Increase your e-commerce business with Abandoned Cart Emails

Have you ever gotten to the final step on an online shopping cart transaction and suddenly changed your mind? What was the trigger? For some people, it might be a cost they didn’t expect, such as shipping. Other people get a look at the total they’re actually spending and think twice about the opportunity cost presented by that total. Others may think they don’t have the time to create an account, or they might just be annoyed by the whole thing.

Whatever the reason, marketers are getting more and more active when it comes to trying to convert those people. They know that they are interested. They know that they were a good percentage of the way done with the buy. All they have to do is figure out how to nudge them over the peak. So how do you use a series of emails in order to do that? This graphic offers some instantly doable ideas.

Abandoned Cart Emails: Your Best Tips, Tricks, and Examples