What to Look For in a 3D Animation Company

What to Look For in a 3D Animation Company

3D animation is a method of placing objects and characters in 3D space and altering them to give an illusion of movement. The objects are created using 3D models that have been imported into a digital environment using 3D modelling tools.

As of 2021, the 3D animation market was worth USD 18.39 billion globally. Also, it has been expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1% between 2022 and 2030.

It cannot be denied that the demand for the industry continues to increase. 3D animation can be used in marketing campaigns, shows, and even school projects. But what if you are a business or private individual looking for 3D animation companies? What are things to look out for? Here are some of the things to consider.

1. Request a Portfolio

An animation company’s quality of work is demonstrated in its portfolio. You may get a sense of the calibre of the work they provide by perusing their portfolio of videos. Then you should do the following:

  • Check if their past works align well with your brand’s needs. 
  • Check if their work is accompanied by a good story. 
  • Verify the animation’s quality. Simply observe how smoothly the video is done. Note that you don’t need to view it through the eyes of an expert to do so.
  • Check if the videos are appealing. Do they belong in a collection of clip art? 
  • Check if the audio is comprehensible. Rate the voice-over quality. 
  • How does the music sound?
  • What emotions does the music evoke? Unless it’s the intended outcome, you shouldn’t feel depressed or anxious.

2. Efficiency and Capacity of The Studio

Experts from animation studios in Los Angeles suggested that a good 3D animation studio will give you quality output without missing the deadline. They can narrate your stories in ways that slit through the noise and call your potential customers to action. 

Thus, your creative studio ought to have a proven track record of finishing jobs on schedule and on budget. The delivery schedule may be delayed by studios that can only work on one project at once. Be wary of such. 

3. See a Video Presentation

Before agreeing on a deal with a 3d animation company, pay attention to every production detail. In essence, a video should build a connection between the brand and its audience. Everything, from the characters to the humor, is necessary to make a video thrilling and impactful.

Although, you probably have a question:

“I’m not an expert. How can I assess the level of quality?” 

Simply watch a few animated videos and quiz yourself. Was the message clear enough for you to understand? Did they successfully catch your interest?

The story was well conveyed if you can understand the underlying message. It may take some time to pay attention to every detail, but your conscientious efforts will be rewarded.

4.  View the 3D Animation Studio’s Showreel 

A demo reel or showreel shows a company’s strength. Here are things to look out for:

  • the animation’s quality
  • are the images completely original?
  • if the soundtrack is animated
  • movement of the camera

Pay attention to intricate scenes, stylish and creative shot transitions, colour choice, and scene composition. Finding out what their part was in those projects is vital because many studios feature joint work on their reels. You can request an animator to describe their role in each reel scene.

If you cannot evidently see what they did or did not do, it is not a good sign. In that case, it would be better if you moved on to another animation studio. Finally, be certain that the animation reel contains works that they recently made themselves. 

5. Passion

Look for enthusiasm and passion when choosing a 3D animator to do your video. People that are passionate about what they do typically achieve the most outstanding results.

A 3D video animator shouldn’t just adore or have faith in their abilities. They ought to work on their projects with enthusiasm. No matter how talented an animator is, if they lack motivation or are simply working for a small salary, they won’t give it their all.

Make certain that the company you pick likes what they do and is eager to faithfully animate your script. Also, for this reason, you ought to request a demo reel. You will be able to determine whether passion exists by going through their reel.

6. Evaluate Voice-over Performance

When selecting a professional 3D animation company, their level of experience, completed projects, and animation styles are insufficient.

When selecting an animation studio, the voiceover should also be taken into account. Only an excellent speaker with a solid understanding of tone and genre should provide voiceovers.

Important Points To Consider:

  • All emotions should be able to be expressed explicitly by a voiceover artist. 
  • For viewers to relate to the video content, fluency in the language of use is very crucial.
  • American and British pronunciations, for instance, differ from one another. If Americans are the target audience for the animated animation, the voiceover performer should be fully proficient in American accents.

7. Set a Budget and Make Comparisons

The most crucial consideration, when negotiating a contract with a 3d animation studio, is the budget. There are several animation studios offering services at reasonable pricing. However, they are frequently economical because they cut corners or hire unqualified personnel. Remember that this can be a scam. Watch out! 

How To Go About This 

To get the most for your money, ask around and compare costs. You should be well aware of your budget. Prices can vary, especially if you’re a newbie. It also depends on your needs as well as your budgetary restrictions.

You can employ a freelance animator for the entire video production process. They can do a good job with screenplay preparation and post-production. This is a very good option for businesses with a limited budget.

Hiring a 3D animation studio to produce your film is a fantastic choice if you have a larger budget. A company that produces animation will be more organised and effective. 

A typical 3D animation company is made up of professionals with a variety of specialties. They include:

  • Script Writers/directors
  • Illustrators
  • Voice-over artists 
  •  Animators.


Having known the qualities you need to look out for in a 3d animation video company, you need to devise a plan to hire a good one. Your chances of expanding your business increase with the quality of your video.

That’s why you need a professional animation studio. An animation studio will communicate with you throughout the entire video production process while complying with your brand’s requirements.