20 Easy and Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Stand out

20 Easy and Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Stand out

If you spend a lot of time on the road visiting properties with customers and prospects, it may be hard to come up with new, effective real estate marketing ideas every day. To avoid marketing burnout, think creatively about how your website, SEO, email marketing, paid advertising, and social media content can set you apart from the competition.

These 20 easy and effective real estate marketing tips will help you stand out from your competition if followed properly. Let’s dive into it without further delay.

  1. Invest in Professional Photography

Having stunning pictures of your real estate properties is crucial. It’s all about clicking it at the correct time of day and from the proper angle.

Get in touch with a professional photographer (one who specializes in shooting real estate properties) or give it a go yourself if you’re equipped with high-end gear and are confident in your skills.

Remember that this is one of those situations when it’s best to call in the experts.

  1. Pin Boards on Pinterest

For some sectors, including real estate, Pinterest marketing and promotion are still useful tools. Posting photographs and details about individual ads on boards is a terrific way to increase their exposure. A single property can have its own Pinterest board that incorporates photographs of the home, nearby local places, and points of interest.

  1. Start Writing for Newspaper and Magazine Columns

Try submitting columns or features to newspapers and magazines in your area. One thing you don’t want to do is come off as too promotional. Buyers nowadays are less tolerant of hard sales tactics.

Instead, provide helpful suggestions and exceptional views. If you want to indicate that your town is thriving, write about how home values have risen, or you can list why your location is becoming more popular.

  1.  Niche-Targeting

When starting out, many real estate businesses make the mistake of trying to sell every imaginable type of home. The strategy may appear ideal on paper, but it falls short in practice.

Narrow your focus and establish your agency as a leader in a certain niche.

  1. Make Interesting Real Estate Video Advertisements

Wishing your audience a Merry Christmas through email is nice, but it probably will only do something to nurture prospects through the sales funnel. But giving money to events that get a lot of media attention might give your agency’s image a more personal feel.

Think about doing some “man on the street” interviews. The topics of these videos can be related to something other than your company or real estate in general. You may quiz them on their opinions on the local academic institutes or professional sports teams, or you could ask them about their purpose in life.

  1.  Provide Virtual Tours

Real estate agencies have had to get more creative in order to stand out from the crowd and make the viewing process better for their clients. Using cutting-edge technologies like animation, 3D mapping, and virtual tours, you can reach more people and show off properties in a more appealing way.

  1. Taking Pictures with a Drone

If you want your real estate photos to stand out, consider using drone photography to capture your property in the best possible way. Invest in a drone or an expert.

Also, giving your buyers a bird’s-eye view of the property and the area around it can really impress them.

  1. Participate in Online Social Communities

Joining online communities and discussion boards like Facebook and Quora might help you bring in new customers. People from all over the Internet come here looking for guidance on real estate issues. You can lend a hand by answering their questions, posting listings, discussing prices, and more.

  1.   Brand Your Social Media Accounts

Create a unified brand image across all your social media platforms to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Your logo, colors, fonts, tone of voice, header theme, and slogan are all parts of your brand identity.

In terms of credibility, consistency is key. As a bonus, it will boost your brand recognition.

  1. Make Video Testimonials

To sway future consumers in your direction, it’s a good idea to use feedback from your existing clients as social proof.

While you may show written client testimonials on a website, video testimonials are preferable since they humanize your brand. Customers will have more faith in your business when they can see and hear honest opinions about your service.

  1. Create an Appealing User Experience

If navigating your website is challenging, it won’t matter how fantastic your property pages are. If you want people to use your website, you should learn about user experience design and information architecture. Make your website simple to navigate so that users can easily find the information they seek.

For example, don’t pile up all the content on your home page. Make separate pages for property listings. Add guides on how they can list the properties and what the process is to purchase a property using your services. Create a separate “contact us” page where the users can reach out with any queries they have.

  1. Publish Case Studies.

Make compelling case studies of the work you have done for your previous clients to show your value. Explain your client’s goals, your approaches, and the results.

Case studies are a useful tool for building credibility with prospective customers interested in purchasing services comparable to the ones that are already offered with past accomplishments. So, make sure to use case studies and get more customers.

  1. Make Your Email List Bigger With Opt-Ins

You should reach as many potential customers as possible via your website or blog. Only a small percentage of the leads you get will come through your contact page. That is why opt-ins are what you’re looking for.

A pop-up window appears when a visitor stays on a page for more than 20 seconds, in the same way an opt-in window appears when a person scrolls more than 30 percent of the way down a page. The leads they collect are excellent.

  1.  Write the Ideal Email Subject Line

Make sure you have a catchy subject line before writing the email’s content for your prospective customers. This is one of the most important things that will determine how well your email marketing plan works.

69% of people who receive emails report them as spam based on the subject line alone. If the recipient doesn’t know you, they won’t read the email unless they see anything interesting in the subject line. Invest effort in crafting catchy subject lines.

  1. Promote your Business Using Marketing Automation

Why not automate your real estate email marketing instead of sending emails by hand? Drip email marketing allows you to program an automatic series of emails to nurture leads and turn them into prospects.

If a potential client fills out a form on your website to give you his or her email address, that person will start getting regular updates about local real estate listings.

  1. Distribute Unique Business Cards

Real estate agents can show professionalism by printing strong, aesthetically appealing business cards. Business cards are portable and may help you make the most of face-to-face meetings with prospective customers. Micro-marketing materials offer quick calls to action for prospect engagements.

  1. Prepare Branded Merchandise

Keychains, mugs, and pencils are all examples of the kinds of freebies that people like, so you should take advantage of any opportunities to hand them out. It’s a great tool for spreading awareness of your company and keeping your services front of mind among potential customers.

  1. Create a Video Series About Restaurants and Entertainment

Buying a house in a neighborhood with plenty of restaurants and nightlife venues is becoming more and more significant to today’s homebuyers, alongside the traditional factors of price, square footage, design, and amenities.

It is always a good idea to show your customers what amenities they are getting with a property. For example, you can make a video about the best and nearest restaurants and entertainment places they can visit if they buy this property.

  1. Use Trendy Online Memes to your Advantage

You could view memes as nothing more than a time-wasting diversion that prevents you from doing useful things like organizing your customer relationship management (CRM) database or setting up appointments with potential clients. But on the bright side, memes are an entertaining real estate marketing strategy that is just starting to catch on with agents and can have your audience laughing.

These days, people like to skip advertisements whenever they are skippable. Relevant media and humor will help to grab the attention of customers within a few seconds. For real estate marketing, memes could be a low-cost option for creating engaging content and getting more leads.

  1. Build a Strong and Optimized Google Business Profile

Making a strong and optimized Google My Business profile is another amazing way to stand out in real estate marketing. You can use this method to stay at the top of local Google searches while also providing relevant content to clients.

To have a fully optimized profile and get more leads, you should add your contact information, types of services, office location, photos and videos, opening hours, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).