Safeguarding of Your Physical Therapy Website Security is in Your Hands

Safeguarding of Your Physical Therapy Website Security is in Your Hands

There are times when you need to call on employees and contractors to help you run your physical therapy clinic website. However, as the owner of your practice, you need to stay informed about the fundamental aspects of its maintenance.

Failing to keep your eyes and ears open to your website’s operations can result in a loss of money and opportunities for growth. Learn which aspects of your PT website development and maintenance should always be under your purview, to keep your online presence secure.  

Your PT Clinic Website Represents Your Business Online

Your PT clinic website acts as a digital version of your practice. It is an essential extension of your clinic’s services, and most of your new clientele will find you online by way of your website. Keeping this vital asset current and secure without any technical interruptions should always be a priority for you. To keep your website firmly established, consider the following web development fundamentals.

Choose the Most Efficient Web Design Platform

It is important to build a responsive PT clinic website that houses valuable content and is easy for visitors to use. A user-friendly web design platform can help you to accomplish this. Many platforms offer templates and plug-ins that simplify the website development process. Some popular platforms include:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Squarespace

Even if you decide to hire a web development professional, you should be aware of the most commonly used web design platforms and what they offer. Your knowledge will help you determine which options are most compatible with your goals, and which offer the best tools to meet your needs.

You are the number one expert on the type of user experience you want to provide for your website’s visitors. You can leverage your insights to determine which platform will work best for you.  

Understand Website Domain Fundamentals

A catchy URL can be helpful for establishing your brand, but maintaining your PT clinic website domain requires more than an easy-to-remember domain name.

If you haven’t already purchased a domain provider, platforms like GoDaddy or SquareSpace are reliable and popular options. When you set up your domain, you will need to provide private information about yourself and your business related to your identity and finances. Even if you trust an authorized employee to input this information, you should keep your own record of it and take measures to keep your information private and out of the reach of others.  

Should problems occur with your domain or when it is time for your annual renewal, you will need your login information, payment details, and other information related to your website settings to keep your website online. Securely storing this information in your own files will ensure that you can access it when needed, without relying on others.

To keep your PT website domain service uninterrupted, follow these steps:

  • Check your account settings periodically
  • Regularly check for emails and notifications about your domain account, renewals, and issues
  • Keep all your domain registration information secure

Keep Your Web Hosting Information Private

Your PT clinic website hosting platform is the place where you domain lives. It stores all the information and files that comprise your website. Though you may have a website designer or manager who has admin access, you should keep a record of all your site information as well.

As a business owner, being in the know about your website hosting is essential. If your web developer is unavailable, you will have everything you need to resolve web hosting issues and keep your website accessible for clients and potential leads.

Stay In Control of Your Practice, Online and Offline 

The digitalization of global healthcare services has drawn the attention of hackers as more sensitive patient data is online now than ever before. Cybercriminals are capitalizing on API security gaps. The impact of APIs can be seen across facets of healthcare, including pharmacies, insurance providers, payers, hospitals, laboratories, local clinics, and home devices. With the number of applications leveraging APIs growing rapidly, healthcare institutions are facing increasing challenges when it comes to security. Security providers like Noname Security help providers uncover how many APIs they have, the types of data that traverse those APIs, and provide them with the means to protect that data at any given time. Organizations need to partner with the right API security vendor in order to build a complete governance and security program.

Your PT clinic website is an extension of your practice, so you should be just as proactive and informed as you are in your clinic. For help establishing your website and for tips to help you stay in control of your online presence, contact team of professionals. They can help you maintain a secure PT clinic online presence that continuously draws new leads.