Beginner's Guide to To Starting a YouTube Channel in 2022

Beginner’s Guide to To Starting a YouTube Channel in 2022

YouTube is the 2nd most-viewed website in the world. Having a presence there can boost your brand and business. The opportunity to target your audience on YouTube is massive. 122M active users use YouTube daily. 

Thousands of small businesses are thinking about creating a YouTube channel. We advise them to stop thinking, just start right away. The procedure is easy and simple. Our tips below will show you how to do so and make the most of the world’s 2nd largest search engine. 

1. Start a Channel Right Now

There are thousands of people who have the idea to start a YouTube channel. However, not many take action. Regardless if you feel like you are ready, you should go ahead and do it. Every day you let go by is a day of opportunity missed. Thousands of new content creators are starting channels and taking your prospective audience. That’s the last thing you want. 

While you can be scared, it’s not something you should allow to impact your decision to get started. Start recording right now. It doesn’t matter if your early work ends up on YouTube’s platform. 

Simply getting started is one of the best ways to ensure you take action and build something. You will need to get experience speaking in front of a camera as it can be difficult. Likewise, you need to ensure you enjoy the process of brainstorming and creating videos for an audience.

2. Learn How The Platform Works

In all likelihood, your very first video won’t be the greatest. However, you’ll have a final product that you can look at and analyze. It means you took action and you didn’t just think about it. 

In a few months, you will look back and realize that the first step was the most important. You will also likely laugh at how bad you were at creating content as a rookie. 

However, as you continue to gain more valuable experience, you’ll become a better content creator. You need to learn how YouTube works as a platform more than anything. There are a lot of different ways to improve the quality of your videos

Not only do you need to know how to improve your content, but also the relevancy of your content, and you need to learn how to research and measure your progress.

3. Come Up With a Strategy

Gaining practical experience is a great thing. However, you need an actionable strategy that you can follow too. Otherwise, you won’t be able to grow your YouTube channel.

Here are some of the most important questions that you can ask yourself to craft the best strategic game plan for your YouTube channel:

  • What are your platform goals? What are you trying to achieve? Think about this from a viewer’s perspective. What do you want a viewer to gain from your channel?
  • Who are you targeting with your content? Think about your ideal target customer. Create content specifically for this person.
  • Why should someone spend time watching your content? What are you offering them? There are countless channels out there to choose from. You need to figure out what your value proposition is for them.
  • How do you plan on delivering your content? You need to figure out if you will be posting daily, weekly, or using another strategy.
  • When is the best time to publish your videos on YouTube? Having a good content strategy is essential and knowing when your videos will do the best is key to your success.

4. Find a Niche

If you happen to be someone that is a routine viewer of a YouTube channel, you will know how important a niche is. Always try to niche down as much as possible. Here is an example of why niching down is so important. 

If you were someone that was targeting both beauty and traveling, your audience will be all over the place. 

However, if you niche down and stick to a single topic, your channel will constantly produce content for a particular audience. This means they will know what they are getting every time you publish a video. This will make them much more likely to become frequent viewers.

5. Understand Your Value Proposition

As soon as you’ve answered all of the questions from above, you will want to wrap everything up in a bundle that is known as your value proposition as a business owner. You want to tell your audience who you are, what you are offering, and what value they will gain from watching your videos. This needs to be concise.

For instance, our value proposition for our videos is to educate aspiring YouTubers on creating a channel. Our shortened value proposition marketing term is “educating our audience on a YouTube Journey.” It’s easy to understand the content we produce and why someone should subscribe to our channel.

6. Upgrade Your Equipment

Having good quality equipment is key to succeeding on YouTube. You need to be able to produce high-quality videos which include both quality audio and visuals. However, if you have to choose between the two, audio is the way to go. Watching and listening to a video with poor quality audio can be overly distracting. 

However, with poor-quality video, it’s not nearly as distracting. Therefore, you’ll want to upgrade your audio setup before anything else. If you are going to be doing recording from a PC, a Blue Yeti is both affordable and quality. 

7. Create a Formula That You Can Follow

Your YouTube videos will need a good structure. You want your videos to have an excellent structure not only for your videos, but also to ensure that the videos aren’t too difficult to create for yourself. Having a template that you can follow is not only a good way to establish a brand identity with your videos but also to ensure that your video editing process is seamless. 

Keep an eye out for some of the most successful YouTubers. You’ll see that they have a template for every video. While every video may be on a different topic, they each have the same backend structure to them and it’s one of the reasons you may tune in every time they post.