What is Vanish Mode on Instagram? How Does it Work?

What is Vanish Mode on Instagram? How Does it Work?

Instagram, a social media application or rather a platform is used in many ways. Businesses, brands, and influencers make use of it differently. That is yes, more to do with the marketing and sales or funnel techniques. However, it is not the case for those who have a niche-based micro niche blogging intention. Either way, it is full of fun until people start getting unwanted messages, mean comments, and anything that weighs them down.

That’s the reason Instagram introduced a new feature – Vanish Mode. The main aim of adding this feature was to enable Instagram users to make complete use of the platform, without getting any sort of emotional or mental ordeal.

Do You Need to Use Vanish Mode?

If you are here to read and find out the best ways to apply to vanish mode on your Instagram profile view. This is what you should know is going to be covered in this article.

·         What is vanish mode on Instagram?

·         How to use Instagram’s vanish mode?

·         FAQs related to vanishing mode on Instagram 

What is vanish mode on Instagram?

Have you used Snapchat? If not, let us tell you that there is also this concept of activating the vanish mode. This means messages in the DM are erased automatically. However, you have to turn it on manually. Otherwise, the messages will sit in your DM forever. This is a fairly new feature on Instagram – incepted and debuted towards the second half of 2020.

How Does Instagram Vanish Mode Works?

When you decide to manually turn the vanish mode on. There will be a series of steps to follow. And knowing you are not aware of them. We have put them down for your ease.

Step 1: Open Chat

Right after signing in to the Insta app, you are required to find the “chat” option. It is found on the right top corner. Start a conversation as usual. You can start a new chat or continue from the chats in the DM. Choose any of your choices.

Step 2: Swipe and Release

Let’s say you have opened an existing chat, and now you want to activate vanish mode. What will you do? Well, you will place your finger on the bottom of the screen and then swipe it upward. You can leave it on the midway of the screen or complete the swipe till the edge of the upper portion.

Step 3: Signs of Vanish Mode will Appear

As soon as you will release the fingers, there will be uncountable “mute emojis” from the screen’s top part. That will indicate you have started using vanish mode. Once you receive those shush emojis, it means you can chat as you do in any normal chat. Also, you will see a change in the background color. From the regular one, it will move on to black. A message will also appear that you are using a vanish mode.

Step 4: Turn Off the Vanish Mode

To turn off the vanish mode, simply do the reverse of what you did to turn on the vanish mode. Go to messages and then tap on the option saying, “turn off the vanish mode”. To locate the option, you have to find it somewhere on the top of the smartphone’s screen. But remember, you will come out of vanish mode with the person chatting with you. Also, remember that you both will be able to see the conversation done in the vanish mode till you close the screen or tap. After that, the entire conversation will disappear for good.

FAQs Related to Vanish Mode on Instagram

Now that you know the procedure of activating and stopping vanishing mode on Instagram chat. We would like to address some of the very basic questions in this regard. That way, you will take away more than just the process of turning on or off the vanish mode.

How are Snapchat and Instagram different in terms of vanishing conversations?

Snapchat messages are deleted until and unless you save the chat. It is because vanish mode is on automatically and you can’t turn it off. Yes, this is an inbuilt feature. But in Instagram’s vanish mode, you are given the option to turn it on or off. What does it imply? Well, this clearly means you can have a very normal conversation or chat in the IG’s DM. If needed, you can turn on the feature and enjoy vanishing mode. Basically, the normal chats are the same but there is an add-on feature that enables you to go on to vanish mode.

Does Facebook, a sister company of Instagram has a “vanish mode” feature?

Yes, Facebook also entails vanish mode just the way it is applied in Instagram. For Facebook, messages vanish as soon as all the members of the chat group or solo chats with one person, read messages. The messages aren’t archived and are permanently deleted. The only way to save a chat is by taking a screenshot.

Where is the vanish mode applicable? 

The vanish mode is only applicable to the messages. It has nothing to do with the comments made under your posts (pictures or whatever).

Can the chatting partner take a screenshot of the conversation under “vanish mode”?

Fortunately, or unfortunately, peeps can take a screenshot of the conversation done in the vanish mode. However, if someone as the person on the other end of the chat takes a screenshot or records the screen. Comes as a notification and says that someone has taken a screenshot.

 What should you keep in mind regarding Instagram’s vanish mode?

There are some considerations to keep in mind in Instagram’s vanish mode. For example, this feature is not applicable in group chats. This means it is only fixated and meant for 2 persons (1 on 1 message). Also, as soon as the person takes a screenshot you get notified.