The best free and paid online marketing and management tools

The best free and paid online marketing and management tools

Marketing is important since it gives you multiple channels to reach your target audience. So, there are tools that can help you have a better understanding of your market, consumers, and, of course, to sell more when you listen and adjust accordingly.

Which tools in a world of tools should you invest in? There are a few with freemium plans that expand on their usage as you reach new needs. Here are some of them.


This platform is much more than just a place to program your social media posts (for which it’s really good), but also to create scripts for automatic responses, data analytics for better content and campaigns, and even manage the internal team. It also has a free plan but it only can manage 3 handlers, 30 programmed messages, and a single user. If your social media team grows or you add more social media accounts, there are professional and team plans with up to 20 handlers.

EyeSpy 360

Just as the pandemic gave momentum to digital museum tours, you can do the same for your business. This tool is perfect to reduce walkthroughs of spaces and, therefore, time. And its use is quite simple. You can upload 360 pictures of a property and the platform creates virtual tours of the space, 3D models, and basic blueprints in just 24 hours. You can use a regular smartphone camera with the 3D option and you can also create tags in certain spaces that will give the viewer relevant information. 


If you want to know everything there is to know about your consumer, this is the tool for you. With it, you’ll learn about their behavior and you can adjust your design or strategy to get rid of all the things that stop your client to go the last mile. And it’s not just for e-commerce, but also for content, education, or other online services. You can personalize the dashboard to keep track of the things you really want to know and that way, staying true to its name and Keeping It Simple Stupid. And you can try it out for free.

This is a project management tool that will not only help you to keep track of all the open projects you have in your company but will also help your team be more productive. The platform allows you to create main tasks or projects and add subtasks that are part of the process to get the job done. You can invite your team, assign tasks and keep a very visual eye on things since you change the colors of the tasks as you advance. With this tool, you’ll be able to reduce status and operation meetings and have your team working like a clock no matter where they are, either with a client or working from home.

Moxi Works

This platform specializes in websites for companies and agents of the real estate business, with customizable templates that are already thought for the housing industry. This will help a team to build a unique website for each member, where they can showcase their portfolio and have contact with the target audience that, after all, start to research their options online. But not only that because the platform also helps a team and public to have updated information without having to change it for each agent thanks to their live data and IDX search value offer and real-time information about shopping behavior and onsite actions. A great to have implementation is the blog button where you can let people important things about the industry or tips to shop for a home.

Website grader

A good website is a key to having more consumers but web design isn’t everything. The back programming is also extra important and this tool will tell you what you are doing right and, super important, what you are doing wrong. This way, you can fix your SEO strategy to be better positioned in the search engines. It’s a Hubspot service so you have a guarantee right there. 


This platform allows you to create polls and newsletters with different templates that can help you send the right message to your clients. It’s free if you have less than 2,000 subscribers to your newsletter or if you send less than 12,000 emails per month. If you have more than that, there are different plans that you can pay for. If you don’t know how to use it, they have tutorials and guides to help you design and send out an email to anyone you want with a simple click. 

Crazy Egg

If you want to test how well an item, a post, or any publication is doing, Crazy Egg is the tool for you. You just need to type your main link in and the platform will give you an assessment of your page, you can see the most visited places on your website in a heatmap, track traffic, understand where your customers are clicking, and, in so, you can adjust your layout accordingly. You can even test an A and B placement to see which works better. 

Wise Agent

An all-in-one option to showcase and manage a real estate portfolio that will help you from client’s information with details, all in one place, referral tracking, post-sale follow-ups, and client service, leads management, transactions and time logs, and even medium marketing tools like emails, flyer design, newsletters, and a basic webpage. All these tools can be used as an individual or as a company. It all depends on your needs and you can even have licenses for the whole thing or just what you really need and are going to take advantage of.


More than a schedule, this platform is an integral tool for agents, brokers, and Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to have a whole picture of their business and give a boost to their productivity. The goal is to improve customer service and diminish waste of time by creating a full listing vision, showing scheduling, task management, reports on geographics, and big data to create a better offer and an automatic scheduling tool for clients to request viewings. 

Floor schedule

If you have a team to manage and the hours are not particularly regular, that is no 9 to 5 work, scheduling can become a nightmare. Especially if your teams have different shifts or a flexible team with various requests and time availability. With Floor Schedule, this process can be automated so you can enter your team’s time possibilities, and, with a simple click, the algorithm of the platform gives you a full shift schedule. All your clients will have service and all your teammates will use the time they have to work. 

Now, a merchant cash advance can help you convert those leads into actual consumers, data into information, and create an actual exposure for your business by using some of these tools but you have to understand that you have to use, explore and make the most of them. They are not magic wands; you have to adjust your strategy and pay close attention every day to the results they give you.

If you see an increase in productivity, more business opportunities, less meeting exhaustion, or even happier employees, then you should definitely invest. And don’t forget that every change comes with an adaptation time and, possibly, training to use technology. But this time invested will be worth it.