Guide To Metaverse Marketing & SEO Strategy

Guide To Metaverse Marketing & SEO Strategy

As the virtual and the “real” word increasingly intermingle in people’s everyday activities, many organizations have a vast new canvas on which to engage with and influence consumers. You must be wondering what is metaverse and why does it matter to marketers? 

Even the metaverse is still about 5 to 10 years away. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot get started with your marketing now. Gucci, Disney, Nike, Facebook, and many other prominent brands have gotten involved in the metaverse and are doing innovative Metaverse marketing. Brands need to keep up with this rapidly changing world to find the best spot opportunities to build immersive and exceptional experiences for their audience. 

In this article, I have tried to highlight the Marketing Strategies that most brands are already incorporating into the metaverse. Moreover, what SEO strategies are driving their expanded engagement in this stage. 

What is Metaverse? 

A ton of people recently have been showing much interest in the metaverse. Twitter has recorded an estimate of 2000+ tweets featuring the #metverse every hour. The tag #Metaverse on Instagram had been used in more than 110k posts. So what comes to our think when we hear the term metaverse? This comes to our understanding of how technology will shape the future.

Metaverse is an immersive digital 3D universe to engage with the users on a deeper level. The metaverse refers essentially to the innovative future of the internet, its augmented and virtual reality, and technological tools that converge our real and digital worlds. You can use metaverse to provide a virtual environment where digital characters can be utilized to work, market, and shop. 

Marketing digital versions of items using metaverse offer a new revenue opportunity. The gaming industry was the first to take the advantage of the concept of virtual and augmented reality. For example games like Pokemon Go were one of the most successful AR technology games in the industry. 

Metaverse in Marketing! 

So what exactly is metaverse marketing? We live in a world filled with advertising and marketing. You can see advertising pretty much anywhere you go in the form of billboards, posters, pamphlets, and more. 

The concept of metaverse marketing is quite similar to advertising video games. If you ever play video games and see some sign somewhere between the game that refers to an in-game advertisement. 

The marketing in metaverse provides a whole new landscape for organizations to promote their ads in a manner you have never been able to do before. In today’s world, using the latest technologies act as a crucial part of digital marketing strategies. 

The AR and VR avenues help the brands to enter the metaverse world through them. Google says that augmented reality overlays the digital content and data onto the real world as if you are experiencing them. 

According to Statista, the approximated AR users will be 2.4 billion by 2023 globally. Focusing on the digitally native youth proves to be fruitful for most marketing brands since the Millenials and Gen Z possess a high understanding of technology, unlike the other generations. 

The current and most popular example that pops in my mind includes the virtual try-on for spectacles frames or lipstick shades from the comfort of my home. 

Top Metaverse SEO Strategies that you must take a note of 

Here I have highlighted some popular Metaverse marketing techniques that most of the big names today are using increasingly. Listed below are the four key points that you can take note of while framing your new visual search strategies. 

  • AR Content Strategies & Local SEO

Metaverse marketing allows you to create innovative content. Through AR technology, we can involve the audience with our product on a deeper level. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner, on your website you would like people to see the reasons why they should come to your restaurant. It could be done by promoting your delicious menu, wonderful ambiance, or exciting offers that you have for the customers. 

Generally, you would write a comprehensive blog with exciting pictures and videos. But through metaverse marketing, you can engage your audience to another level by providing them with a 3D view of the place, food, and seating so that they can make up their minds to come and try that place. Integrating with Google’s AR/VR technology helps to develop an improved 3D environment straight away from your local listing and more. 

  • Visual Search, the Heart of SEO Strategy

Pictures and videos deliver a quite effective role in content to engage your audience. The more your content delivers greater engagement, the improved chances will get in terms of enhancing SEO ranking. Not only so but you should also provide your users with quality images to enhance your content. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Metaverse marketing helps to improve the user experience greatly. The co-founder of Pilot Holding (a company that provides executive consulting services across SEO, Marketing, and Finance) believes that AR, VR, and visual search all rely on image processing which is one of the key aspects of the Metaverse. 

Users can enhance their purchasing experience by virtually trying out the products in a real-time environment. For instance, users can digitally compare different clothing items by visualizing the items on them. Or make-up enthusiasts can now try out different shades of foundation virtually to decide which shade suits their skin tone the best. 

Henceforth, you must analyze your present state of content and website to understand how you can implement Artificial Intelligence to improve the 3D experience in your marketing strategies. 

  • Metaverse and Social Platforms 

With metaverse marketing, we are ready to utilize the social media platforms in a 3D environment as well. Wikipedia says metaverse offers a  sum of virtual shared areas developed by the convergence of digitally enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space. 

After a brand like Facebook and Snapchat decided to connect their 2D environments with 3D communities, it has offered a great way to bridge the gap between the two digital worlds. 

Facebook changed its name to Meta and is all ready to set up its future in the social metaverse. It allowed the users to create different worlds, collaborate with another world, have meetups, and create relationships, avatar to avatar. 

On the other hand, Snapchat with its amazing 3D filters and Bitmojis is already capturing the hearts of the youth. Pushing the boundaries of the 3D world Snapchat trends offers a great web-based tool for advertisers to learn the popular words and phrases among the app and what’s making the headlines for the community of 500 million active users per month. Hence, an exciting future for the social platform can be seen in metaverse marketing. 

  • Dipping the PR toes in Metaverse

Brands integrating with metaverse app development companies are driving the buzz in the industry. As NFTs have made it possible for people to buy and sell goods using them in the metaverse. The convergence of the real and the digital world is opening new doors for public relations and metaverse media. 

Utilizing AR and VR technologies in the public relations field involves various creative ways. For example, developing PR content using AR to enhance the user experience when pitching stories to the audiences. Moreover, organizing the event using AR and VR technologies allows for a wide range of audiences even from different zones. 

Looking at the World Through Glasses – The Conclusion

The continuously advancing technology is allowing new and innovative marketing tactics to be born. Similarly, metaverse marketing presents a whole new landscape for businesses. 

Whether you are a business owner advertiser, marketer, artist, or anything else for that matter. Learning the best ways to do marketing in the metaverse may just be the reason why your brand takes its next huge step. 

The improvised virtual world is already part of our daily activities. Seeing the world with the help of AR/VR tools is the wave of the near future. I advise you to begin developing a plan to surf these waves of immersive technologies. 

With the invention of the internet, the past decade was all about realizing that marketing your product and enriching the right set of keywords is crucial to surviving your brand. The coming decade is going to be focused on providing a better user experience using the metaverse and it’s stopping no time soon. 

Author’s Bio

Atul Naithani is an SEO Executive at CronJ, a Software development Company that helps businesses to develop web apps, mobile apps, blockchain solutions, and other custom software based on their needs. Atul is experienced in digital marketing and SEO.