Five Types Of Google Ads - Which Are Right For You? - What You Need To Know

5 Types Of Google Ads – Which Are Best Types Right For You – Must Know

When you search for anything in Google, you will notice there are plenty of ads available at the top of the search results. This is because they are the most common type of Google ads that most people know of. However, there are plenty of other ad types available that you can choose to have a very good impact on the customers. 

It is hard to know which are the best types of Google Ads that are trending in the market. You need to know a lot of things about these Google Ads types to have the best experience. We have done the research, and we will help you find out the best Google Ads type. 

Here are the top 5 types of Google Ads given below in detail that will help you to know a lot. We have handpicked some of the best ones to help you choose the best one based on your business. Before knowing “what are the three marketing objectives that can be met via targeting on google display ads?” you need to know about the types. 

Top 5 Google Ads Types To Choose From 

Here are the top 5 Google Ads Types that you need to know before choosing one for your business. All of them do not work well in various businesses. When selecting which ad type is best to boost your marketing efforts, there are many things to consider. 

  1. Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) 

This is the most common type of Google Ads that comes with a character limit and many other limitations. As a result, there is not much scope to get creative or provide some top keywords for a higher rank. 

They are now known as expanded text ads (ETAs) that offer you the space for three headlines, some descriptions, and other things like the phone numbers to link other pages of the website. 

All marketers should consider ETAs who want to get paid traffic. If you are wondering, “what are the three marketing objectives that can be met via targeting on Google display ads” you need to give this type a try. 

  1. Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) 

Dynamic search ads are another very popular automated type of ad that populates the search automatically with the content from the website. Google ads generate traffic and boost the ranking that helping to get more customers. However, DSAs are only useful for websites that are highly developed with categorized content. 

It automatically looks at the content of your website and provides ads to customers based on the keyword and services they are looking for. It saves a lot of time and works to help make the process smooth. However, the downside is that you have very little control over what you can do with the ads. 

  1. Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) 

RSAs are very similar to ETA but with more options and features. For example, you can provide 14 headlines and 5 descriptions, which is far more than ETAs. This one can help you to find out “what are the three marketing objectives that can be met via targeting on google display ads?” Google will try all the different combinations of headlines and descriptions to find a single and engaging one in this ad type. 

  1. Image Ads 

You have seen a lot of image ads on both Google and websites. Well, as good as they look, having too much image can mess up the landing page optimization. So, you need to make sure that the website is very well optimized before using the image ads of Google. 

All the image ads run using the Google Display Network. The image ads can be both interactive and static image ads. In many cases, image ads work better compared to ETAs. Image is more attractive compared to text, which is due to the pros and cons of social media. 

  1. Video Ads 

Just like Image Ads, video ads are also known for engaging the customers and reaching them easily. If you want to deliver an engaging experience to the users, you need to use video ads. If you have a budget to invest in video assets, this is one of the best ad formats to provide high ROI. After creating the Google Ads account, it might not be the first choice for people, but it is quite impressive. 


Before you find out “what are three marketing objectives that can be met via targeting on google display ads?” you need to find out which ad type you want to use for your business. Unfortunately, plenty of ad types are available in the market, making it hard for new users to choose. 

Here are the top 5 Google Ads types that can help you a lot to know more about them and find out about the best one. If the article has helped you to find out all the details, share it with others to help them find out as well. 


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