Instagram Stats, Facts and Figures for 2018 [Infographic]

Talk to a teen and you will be told that among all social media platforms, Instagram is one of their most loved digital networking sites.

Since its creation in 2010, Instagram’s popularity has been growing steadily. With a user base of over one billion monthly active users (and that’s about 13% of the entire earth’s population!), it’s currently one of the most popular social media networks in the world.

Instagram users are super active. More than 500 million people login to their Instagram account and check their status several times a day. Over 95 million photos are shared to the platform daily. It is the second most frequently used social media network, behind only Facebook.

Businesses and brands are also falling in love with the platform given to the fact that it offers a perfect opportunity for marketers and businessmen to connect and convert their audiences.

Now we all know Instagram is hugely popular. You may ask, am I late to start using Instagram? Is there still a chance to catch up?

Check out this great infographic designed by Make a Video Hub, which gathered all the latest facts and stats from Instagram to help you better understand what is going on with Instagram on the second half of 2018 and forward.