How To Optimize Video Content For SEO

How To Optimize Video Content For SEO

Video is a powerful way to grow the online business, but it only works if people actually watch your video. Don’t be overjoyed if your friends and family members watch your videos, it doesn’t count. You have to optimize your video content for SEO so that other interested people find it and watch it without your personal interference.

Choose a Proper Keyword

Choosing the right keyword should be the most important part of your job. Keywords direct people to your content. You may put your keyword from the very beginning of your title and make it easier to find. The keyword must be relevant to your video content, which you have to use several times in your video. If you choose a random keyword that is not relatable to the video material your video ranking will decrease. The keyword selection should not be done based on the most popular trends, as the competition will be high and the chances of being in top-ranked videos could be less. If you run out of ideas, conduct keyword research, type a specific word about your content on youtube and it will suggest long-tail keywords, which you might use.

Use Relevant Descriptions

Videos without descriptions are like bodies without souls. Your video competes against countless content online. In order to win that battle, and accurate video description must be included. Optimize video descriptions to stand out from your competitors. In regards to Youtube, it displays only the first 150 characters out of 5000. Make sure the displayed segment contains all target keywords, information, and call-to-action statements.

Use High-resolution Thumbnails

Have you ever judged a person from his look or a book from its cover? Don’t be surprised to know that your video content is judged similarly by its thumbnails. Video thumbnails let viewers see a quick snapshot of your video as they’re browsing YouTube. Usually, Youtube automatically suggests 3 options of thumbnails, or you have an opportunity to upload your own as soon as the video has been uploaded.  This small snapshot can greatly influence a person’s decision making, hence it needs to be professionally shot, professionally edited images with a clear idea of what is inside the video. For better SEO optimization include titles and keywords in your thumbnail. Usually, the shots showing human faces have high popularity, they create an emotional connection between viewers and creators.

Create fresh and informative content

All the video creators could have been bumped into the problem of what type of video to create next. How to have fresh and informative content? When you are out of ideas it is better to see what type of questions your followers ask and create a video about it. If people ask about it that means the theme is relevant, and people are interested in those topics.

Try to be in the moment, not all your videos have to be super polished and professional. You can make a great video just using the camera from your phone,  if some great ideas come shoot it as soon as possible instead of postponing it. The passion and emotion which you have and which you want to transfer could be lost easily.

Keep in mind to provide quality, people spend hours watching videos to be informed, so your content should be something meaningful and useful for your audience.

Upload only in high resolution 

Search engines prefer to suggest videos with high-resolution as it improves user experience and is flexible in the encoding and playback processes. The videos with high quality are pleasant to watch and they generate more viewers. Most people usually turn the video off because of a lack of visual quality. How to determine the videos’ quality? It can be determined with the number of the pixels; as many pixels it has, as better quality it possesses.

 Provide High-quality Audio

Poor audio can easily discourage viewers from playing videos and negatively affect your SEO rankings. In order to have good audio, find a quiet place with good acoustics, avoid echoes and background noises, sometimes even finding a good microphone is not enough, to boost your audio you need to boost the volume of your voice. Use only the supported formats (MP3, PCM, FLAC, and AAC), to have the highest quality for playing audio on YouTube.

Post and Share at The Right Time

Timing is a super useful tool dealing with social media, as it turns out to provide a higher SEO ranking. As we have already mentioned, your topic should be relevant that keeps up with the latest trending searches. Some contents are useful only temporarily, don’t be that guy to suffer due to creating such content. Your SEO ranking could decrease by not publishing anything for a long period. Artificial intelligence may think your page is no longer up to date.

Use the Playlist Feature

If you want to drive more surfers to your videos and more views to your channel you have to leverage the power of Playlist. The playlist could have a huge impact on providing outstanding results. Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) rank higher the playlists than the standalone videos. This feature helps to load more videos about the relevant topics and encourages the viewers to stay longer on the channel.

Make Mobile-friendly Content

There are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. The latest research outlined that the most trendy mobile apps among these users are generally video-sharing apps. People prefer to watch or read more with their phones than with computers. If you want to hook all the possible viewers then you need to create mobile-friendly content. The player which you use must be viewable across devices and adjust to the mobile screen size.

Keep Your Videos Short

Nowadays people become impatient, they hurry to read one thing after another and watch one video without finishing the previous. Knowing this psychology, people started to create videos lasting less than 2 minutes. Here, the most difficult thing is to keep the videos in a nutshell and informative using all necessary information, keywords in that short period.


To optimize your video content for SEO, you usually need to spend more time on optimization than on creation. Doing keyword research, providing informative descriptions and content, showing user-friendly and high-quality videos are the keys to reaching the top levels of video rankings.

Use the above-mentioned tips and investigate which one works better for you! The tools may provide unique results depending on your video types.