The Most Useful Digital Marketing Tools

The Most Useful Digital Marketing Tools

Any successful business owner will tell you that technology has the power to transform operations. However, to get the highest value out of any technological investment, you need to make sure that you are investing in the best tools. This guide is here to show you the most useful digital marketing tools every business should be using.

1. Social Media Marketing Platforms

Social media marketing is one of the most difficult digital marketing practices to master. This is because social media marketing requires almost constant upkeep and high-quality content. This is where social media marketing platforms come in. Social media marketing platforms are digital platforms that enable their users to better manage, create and share content on their social media channels. These platforms can be used to manage your social media channels on many different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

2. Analytics Tools

Sometimes analytics tools will be built into another digital marketing tool, like the social media marketing platform; however, businesses should also utilize website-specific analytics tools. You should use tools like Google Analytics to keep up to date with data related to your website and customers. These tools will provide you with invaluable insights regarding user behavior on your website. This will enable you to make informed updates to your website to improve the time spent on site and conversion rates. You will also be able to learn more information related to your customer demographics. This information will prove useful in future digital marketing campaigns and product developments.

3. Chat Bots

The level of customer service you can offer potential customers is likely to have a big impact on perceptions of your brand. A consumer who receives high-quality customer service is likely to tell five people about the experience. Whereas those who experience low-quality customer service tell, on average, nine other people.

The internet has meant that customers now do not only expect high-quality customer service, but they expect a rapid response. Research has found that the average consumer would not expect to wait more than ten minutes for a reply from a customer service representative. Using a chatbot on your website is a great way to provide your customers with the quick response they desire. Unlike customer service representatives, chatbots are available to answer questions any time, day or night. This leaves your customer services teams free to focus on more demanding tasks.

4. Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools provide businesses with an easy solution that enables them to utilize the power of email marketing. Email marketing tools enable you to more effectively manage your email marketing. The tools allow businesses to send more personalized emails to customers, which increases the likelihood of a customer opening and acting on an email. They also allow businesses to better monitor and manage their email platforms. An email marketing tool can also be used to automate emails which means that marketing teams have more time to spend on tasks that require more critical thinking.