7 Tips to Create Awesome Whiteboard Animated Videos

7 Tips to Create Awesome Whiteboard Animated Videos

Do you want to make your brand more memorable? Don’t know how to explain and inspire people to choose you over others? Are you pondering over the best way to showcase your ideas and make the process cleaner and more effective? Well! The whiteboard animation video is the answer to all your questions. 

Indeed, there are various video styles that can help you drive more traffic to your audience, but whiteboard animation videos are both cost-effective and easy to produce. It is one of the coolest video types that will reach a million views immediately as it makes the content look like it’s been drawn with a hands-on white background. 

Are you thinking of producing whiteboard animation videos but don’t know how? No worries! Here are some tips that will surely inspire you to produce killer whiteboard animation videos. 

7 Tips to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos like Pro

Let’s begin…

Tip-1 Focus on Script writing 

Whenever you start working on video creation, never think to start without a script. Always add this step as a priority. It would not be wrong to say that script is the backbone of your entire animated video. If your script is well-written, then it will become really easy to make all subsequent steps and hit the goal. 

Thus, whenever you create a video script, make sure it has a solid structure. Try to focus on what, why, and how in your video. If your video is both educational and entertaining, then there are more chances to engage visitors and convert them into leads.

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Tip-2 Use power of Storytelling

If you wish your video to be highly productive, it’s time to weave a story and win the audience’s heart. No matter how long or dry your content is, if it is represented in the form of a well-crafted story, then you can easily keep your audience hooked. 

If you represent your message in the form of a story, then you can easily make them feel connected. Setup, confrontation, resolution are three main parts in which you can break your story to make it more entertaining and professional. 

Tip-3 Create quality animated characters

Once you are done with the creation of an awesome video script, it’s time to animate your whiteboard characters. By representing videos in the form of 2D animation, you see a huge engagement in your content because characters add value to your videos. 

Basically, characters act as a thread that connects visitors to your video. Therefore, it is vital for you to focus on the quality of animated characters. Creating excellent whiteboard characters will not only add a personal approach to your video but also makes it more memorable and engaging. 

Tip-4 Keep it short

Nowadays, people don’t have enough time to understand the concepts and further make a decision by spending a couple of hours. That’s why the audience gets attracted to short and sweet content. 

So, if you want to capture more audience attention, they prefer creating short whiteboard videos. Remember, crisp and engaging videos have more power to entertain people and convert them into leads. Try to keep your video length between 60-90 seconds. It is enough to grab the attention of visitors and keep them on the video. 

Tip-5 Keep it classical

Sometimes we try to add additional elements in your video to make it more entertaining, but actually, it degrades the video quality. So, if you want to maintain a high standard for your whiteboard video, then there is no extra. 

Always focus on three classical elements, including continuous drawing, white background, and the hand. By considering these points, you can keep your video classical, simple and productive. 

Tip-6 Interconnect the drawing

No matter whether you read a blog post or watch an interesting video, it is important to make interconnected drawings to make them more appealing. Creating a network of interconnected characters will help you convey the right information to the audience in the first go. 

Even a small character can even make or break your videos. So, if you want to give your video a boost, it is important to make all the characters proportional in size. It will not only make a lasting impression on your audience but inspire them to make a purchase. 

Tip-7 Voice your story

Last but not least, the tip that will help you give an AWW look to your whiteboard animation video is adding accurate and clear music to your video. Whenever you record the voice-over for your video, try to increase your pace and emphasis on certain words to make it more effective. 

Always remember, choosing the right video helps you showcase your video personality. So, whenever you select a sound, try using alluring music to ensure that your voice video is good and high-quality. 

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Final Verdict 

Well! There are tremendous tips that one should follow while creating a professional whiteboard animation video, but hopefully, if you consider the above steps, then you can easily make sure that your video is just amazing. 

Whiteboard videos are one of the easiest ways to take your brand marketing to the next level. So, what are you waiting for?

Start producing awesome videos right away and escalate your conversion rate. 

Happy video production 🙂 

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