Top 12 WordPress Plugins for Writers and Bloggers in 2020 [Updated]

WordPress plugins for SEO allow you to add meta tags automatically, speed up page loading, fix redirect errors, optimize images, etc. This collection contains the top 10 of the popular WordPress SEO plugins.

The Best Ten Eleven Twelve WordPress Plugins for Bloggers and Writers 2020

The choice of plugins depends on what version of WordPress is used on the site, its download speed, the number of media files and other parameters that need to be optimized.

You can download both free WordPress plugins and premium versions with advanced functionality. Usually, when creating a site, they add a multifunctional SEO plug-in, the capabilities of which are then supplemented with extensions that solve specific tasks necessary to the project.

One of the main reasons why WordPress has become so popular in recent years is the availability of a massive range of plugins for any needs. However, such a large number of plugins has its minus – the best plugins for WordPress are not so easy to find.

1 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO rightfully leads the best SEO optimization plugins for WordPress, and it is designed to help you publish high-quality and search-engine-optimized content. As the SEO environment is continuously changing, it’s imperative to have a great plugin on hand to keep you up to date.

Yoast SEO, using a unique system, clearly shows you how your content will interact with search engines. Besides, it evaluates the readability of your text, so not only search engines will be happy, but readers too.

This plugin has the following advantages for writers and bloggers:

  •   It analyzes WordPress pages and posts and finds SEO gaps in them.
  •   It updates the results of the page analysis immediately after the corresponding changes in SEO.
  •   It creates XML sitemaps.
  •   It Creates breadcrumbs that are compatible WordPress themes.

2 All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall – reliably protect the site from hacking and other hacker attacks. Before you begin to develop your resources, it must be protected. You don’t want your blog or website to be hacked and spread the virus on it, or even destroy it. Features of WP Security:

  •   Creates a backup copy of the database (database)
  •   Replaces the login “admin” with any name
  •   Checks password strength
  •   Login Attempt History
  •   Changes wp-login.php or wp-admin to another address

We recommend using the functions numbered 2 and 5. This will significantly increase protection. In the log of login attempts, I regularly see the activity of attackers.

3 Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker – Checks links for health. Over time, the site accumulates a considerable number of links to various blogs, affiliate programs, services, etc. Some resources stop working or become unavailable for various reasons.

Such links are called “broken.” You need to get rid of them. In manual mode, this is almost impossible to do, but in automatic mode, it is easy and simple. In addition, if you face some issues with link management, you can ask professionals for help. That is helpful when you encounter troubles by running your blog or website.

Link Checker itself regularly checks all links on the site and reports via e-mail if it finds a broken one. You only need to delete such a link with the click of a button.

4 Shortcodes ultimate

Shortcodes plugin gives an excellent visualization for articles. A good text is not enough now. The text should be correctly and beautifully designed.

Shortcodes allow you to do this without knowledge of graphic design. Frames, quotes, slides, and more are available. All this will be available at the click of a button. Make your article more engaging with Shortcodes Ultimate.

5  All in One SEO Pack

The oldest search engine optimization plugin for your WordPress blog with over 3 million active installations. The plugin generates meta tags, page titles, posts. For convenience, the plugin includes tips. They appear when you click on each of the settings.

There is a built-in tool for installing Google Analytics code to track SEO metrics through the admin panel. You may not need complicated professional settings, but everyone needs to generate an XML map.

The main advantage is the presence of a function manager to select the necessary package of options that are needed for use.

6 The SEO Framework

The youngest and third most popular extension. He has a little over 100,000 active installations. Translated into only 16 languages, but Russian among them. Setting up this WordPress SEO plugin is as simple as the previous ones. The extension is being actively developed, and support is available to everyone within 72 hours.

The SEO Framework has compiled the best of the two previous extensions: everything you need for page optimization is available. It may not be easy to catch up with the first two giants, but now you can use this service as an alternative.

The extension interacts well with many search engines. If you delve deeper, then, in addition, there are more than 100 settings that will help your site look better in search engines and social networks.

7 Finteza Analytics

Free web analytics plugin with virtually unlimited web analytics capabilities. It tracks the number of site visitors, their geography, languages ​​, and devices used by them, page views, and events.

In Finteza, you can view conversion data, referral sources and get an estimate of the quality of traffic with the identification of bots. All data enters the system in full and without delay. Moreover, everything is free and without limitation on the number of monitored sessions.

A maximum of various metrics to evaluate your traffic and a comprehensive conversion optimization toolkit – Finteza can be called a “Swiss knife” in the world of web analytics.

8 Disqus Comments

No modern blog can do without comment areas. Disqus Comments is a great plugin for WordPress that allows visitors to comment on your articles while providing spam protection. I recommend using Disqus Comments instead of the native comment plugin integrated into WordPress.

Disqus Comments not only features a more stylish interface but also provides users with more functionality. Moreover, this program automatically synchronizes comments with your WordPress database and creates excellent conditions for interacting with readers.

9 Edit Flow

This plugin combines everything that a user needs to manage its content. For example, a visual calendar that shows the publication schedule of your posts. If you want to discuss posts with other content authors, a special section is provided for editorial comments. When you add new comments, participants receive automatic notifications.

10 TablePress

In the post editor built into WordPress, you will not find functions for creating tables. If you need to add a table, the TablePress plugin will come to the rescue. Create spreadsheets in WordPress, as well as to add them to posts, pages, and even widgets. A tabular data export function is also available.

11 Blog Designer

Blog Designer is a user-friendly plugin to design your WordPress blog page.  The free version of this plugin includes ten incredible blog templates in a different layout such as grid, masonry, slider, timeline, and many more. It allows you to arrange your posts in a distinct order like categories, tags, or authors. This plugin has unlimited colour options for the post title, read more text, post content, etc that helps to create your blog page more beautiful.

It is an extensive plugin that helps to create and manage your blog with unique blog layouts.

Features of Blog Designer:

  • Social Share Buttons
  • Multiple Post Category Selection
  • Manage Posts Per Page
  • Multilingual Translation Ready
  • Alternative Background Color
  • 30+ Setting Options

This plugin’s feature and functionality enhance your blog and stick your visitors to read your blog.

12 GDPR Cookie Consent

Get complied with GDPR cookie consent easily with the help of this WordPress Cookie Consent plugin. It is one of the popular plugins for GDPR Cookie Compliance with over 900,000 active installations. In addition to the GDPR, the plugin comes to CCPA ready to help with CCPA compliance as well.

Here are the best features that will help you in the GDPR compliance of your website.

  • Fully customizable cookie notice (Change the color, font, size, position, etc.,).

  • Add the ‘Accept’ and Reject(optional) button to the cookie consent banner (button text can be customized).

  • Cookie audit

  • Shortcodes to display cookie lists to your Cookie/Privacy policy.

  • Automatic script blocker for third-party plugins.

  • Privacy policy generator

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