Unveiling the 7 Essential Components for an Exceptional Website

Unveiling the 7 Essential Components for an Exceptional Website

Even a beginner can identify what makes a good website, but when it comes to building one, things get complicated. A modern website design is way more than aesthetics and visual elements. It affects the SEO, the perception of your brand by people, and how users behave when they reach the homepage of your website. 

Your online portfolio and the amount of people you and/or your company can reach is equal to all your web pages which is why it’s important to have user-friendly, easily accessible, and eye-pleasing web design. In this case you will need help from a professional web designer – if you have no initial website, you will need him to create it from scratch; If you have your site already it needs a redesign, this is the right time to find a good web designer.

7 Essential Components of a Successful & Exceptional Website

The first attraction which catches the visitor’s attention is the design of the site, and it influences the site credibility for over 75%. Moreover, 67 percent or more of the population tends to buy from websites that are optimized for mobile use. Here is the list of items that you certainly need on your website.

  1. Well-Defined Website Goal or Purpose

You need to be clear about the goal and purpose of your website in order to have an ideal design. Ask yourself about what are your needs and requirements from the website. Do you want an E-Commerce design or you want it to be an informational website? This will enable you to select the right layout for your site depending on your preferences.

With a good and proper website, you can easily interact with the clients, get new customers whom you could have long term business with and also to market. Based on your industry and your purpose, the website should meet all standards and requirements.

  1. Easy-to-Access & User-Friendly Navigation

Your website’s design should be easy to navigate and it should be simple for users to access all menu elements from any webpage of your site. The user should know about where he is on the website and it must be easy for him to navigate to any other page he wants to visit. 

Make sure to use a sitemap if it is available. Users can have a basic understanding of your products and services just through information available on your sitemap. Also, always focus on utility and not on complex navigation. There is a thin line between annoying menus and interactive, helpful menus. 

  1. Outstanding & Attractive Homepage

Over 90% of all website visitors will jump to a conclusion about your site and your business, just after checking out your homepage. You have very less time to leave an impression when a user lands on your homepage and it should instantly tell them about your offerings and services.

Using the right web design tools, you must incorporate your brand’s logo, slogans, and other promotional messages on the homepage. Also, the opening text and content must be engaging enough so that visitors don’t leave your website just after landing on it. 

  1. Aesthetic Visual Design

Users are more attracted to visual elements like animations, graphics, images, GIFs, and more, instead of plain text. Thus, visual appeal is really important to provide engaging web experiences to your users. Make sure your designer understands this and maintains uniformity between your website’s visual design and your brand logo and imagery.

When users find your website attractive and pleasant to look at, they will spend more time and engage with your content, services, and products on offer. 


  1. Informational & Unique Content

Content is one of the key pillars of your website formation and it directly impacts the SEO or Search Engine Ratings given to your websites on the Search Engine Result Page. If users get bored, if your content seems old, if you put out material they do not care about, they will not linger on your page.

Also, your services and products should be described properly and in-depth so users know what you are offering them. Unique content will work wonders for your website, instantly improving the website design by making it user-friendly and appealing.

  1. High-Speed & Responsive

No matter how beautiful or informational your website is, people will go away if it’s slow and takes a lot of time to load web pages. Your web designer must ensure that there are no broken graphics, dead links, unnecessary slugs, etc. through regular audits and checks of the website. 

Use different tools to check the web page loading speed and make sure that your website is quick and highly responsive. If the website speed is slow, you can consider using compressed images, disabling certain tools and plugins, and optimizing content. Users love websites that are quick and don’t operate at a turtle’s speed.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Optimization

Mobile users, who use the internet and visit websites on their devices, exceed 60% of all the users all across the globe. This is the reason that major websites are mobile-friendly and you should optimize your website accordingly as well. Bear in mind that if your website is good on a web browser and horrible on a mobile browser, then you are going to lose tons of traffic.

This means that you should adjust your website layout in a way that makes it, well, adequately fitting the screen of any smartphone on which it is opened, and makes it as responsive as possible. So, make sure to provide engaging web experiences to smartphone users as well.


In case if you are a business person then, a perfect and beautifully designed website helps the person to reach and contact the prospective customers. You can then advertise your products and services, and in doing so, ensure that the public gets to know you plentiful.

Ensure that whoever designs your website is a professional in this industry and he/she utilizes the right web design tools. It is advisable to discuss with an experienced designer who apply the right tools of web designing to design your website. Indeed, an effective and most importantly an appealing website will improve your brands’ online publicity.