Email Outreach Tips to Recover Your Lost Leads

8 Email Outreach Tips to Recover Your Lost Leads

Let’s face it: Not all your prospects responded to your calls and emails favorably. Some would outright reject you, while some would ghost you.

However, there is that unique case when a prospect responded well but disappeared somewhere along the process. How can you recover this lost lead?

In this post, we will share eight email outreach tips that you can use to re-engage these old leads:

1. Test the waters first

Rather than going straight for the pitch for your first email, make sure that you’re using a “feeler.” Doing so lets you catch their interest and open the communication lines. 

It’s also another way of sending them something free but has real value. Here are a couple of examples: 

  • A checklist, e-book, or guide
  • Free webinars or tutorial sessions. Make sure that you schedule these sessions to invite older leads to participate.
  • Sweepstake, or light contest
  • Fun quizzes or questionnaires that offer free rewards upon completion. Similarly, it would be helpful to provide more significant discounts on an essential product for a specific period. 

There is no need to worry if you do not have the budget for email marketing yet. That’s because you can use these free email clients for Windows to test the waters.

2. Remind them of the value you offer

These days, marketing means that you need to put in the effort to engage with your prospects constantly. That way, you can turn them into paying clients.

You can do this if you tailor your offers just so that you can meet those needs. 

Make sure that you re-introduce yourself and your brand as part of the re-engagement campaign. Then, remind your prospects of the value that you have to offer. You may also want to rethink the content of your email and tone down sending those sales pitches. 

Usually, an excellent re-engagement email will remind your prospects of the value you’re offering by keeping you in their inbox. When you state the benefits of your email updates, your subscribers will more likely engage with you in future emails. 

3. Try trigger events

Perhaps some leads may have suddenly gone cold, and you didn’t have the chance to get them to the finish line. Creating an event, specifically a trigger event, opens up more opportunities for sales. This trigger event can be an excellent opportunity for you to reach out and re-engage with customers. 

If you’re a B2B company, for instance, a trigger event you can use would be a “new feature announcement.” This is when you run all your content marketing campaigns to spread the word about your product’s new feature.

The rationale here is to pique the interest of your lost leads. So much so that they would want to give your products or service another chance.

4. Segment leads

Every type of lead needs a different messaging method, depending on how they came to you. It’s either hot and ready to close or may need a bit of warming.

That’s why you need to classify the leads at least in three groups- hot, warm, and cold. Ideally, you should be aware of your lead’s temperatures so that you don’t go with a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Suppose you want a more advanced lead scoring method. In that case, there are also plenty of software programs available that will allow you to separate your leads. This can be based on point values that you assign to different consumer behaviors.

Moving a lead from one group to another let you know them better and move closer to paying clients. 

5. Respond in a timely way

Make sure that you’ve arranged a thank you, welcome email, or a phone call within the next 12-24 hours as soon as the lead comes in.

Provide answers to any questions that you may have. This will demonstrate the level of care and attention you’re giving to every customer. 

6. Create a customer community

Another excellent way to stay on top of your existing customers’ minds is to build a community that they can be part of. This community can be defined in plenty of ways. 

For instance, you can market joining your email list as part of joining a community of like-minded individuals. Similarly, you can also make this more tangible by creating a Facebook group, site membership, or online forum. 

7. Talk to them about your progress

As soon as your lead shows interest, you can start talking about your product’s changes. 

Talk to them about what’s different. Make sure that you highlight new features, discounts, processes, and benefits that it can bring to your client. 

8. Build a drip campaign 

You can use automation software to set up an email drip campaign. This lets you build, schedule, and send a series of tailored emails to speak to your leads’ interests. 

Remember that this is a bit more on the marketing side of things, but it can also attract older leads’ attention. You can also use an outreach assistant platform, such as Postaga, to improve your outreach efforts.

Over to You

When we think about email marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is the messages we have to send out. However, building a successful email campaign to recover lost leads needs more than a decent copy and a catchy headline. 

By applying the email marketing tips listed above, you can build an email outreach campaign that can help you re-engage prospects who fell out.