You Can Expand Your Podcast Audience With These 7 Strategies

7 Strategies To Expand Your Podcast Audience

A podcast is an excellent method to communicate your thoughts on a subject you genuinely care about. When you have a podcast, one of the most important things to think about is how to expand your audience.

If you’re new in the podcasting industry, gathering an audience can be a challenging task. Depending on the content, don’t expect to amass many listeners on your initial week. Generally, you’ll start with a small audience, and it’ll later grow by implementing various strategies to widen your reach.

Before adopting any strategies to grow your audience, make sure you have a good-quality podcast to ensure a good start. Checking out a reliable recording tool such as Melon’s web-based podcast recording software, Garageband podcasting software or any other would be a starting point. There may be a specific podcast hosting solution or platform that deserves more attention than others depending on your audience, but try to make the most of what’s available.

Although there’s no one size fits all guidelines in growing your audience base, there are a few tricks you can utilize to develop your podcast. Here are several strategies to expand your podcast audience.

  1. Know Your Audience

Before implementing any strategy, an important consideration to help you grow your audience is to know them fully in the first place. Even if you have a mindset of catering to everyone, you should find your niche to grow your listener base.

Instead of trying to appeal to as many people, try to identify your podcast’s unique value and consider the audience who are most likely to listen to what you have to say. When you stick with a specific topic, it’ll be easier to pinpoint and appeal to your audience.

  1. Connect With Your Audience
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Once you identify your audience, it’s time to think of ways to connect with them. At this point, social media will come in handy. Create dedicated social media accounts for your podcast. When you establish a presence on social media sites, it’ll be easier for people to discover your podcast and function as a promotional channel for your material.

Specific platforms might deserve more attention than others depending on your audience, but try to make the most of what’s available. Some suggestions to help spread the word about your podcast include:

  • Creating a website for your podcast;
  • Building an email list and sending out regular newsletters;
  • Providing updates about new and upcoming episodes on your social media accounts; and
  • Reaching out to other podcasters for cross-promotion opportunities.

Always remember that establishing a connection with your audience starts by spreading the word in any way possible.

  1. Schedule A Dedicated Time For Your Audience

Try to set aside time to engage with your audience on social media daily. Doing so can make a difference in whether or not your audience stays loyal.

Many love podcasts due to their conversational nature, where listeners feel comfortable listening, so continue the conversation.

It can be as simple as asking questions or starting conversations on Twitter or responding to comments on Instagram. Although it’s a small gesture, it can help strengthen your connection with your audience.

  1. Listen To Your Audience

Make sure to consider any feedback from your primary audience. Your listeners can provide you with helpful input. Although hearing some negative feedback might be discouraging, it’s necessary for the success of your podcast.

If you want your audience to be happy and keep them returning to your podcast, make it a priority to listen to their concerns and be open.

  1. List Your Podcast In Directories

If increasing your audience is one of your goals, you should find a means to make it simple for people to discover your podcast. Several podcast directories are available today to list your show, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and many more.

Once you’re adding your podcast to these directories, make sure to perform a check to ensure it’ll be easy for your audience to find it. Generally, your podcast should have a website or landing page, or there are available links to these directories from your social media accounts or website.

Some often overlook these practices but can make a significant difference in helping make your podcast readily available.

  1. Feature A Guest

Another effective way to expand your audience is to invite a guest. A guest can be an expert in the field, a friend, or someone you’ve always wanted to talk to.

Make sure to encourage your guests to promote the podcast episodes they’re featured on to help you tap into their followings.

Provide a press kit with materials that your guests can share to make it easier for them to promote your show, such as a link to the episode, a quote from the interview, or cover art. Don’t forget to post and tag your guests on social media.

  1. Create Extra Content

Providing more content opens up more possibilities to promote your podcast and makes it easier for people to discover your show.

It might be time to create a blog for your podcast, featuring updates about your show along with transcripts of your episodes. You can even capture photos on how you prepare for your podcast sessions and share them on Instagram to provide your audience with a behind-the-scenes preview.

Try to think of creative ways to present your podcast’s content by featuring highlights with short clips or images.

Final Thoughts

If you’re struggling to grow your podcast audience, don’t lose hope and be patient. With the help of these strategies to grow your podcast audience and maintain a positive mindset, you’ll steadily see an increase in your number of listeners. As your audience base grows, you’ll have loyal listeners you can count on to spread to word about your podcast.

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