Content Creation Guide to Success

Content development is a crucial skill businesses need in today’s digital world.  This guide to Content Development by Schumacher Marketing is aimed to help take misguided bloggers and businesses to refine their process and churn out amazing content their audience loves and craves.  

This guide consists of 11 chapters, covering beginner strategies, all the way to advanced strategies that help bridge the gap for businesses struggling with content creation.

The first 4 chapters go over the basics, like what content development is, and then quickly jumps into the preparation phase.  It talks about how identifying your perfect audience and knowing exactly what makes them “tick” is the foundation for everything else moving forward.  

It gives strategies on how to determine who your audience is, what your goals are when creating content, how to choose the best topic that fits with your objectives, and much more.

Of course, knowing your audience is only half the battle.  You also need to do research upfront so that you can deliver the exact types of content your audience craves.

The next four chapters cover the creation and editing phase of your content.  With practical advice on how to brainstorm writing ideas, outline your content, edit your masterpiece, and visually upgrade your content; you’ll never run into writer’s block again.  

Being organized with who your audience is, what type of content they crave, and having a clear direction with what you want your content to accomplish in your business objectives is crucial.  These content creation chapters will help you stay in-line with your content creation objectives and execute seamlessly.

The last remaining chapters goes over the technical knowhow needed to win with content creation.  Let’s face it, your content could be amazing, but if you don’t know how to promote it effectively, you’ll be facing a serious uphill battle to get eyeballs on it.  Knowing how to promote it effectively is half the battle, and the strategies listed out in the guide breaks it down to a simple step by step process that anyone can follow.

Of course there’s more to content development than just creating the content.  There are plenty of SEO strategies in this section that will enable you to soar in the search engines, and put your content to good use.