TikTok Ideas to Help Small Businesses Grow

TikTok Ideas to Help Small Businesses Grow

With one billion monthly active users as of January 2022, it’s no surprise that TikTok has become a go-to for brands to promote themselves. 

While TikTok used to be filled with videos of teens and young adults dancing, performing challenges, or showing off unusual skills, many businesses have started to take over as well. You’ll see tons of brands posting videos about their latest products, tutorials, or even participating in certain challenges just to engage their audience. 

If you’re a small business owner currently aiming to expand your reach while maintaining a strong relationship with your existing customers, now would be the best time to start incorporating TikTok into your marketing strategy

After all, 54% of consumers expect to see more videos from brands or businesses they support. You don’t want to miss out on a lot of opportunities just because you didn’t bother to give TikTok a try, do you?

In this post, you’ll be learning 10 different ways to help your small business thrive through the power of TikTok.  Before we can discuss these hacks, however, let’s talk about the why’s.

Why Use TikTok?

Besides the fact that you’ll be able to reach billions of people who could potentially become your customers, here are three reasons why you’ll want to use TikTok:

  • Perfect Place to Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC)

86% of modern consumers see brand authenticity as an essential factor in terms of deciding which brands to patronize. 

So, what does TikTok have anything to do with this, you ask? Well, maybe everything. 

TikTok is the place to be when it comes to leveraging user-generated content, or UGC, which is any content created and submitted by brand users. 

With UGC, you get to show your target audience genuine and transparent experiences of your customers. This means letting your current customers see how much you value them while attracting new ones to your small business because of the tremendous amount of social proof. That’s a win-win!

  • Best Way to Organically Promote Your Brand  

Unless you’re willing to shell out a big chunk of money to advertise your business on TikTok, creating content is no doubt the most organic way to do it. 

Let’s be honest, people don’t like ads. They prefer businesses that share educational videos or content that humanizes their brand, simply because such content not only provides valuable information, but is also highly entertaining and relatable. 

  • Possibility of Going Viral

Everyone knows that TikTok is the place to become an overnight sensation. Just one video is all it takes to become the next big thing. 

Once your business goes viral, it’s pretty much game over for your competition. You’ll spread brand awareness much further than you’re expecting, you’ll increase your reach beyond what you can comprehend, and you’ll boost your credibility. Plus, it won’t cost you a single cent!

TikTok Ideas to Help You Grow

Now that we’ve tackled the benefits of using TikTok for your small business, let’s move on to the part (we assume) you’ve been waiting for. Here are 10 types of content to post on TikTok that can take your business to the next level. 

  1. Getting to Know You

First things first, introduce yourself to all the TikTok users out there. Obviously, they’d need to know who you are and the business you’re running. 

Keep it as personal as possible so that people can easily relate to you. Share a few fun facts about yourself and your business, and talk as if you’re talking to your friends. 

  1. Day in the Life

There’s no better way to have your followers understand what it’s really like to be a small business owner than by letting them experience your day through a video. 

Take them along with you on a typical day at the office, and show some of the most important things you do throughout the day – from tedious tasks like supervising your team and paperwork to some of the more exciting things such as designing a new product line. Welcome them to your world and they’ll welcome your products to their homes.

  1. Meet the Team

Introducing the people who keep your small business going is always a great idea to engage with your audience. 

Have each of your team members record a brief introductory video of themselves, after which you put these videos together into a single one. Or, you can gather them all in one room and let them take turns introducing themselves as creatively as they can. 

  1. Your Inspiration

TikTok users enjoy inspirational videos as much as entertaining ones, which is why you should post one where you talk about your why’s in life as a small business owner. You can share stories about your family, childhood dreams, values, or just about anything that drives you. 

  1. Brand Name

Especially if you have an interesting name for your small business, most of your customers would love to know how it came about. Narrate a short story on TikTok explaining the roots of your business name, and if possible, the other choices you’ve had prior to picking it. 

  1. Product Demo

If you have products that are a bit too complicated to use, or have alternative methods of using, you’ll certainly want to come up with a video to demonstrate how it’s done. An excellent video content idea for small businesses is to educate their audience on how to use their items for the best experience. 

  1. Sale Announcement

Sales make everyone happy! 

Whenever you have a limited time sale on your store or website, or you’ve decided to give your services a discount, be sure to share it with your TikTok followers. Include a compelling CTA to further convince them. 

  1. Giveaway

As with Instagram and Facebook, TikTok also gives users an opportunity to host a giveaway. Your audience won’t only find themselves participating, but they’ll also likely tell others about it, which means more exposure for your small business. Just see to it that you make it easy for everybody to enter.

  1. Your Best-Selling Products or Services

Do you have a couple of products or services that your customers just couldn’t get enough of? How about you give them the spotlight in the virtual world by posting about them on TikTok?

Show them off proudly and explain what people love about them. For sure, this video will be incredibly effective when you’ve recently restocked them. 

  1. Success Story

Try browsing TikTok and you’ll notice lots of brands posting their success stories. Why might that be? Simple: Such stories motivate viewers, getting them super engaged.

Think of your biggest accomplishment, one that you’re most proud of so far, and share it to the TikTok universe. A little bragging won’t hurt!

Ready to Grow Your Small Business with These TikTok Content Ideas?

These ideas are just 10 of the many that can help give your business a boost online and offline. However, these are the ones you can absolutely count on, as they have been proven and tested to work every time.  Don’t hesitate to experiment with your own ideas, too!