The Only Guide To Facebook Video Marketing You’ll Ever Need

Did you know that Facebook is predicted to be all video and no text by 2021? 

Don’t wait till then to get started. 

With an estimated 6 million advertisers on the platform and over 2 billion active monthly Facebook users, now is the time to learn how to use video on Facebook.

Meet the Facebook Video Marketing Handbook by video experts Biteable. It contains everything you need to know to maximize your Facebook ROI, like advice, hacks, and experiments.

Structured as a complete course, this 187-page handbook will lead you through from the basics, like the Facebook Funnel, to advanced topics like audience creation and campaign analysis.

Each of the 11 chapters is designed to help you avoid the gotchas that trip up first time Facebook marketers, and to give you access to the expert knowledge of experienced Facebook video marketers.

Authored by three of Biteable’s in-house Facebook video marketers, this meaty handbook also contains advice from collaborators like Dennis Yu, Neil Schaffer,, and 10 other leading experts.

To save you costly errors, the Handbook also contains a series of experiments that back up the expert theories and tips.

These experiments include:

  • Video ads vs image ads
  • Boost vs Ads Manager
  • Video objectives vs alternatives
  • Facebook Live vs video posts

You can consume the handbook in two ways. Either as a download or a mini-site. We recommend taking the download approach because you’ll also receive weekly reminders and tips for getting more out of the book.

The option is to bookmark the Handbook and come back whenever you need it. 

Video Marketing on Facebook doesn’t have to be daunting. Biteable’s trusty handbook is a powerful tool that will transform you from a hesitant rookie into a confident expert for your next campaign.