4 Ways to Leverage Marketing Trends for Viral Growth

The most influential platform that you can leverage to achieve viral growth is social media because it offers you an avenue to create content and share it widely. However, to create compelling content, you need to be creative and strategic. Research shows that more 78% of the people who choose to promote their products on social media make more sales than their colleagues who choose other marketing platforms. Social media offers more benefits that extend beyond sales. Among these advantages include:

  • Popularizing your product through creating conversations around it
  • Enhancing inbound traffic around your brand
  • Running a marketing campaign is affordable 

It does not matter what industry you are in, social media can enhance your viral engagement with your consumers putting at the forefront. Having understood the advantages that this platform presents, in what way do you then leverage this trend for growth? Here are 4 tips on how to use marketing trends to achieve viral growth in your business:

1 Identify the leading trends

With so much shift geared towards social media, you must identify some of the most influential trends on this platform. You can only identify these trends by conducting thorough research. Knowing what is popular among people will help you similarly build your brand to achieve a viral sensation that you desire. 

Identifying trends in your industry will ensure that you familiarize yourself with the new technology and marketing strategies. Sometimes this approach is known as competitor analysis and it involves data collection and analysis. It is only after you have understood what works in the industry that you can redesign your marketing ideas and message to promote your product. You do not need to be a tech expert to figure this out, information will come out clearly and openly because people on social media will always talk about the latest trends.

2 Enhance your social media presence

Globally, there are about 3 billion social media users and the number keeps increasing daily. These are people that form your clientele and are the ones you have to win over with your marketing strategy. Social media enables you to build a relationship with your customers. It is on this platform that you also promote awareness of your product. A good social media presence will also function to promote your sales

A strong online presence can also help you conquer international markets. Suppose you want to expand your business, social media would be the first platform to inform you whether you will thrive in the global market. Once you have decided to scale up your business, you will require Global PEO services, such as an international recruitment agency to help you run your overseas operations. The main advantage offered by PEO’s is having the organization hire staff on your behalf.

3 Ride on the “cool factor”

Simply following a new trend does not guarantee that your product will turn out successful. You need to define the cool factor in your marketing strategy to achieve that viral growth. A cool factor means something that makes your strategy unique to attract a particular target group. For instance, it can be a slogan that appeals to the millennial audience. This cool factor has to be both relevant and innovative because the goal is to promote your product. Additionally, it has to be in line with what you are trying to promote. You cannot be working to attract the millennial for a product that serves the senior citizens. 

4 Form alliances with influencers

Influencer marketing is a strategy that involves working with people who have a huge following on social media and can influence their followers to buy a particular product. People regard influencers as experts in a specific niche. When you liaise with an influencer, you are assured that your product will receive a lot of attention because influencer recommendation is highly regarded. There are advantages to working with an influencer. These benefits include:

  • Promote brand awareness
  • Help build your credibility among consumers
  • Improve consumer engagement
  • Enhance ranking on the search engine


Marketing has evolved significantly since social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook were discovered. Before the emergence of these platforms, companies used to design marketing campaigns through marketing channels to raise product awareness to their customers. While that was an effective strategy at the time, technology has since developed we have to grow along with it.





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