8 Magento 2.X Payment Gateways for E-commerce Businesses

8 Magento 2.X Payment Gateways for E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce is no longer limited to people who own a credit card these days. As such, you must integrate a payment gateway to cater to other customers. These are customers who would like to pay using their debit cards, through bank transfer, digital wallet, or PayPal.

This post may be useful if you are using Magento and transitioning to Magento 2.X for your online store.

How Payment Gateways Work

An online payment gateway works by giving a secure, integral link between the bank and the web hop server.

When customers purchase using their PayPay account or debit card, they will have to input relevant data. Your payment gateway will process it and will accept or decline it. If all goes well, your payment gateway will transfer the payment to your account while sending a confirmation to both ends.

From there, you can confirm whether a particular payment came into a bank account connected to your store.

Different Magento 2.X Payment Gateways

Now that we have that part of e-commerce covered, here are eight Magento 2.X payment getaways that you can use: 


PayPal is on top of our list since it provides secure payments again and again. In fact, this platform stood the test of time and catered to up to 200 million people. 

This online transaction platform caters to both merchants and buyers. It is free and easy to download, allowing Magento merchants to implement this payment gateway quickly. 

Since it provides a direct bank connection, you don’t need to use your credit card if you opt for this option. Overall, it’s an all-rounder and is one of our best picks on this list. 


Mastercard Payment Gateway works in a closed process and focuses on customer data privacy. Thus, creating an authentic transferring process. 

When customers choose Mastercard when buying, they’ll be submitting the order confirmation on the final checkout page. From there, they’ll fill in their credit card or debit card details. 

Once submitted, the Magento payment gateway will then automatically receive transaction details to encode the payment. 

Apple Pay

Over the last couple of years, Apple Pay has become one of the most recognized third-party providers across many Apple devices. It works well with major credit cards and supports purchases across major retailers. 

It’s also an excellent addition to your online store’s payment options since it incorporates a POS system. 

Transactions made here are seamless, and it’s quicker than average transactions as well, so you’ll be getting your payments a lot faster. 


Another contender on this list that you can use for your Magento 2 store is stripe. When it comes to convenience and diversity, this platform is almost in the same equation as PayPal. 

First launched in 2011, it now supports currencies in over 100 countries. What’s more, it provides users with a transparent experience- there are no extra charges and hidden fees. 

You don’t even have to pay for registration. You can also easily integrate it into your Magento 2 e-commerce store. 


Owned by PayPal, this full-stack payment platform is ideal for businesses of all sizes. That’s because it allows different payment options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Venmo, and a lot more. 

Optimized on both mobile and web devices, it also has a built-in PayPal integration. Apart from that, it also provides you with secure data storage and fraud protection. 

Users on the platform praise it for its ease of use and smooth checkout process. Not only is safety a priority here, but it’s also one of those e-commerce payment gateways that encourages repeat orders.


This platform is ideal for an omnichannel Point of Sales.

One of its main features includes instant registering, where merchants only need an email address to sign up and be ready to accept payment. It also features a customizable process wherein you have complete control of the way the flow goes.

This payment gateway provides extensive support for numerous payment schemes like ACG, credit card, and debit payments. Moreover, customers have a choice in paying on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Square is another top online payment giveaway service provider on this list. It lets you process payments quickly and seamlessly integrate them on your site. 

Apart from processing payments for Magento merchants, it’s also equipped with tools that allow small businesses to gather invoices and manage their inventory offline. 

The prices are also based on a flat percentage fee instead of a per transaction basis, making it affordable for businesses of all sizes. 

They also don’t provide instant authorizations or recurring billing options. Instead, they deposit payments automatically to your bank account every couple of days. 


2Checkout provides merchants with payment solutions that are both reliable and secure. It gives a 3D secure integration that protects customers from identity theft when using their credit cards online. 

Apart from that, it also has integrated global shipping carts like Bigcommerce and Shopify. Meaning, your customers don’t have to worry so much about currency conversions or various billing methods when buying abroad. 

Overall, it’s a must-have if you want to start taking payments instantly. 

Over to You

Before you choose the Magento 2.X payment gateway, we suggest that you first know the needs and preferences of your customers.

Once you know what you are looking for, it will be easier to pick what provider you will be using for your e-commerce business. Good luck!