What Are Your Favorite Graphic Design Applications?

What Are Your Favorite Graphic Design Applications?

What Are Your Favorite Graphic Design Applications? We often hear phrases like this: “Use paid premium software, but the subscription price is very expensive! “. “If you use a free one, I’m afraid the results won’t be good! “. Are you one of them?

When Do You Need A Design?

Let’s take a look at some simple daily online activities. For example, when updating the status of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media that you are currently using. You certainly need an image, and then it is equipped with a few writing lines as a caption. Indirectly, you are using a visual design, even though it is relatively simple.

Especially if the status you update has a specific purpose, such as: contains an invitation, contains sales promotion content, and so on. Consciously or not, you need a special design so that the status becomes more attractive. This means, almost every time, you will always need a graphic design, either in the form of images or videos.

You Are Actually Already Using Design App. What Are They?

In line with the facts above, try again to pay attention to the contents of your laptop or smartphone. Are there some design applications already installed in it? If not, here are some popular design applications that must have been widely used, at least by myself:


Photo Editor App by Photo Grid

I use Photo Grid for my product collage needs. This is the first app I used to edit photos. The features are quite a lot and cool. Some of the advantages of the photogrid application include:

  • The results of the photo resolution are quite high, so they are suitable as photos for status updates on popular social media such as: Instagram and Facebook.
  • There is an extensive collection of photo frames to customize to be the best photo collection.
  • Can combine up to 15 photos in one cool collage.
  • If needed, we can choose various types of background fonts to complement the writing as image captions.
  • There is a blur feature (can make some of our photos look blurry).

If I remember correctly, I have been using this Photo Grid application for almost 3 years for photo editing purposes, both personal photos and product photos for sale. Have you ever used this app too?


Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor developed by Google.

Initially, I did not know that Google-owned a complete and professional application. I only found out later after a friend updated his Instagram feed with pretty good photos. In addition to providing cool features, this Snapseed application can also be downloaded for free through the Google Playstore. Some of the features that I like about this snapseed photo editor include:

  • HDR Scape, I like this feature because it can make stock photos look more stunning by creating multiple exposure effects.
  • Double Exposure, if you want to combine 2 (two) images into one great collage, snapseed has a feature that you can use. The result, quite smooth, you know.
  • Improvements to Face Focus, today, we are more familiar with it as the effect filter feature. Well, this snapseed also can add focus to the eyes, special lighting, or smooth skin.


This online design tool is also suitable for bloggers even if you have a profession as a content creator. Although the features owned for design needs are quite a lot, it is not difficult to use them. See when Dirman Personal Blog tries to create an image using DesignCap.

No less facilities with other design software, Designcap also provides many free design templates to make Facebook cover images, blog featured images, Instagram posts, and can even be used to create YouTube channel banner images. Want to try it? Please go directly to DESIGNCAP.COM, yes!.

My Favorite Graphic Design App

As a digital practitioner who recently has a personal blog, design applications seem to be a must-have, mainly if the content produced needs to be displayed to have special promotional value. Not only pictures accompanied by writing, but sometimes I also need an audio-visual graphic design result in the video. Of course, I need a design application that is qualified for this purpose.

Currently, I Use Canva.

I’m pretty sure you’re using it right now, besides being available in a free version. Canva is enough to meet my needs for making images and videos for presentations, posting feeds and Instagram stories, Facebook post content, posters, logos, flyers, banners, brochures, and even for making cover image designs for social media accounts. For more diverse design needs, you can enjoy Canva Premium features.