How To Create A Killer Lead Generation Strategy By Combining SEO And CRO

How To Create A Killer Lead Generation Strategy By Combining SEO And CRO

Generating leads, generating leads, generating leads… This is the phrase you probably hear most often when working as a marketer. 

And there’s a reason for that – even though not every lead eventually becomes a customer, lead generation is the most important aspect of every marketing strategy.

There are many different strategies and most of them focus either on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). But our experience showed that the combination of these two strategies yields the best results. 

The only catch is to figure out how to combine them.

Well, we are here to offer you our insights, so you can find more quality leads for your business.

A good basis is the content marketing strategy

You are already aware that quality content is what will attract leads, make them interested in your offer, make them want your products, and, finally, decide to buy them.

Quality content is the king. 

So, if you haven’t already, start investing in content that provides a truly useful value while being authentic as your brand is. Your organic growth will increase, your Google rankings will improve, your lead pool will get bigger, and your ROI will get better. Trust us, investing in the foundations such as content strategy always gets rewarding in the long run, you just need to be patient. 

For example, you could be creating the most awesome headlines that will attract a lot of people, but if they aren’t satisfied with what goes on beyond the headline, they’ll simply leave your website.  In addition, your writing and editing can be improved through TrustMyPaper as a reliable and professional service dedicated to different types of writing.

And Google will notice that. 

It doesn’t matter if you optimized everything for Google, if your target audience isn’t happy, Google’s algorithm will know that and it will stop helping you. 

You should always have in mind the people who should use your website and your products. Think about their needs, wants, pain points, and experience on your website.

And it’s ok to make mistakes from time to time – that only means that you have space for improvement. Make sure to analyze your mistakes and learn something from them so you can improve your rank. 

Think about your experiences when trying to find some useful information – you probably came across many different types of websites and sometimes the ones that don’t look modern or seem mediocre gave you the handiest information, so you stayed on those websites longer.

And you may be even noticed that those websites are ranked better than some others that are better-looking. Why is that? The great rankings primarily depend on the unique value that is provided to users.

You can even build trust between the website and your visitors by crediting content creators who are responsible for such added value in your content.

But, how to attract users when there are tons of websites that already dealt with the topic in your business niche?

Try out different content types, not only textual one. People are reacting to the content type they haven’t seen a lot, so try to offer value in videos, infographics, animations, GIFs, Twitter stories, etc. 

Experiment, try to have fun while doing that and think about visual content since it’s so captivating. 

Level up your SEO game

When having a successful SEO strategy implemented on every single aspect of your website, it will constantly find you new leads and bring them to your page, and it all starts by submitting your website on search engines.

So, a well-thought SEO strategy has a high ROI because your website will work for you as a sales/marketing team member over and over again without new investments. 

BUT, as search engine algorithms constantly and incrementally change, you can’t simply implement your SEO strategy and then just leave it untouched. 

Just as search engine algorithms and their priorities and criteria change, so can your target group’s interests and trends change. 

You need to work on improving your SEO strategy by implementing small updates according to the changes you see are happening.

Implement SEO insights into your CRO strategy

So, now when you have content that offers additional value and a great SEO strategy, you are halfway there to have a very efficient marketing strategy.

Your organic leads are leveling up, you drive traffic to your website successfully, and people are drawn to your products. Awesome!

But that just might not cut it in terms of conversion rates. What you need to do is to create and nurture loyal customers

And that’s where the CRO strategy hops in. You will use the CRO strategy to slowly, logically, and naturally navigate your website visitors towards the checkpoint – buying page. 

To successfully optimize your website to drive higher conversion rates, you’ll need to integrate every single bit of your website (not only on the landing page!) into the strategy and think it through. That includes UX design, menus, software development, visual elements, microcopy, colors, and so on. 

You can hire a graphic designer for this task, or there are many graphic design tools that can help if you want to try to keep this task in-house. 

And SEO analytics can help you a lot with it because it offers insight into what is trending, what is your target audience reacting to, what are the most searched topics, etc. 

So, use SEO results to improve your CRO game!

Create a working environment where different teams will work together and learn from each other

Your company probably has different teams that are “in charge” of a specific set of processes, like lead generation, content creation, web design, conversion rates, social media campaigns, etc.

To experience the best possible results while using different types of strategies, you’ll need to nurture great and functional communication between all those teams and sectors. 

All strategies and processes create a certain type of data, which can be used, if well analyzed, to improve aspects of some strategy. For example, the way people behave on your website is a great insight for improvement for your UX designer, web designers, content creators, lead generation team, even your junior software engineers, etc. Also you can use Magento 2 form builder to add an intuitive contact or feedback form easily.

As you improve your game, you’ll attract more and more new leads and you’ll probably notice some new patterns in their behavior that you can use to improve furthermore. And your numbers will keep growing.

Never stop optimizing and updating

Analyzing your processes, especially campaigns, is an awesome learning opportunity. 

Once you figure out what kind of campaign you want to do and how to do it, don’t rush things and go big straight away. First, run a test with a smaller group of recipients and find out how they react to different aspects of your campaign. 

That will give you an opportunity to improve before you launch your campaign worldwide. 

But, if you want a test to work, you’ll need to have great communication between all the teams that can contribute to better results. Fix any communication noise or barrier before you set goals and ways to measure them. You can use wireframe software to visually track progress and easily see if there are points that need to be fixed.

Optimizing and updating your processes is a never-ending activity. If you stop improving, your competitors will win over your potential customers!

Author: Nina Petrov is a content marketing specialist, passionate about graphic design, content marketing, and the new generation of green and social businesses. She starts the day scrolling her digest on new digital trends while sipping a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. Her white little bunny tends to reply to your emails when she is on vacation.