required to produce and make your videos to constantly make posts without reducing your quality over time.

You can stunt your growth no matter how far you have gone in the process when you decide to take a break from YouTubing. The sad part is that pausing on posting videos could send you several steps back in the growth process. If you are ready to start growing your page, you must be ready for the commitment.

2.      Quality Video Editing

You need to give your viewers the best irrespective of your limitation in equipment and tools. One way to cover up for not having a good camera for recording is to have quality editing for your shoots.

Editing takes away several flaws from your original recording. You can edit errors, delays, pauses, and other elements that could make your video appear low-quality.

With editing, you can add extra features to your YouTube videos to improve your engagements and interactions with your viewers.

3.      Use End Screens in Your Videos

End screens are a means by which you can encourage and lead your viewers to other videos of yours. You can add end screens to your videos in the last 20 seconds of your video.

To make sure your viewers watch the videos to the end, try to engage them while the end screen is being displayed. If you stop talking 20 seconds to the end of your video, there is a great chance that your viewers will end the video and not get a chance to get the link to your other videos.

You may also point them in the direction where your end screens will appear to make sure they do not miss them while viewing.

4.      Follow Video Trends

You may study the trends on YouTube for videos with high views and engagement. It will help you optimize your videos and customize your content in a way that will attract more viewers.

You do not have to duplicate trending videos to grow your account because people mostly do not have reasons to view a video they have previously watched. You can make your offer better than the already existing videos.

5.      Improve Watch Time of Your Videos

Studies have shown that long videos get more engagement than short videos. Channels that constantly deliver video with appreciable watch time also tend to have more active followers than those who don’t.

While this might defy logic, it shows that people are attracted to quality and any channel that could keep them carried away for minutes is definitely worth their subscription. The watch time of your videos also helps to improve your SEO ranking.Suppose you have to employ a company’s services that will help improve the views on your videos on YouTube and similar platforms like Twitch, which you should if you want to grow your channel. In that case, you should choose this YouTube view bot that not only generates views for you but also offers quality watch time, increasing the integrity of your account.