Top 3 Local Marketing Strategies for Small Business in Charleston

Top 3 Local Marketing Strategies for Small Business in Charleston

Creating market presence and promoting offerings in the locations you serve, such as Charleston in your case, is the crux of local marketing. Local marketing, when done right, may help your brick-and-mortar business in Charleston get valuable foot traffic in large numbers.

Local marketing is about thinking small and establishing a solid foothold in the city you run a business. It targets the regional people and urges them to visit your small business. Businesses restricted to geographic limits benefit the most from local marketing.

Examples of such establishments include salons, grocery stores, restaurants, retail shops, pest control service providers, etc. If you have a business in Charleston, here are some online local marketing ideas at your disposal. Use them to lure Charleston residents to your establishment.

3 Primary Local Marketing Tips

Did you know that over 90% of consumers use the internet to discover local businesses? Furthermore, 88% of the searches end in business interactions. Suppose you are not utilizing online marketing to advertise your business locally. There is a reasonable probability that your target market in Charleston is unaware of your presence, allowing your competitors to capitalize. Therefore, you must follow the below strategic practices to boost brand recognition, sales, and income.

Perform Local SEO

More than 90% of consumers search the internet with local intent, and more than 50% of those searches result in foot visits. As a result, it is critical to execute and excel in local SEO. Local SEO is essentially the optimization of your website for the local market. It will help if you target the locally relevant keywords to rank your site higher for keywords with local search intent. Leverage the Google trends to identify popular and niche-specific keywords.

Suppose you provide HVAC repair services to the residents of Belgrade Avenue in Charleston. Instead of using HVAC repair services, you should use key phrases such as HVAC repair service in Belgrade Avenue, Charleston. Use the locally relevant keyword in the title, meta title, meta description, headers, URL, and blog content. Yes, to establish and maintain a robust local authority in your industry, you must create and publish quality content on your website.

When people search for local businesses, the first thing that resurfaces is the Google My Business Page. To rank higher in local SEO, develop and maintain your business’s GMBP with up-to-date location, contact details, website, pictures, opening hours, and, most importantly, reviews. Select the appropriate niche-specific category and relevant features. Features such as an amnesties list if you own a hotel or a menu if you own a restaurant.

Trust me when I say that the more location-specific your website is, the better you will rank in local SEO. If you don’t know how to implement this technique correctly, seek the assistance of the top Charleston SEO agencies. They will map out a strategy tailored to your needs, execute it successfully, and provide you with the most outstanding results.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Imagine you run a diner near King Street, Charleston’s prime business area. Shoppers are tired and hungry, but they don’t know where to dine in the neighborhood. They will search the internet for the best diner near King Street, and if your site opens instantly with all of the information. You will be lucky as they’ll walk right inside your eatery.

On the other hand, if your website does not load and is not mobile-friendly, exhausted shoppers will close the site and consider other options. As a result, you will drive off your potential buyer. Hence, you will end up driving off your potential customer.

The above scenario demonstrates the significance of having a mobile-friendly and fast-loading website. Since most people look for services and items on the go, someone is likely searching for your assistance right now. So, to localize your landing page and make the site user-friendly.

Leverage Social Media to Connect with Locals

The easiest way to connect with people in your neighborhood is through social media platforms. Make your company’s social media pages localized for best results. Put a location on your profile, use location-specific hashtags, tag Charleston or any of its neighborhoods where your company is located in your posts, and interact and engage with people and local businesses. It’s also good to include your business location in your bio.

Social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to join groups to share your knowledge or market your products and services. Such groups are ideal for local B2B companies. For example, if you own a successful Charleston SEO company, you may join groups and interact with businesses in your area that may use your services. So, go to Facebook and search for Mount Pleasant Apparel Store (or any other location in Charleston where your business is located) to connect with potential consumers. You will enjoy much visibility, foot traffic, as well as profits.


Implement these three primary local marketing practices, make people aware of your business, experience higher traffic on the website, experience the rush hours, and make profits. Many more strategies, such as paid media, will also help you reach your goal. Seek the help of an expert Charleston SEO company and let them help you for better and quicker results.