How to Use Facebook Ads For Your Business Marketing

How to Use Facebook Ads For Your Business Marketing

As you grow your business, there are many options available to get your company’s name out in front of new customers. A popular and affordable one to consider is purchasing a Facebook ad. This platform can help you reach thousands of customers that have yet to hear of you. Here are a few things to consider as you use this method for your business marketing. 

Set Up an Account

To use Facebook ads, you must have a business page. To set one up, you will need to provide basic information about your company such as the address, the hours of operation, and your website. If you wish to do any sort of marketing, you must provide a secured credit card or other form of payment for the platform. Uploading a picture of your company logo, the image of your facility, or any other graphic that will allow customers to recognize you will assist them in finding you and your products when they are searching for similar items. 

Determine Who You Want To Reach

Before you can set up an ad that will impress your potential clients, you need to know who they are. Research the type of customers who purchase products or services from you by using buying personas. Use the results you get to decide what your demographics are and where you can find them. As you design and prepare your Facebook ads, you will be able to narrow down the map they provide to include your customers wherever they are. When this person gets on the platform, they will see your post and be inspired to come visit you. Once you have your audience set, save the group with a specific label so you can use it later.

Know When You Should Post

Before you begin setting up your ads, plot when you want them to appear on Facebook. Design a schedule that determines the day and time your post will appear. You can do this through a spreadsheet or on a physical calendar. As you input your information, remember to add what you will be saying and the subject of your marketing. Note any photos you plan on using and save them someplace where you can easily find them. The more organized you are as you forecast your advertising, the greater success you will see when your customers respond to it. 

Think About What You Want to Say

As you set up your calendar, think about the verbiage you want to post on that day. Write text that is engaging, fun, and steers away from sounding like an ad. Customers will pass it by if they feel like they are being sold something. Consider highlighting employees or parts of the store that the public might find interesting. Create a contest or game that gets a person reading your ad involved and excited. Holidays or special occasions should have content that relates to that time. When someone enjoys reading what you post, they will more likely visit your facility. 

Have the Right Images 

Clear, sharp photos of your facility, products, and employees will catch a potential customer’s attention and interest them in what you provide. Consider hiring a professional photographer to come into your business and take pictures for you. If this is out of your budget, find ones that look good and are appealing. Any graphics that you use should have a high pixel count. You can also upload videos to your page. Giving your customers the opportunity to hear from you personally as they watch or witnessing the life in your company will make them excited to visit themselves. 

Establish Your Budget

As you begin posting, decide how much you want to spend with each ad. One advantage to this type of marketing is that you can spend very little money in comparison to other avenues. However, you will want to avoid overspending. Think about how much your budget will allow then seperate that amount among the days you have scheduled to post. From there, you will need to determine how many days your advertising will run. Do your best to stick to the figures you have calculated. 

Monitor Your Posts Constantly

Check into your account a few times a day to check the metrics on your posts. If your ad lacks engagement from the public, you may need to change something with it or halt it altogether. If one is very successful, you can add time and money to it or rerun it immediately. This is also a great time to help your customers in the event that they leave a question or concern in the comment section. If you take care of their issue promptly, you will ensure yourself a return customer.

Interact With Your Clients

Facebook ads are also a great opportunity to talk to those people who have an interest in your company. You can respond to anyone who leaves a comment and answer the questions that they have. Handing concerns is also a chance to interact with clients. Be professional when you talk to them and reply to them quickly. Clients find that businesses that get back to them right away are ones they want to work with since they prioritize them. 

Work With a Professional

If setting up a Facebook ad seems confusing or the ones you have made lack any response from possible clients, reach out to a social media professional. They can walk you through the process and teach you how to set your post up. They can also do the work for you for a few that they will negotiate with you. There are also online classes and seminars that provide you with all the details to master this process. Look through your community to see if your city or local college can help you with this. 


There are many ways to get your business’s information out there so customers know who you are and what you sell. Using Facebook ads is an inexpensive method to reach potential clients and bring them your way.