How to Write the Ideal Instagram Bio

How to Write the Ideal Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio serves as your business card, portfolio, and website home page all in one.

And, with just a few seconds to make a good first impression, your Instagram bio is one of the most effective ways to turn Instagram visitors into followers. It`s practically the same important as Instagram verification for your account.

Are you ready to learn how to write a killer Instagram bio? We’ve mentioned our top eight suggestions below:

  1. Tip #1: Use Your Instagram Bio to Reach Your Target Audience

In a few short sentences or bullet points, a decent Instagram bio describes what you do.

Through a well-crafted bio, you will target your perfect audience and ensure that any potential guests understand what you and your company are all about. If they like what they see, they are more likely to click the follow button.

In their bio, skincare company Saltyface summarizes their brand in three concise lines:

Another way to reach your target audience? Concentrate your Instagram bio copy about how you can support or encourage your community, making it all about them than you.

Consider it a 150-character business pitch. You want to appeal directly to your target audience, differentiate your brand from rivals, and inject some personality.

Make Lemonade, a co-working space in Toronto, is a perfect example of this: their bio is short and to-the-point, and it tells you who they serve:

Their tagline is, “Working alone stinks.” Let’s sweeten it.” combined with “Helping small business owners feel less alone.” is not only applicable in 2020, but also helps them to target a very specific demographic (small business owners) that can relate to the focus on community.

Consider how you can use the 150 characters in your Instagram bio to write copy that attracts prospective clients and buyers, whether it’s a bulleted list or a few short lines.

  1. Tip #2: Share Your Top Targeted Keywords in the Name Area.

Did you know your bio’s Name Field is fully different from your username?

The Name Field is an important (and underutilized!) SEO feature: you can customize it in your Instagram bio to reach even more people who search the app.

With the release of Instagram’s latest keyword search tool, we believe SEO discoverability will become an even more important feature this year.

Take, for example, Ericka of @socialinkco, who uses the Name Field to reveal more about her company:

Using targeted keywords instead of your username in this area is a perfect technique for increasing the discoverability of your brand or company by potential new followers.

If someone searched Instagram for “Instagram Strategist,” they will most likely find Ericka’s page near the top of the results list:

Consider the keywords that your ideal consumer could use to find you on Instagram — it might be your niche, the goods you offer, or the city where your company is located. Put the right keywords in your Name Field until you’ve found them.

  1. Tip #3: Tag relevant accounts and include your brand’s hashtag in your Instagram bio.

Because of an Instagram update in 2018, profile usernames or hashtags in your Instagram bio now act as clickable links.

What is the significance of this?

Since it allows you to advertise sister brands, highlight your founder’s Instagram account, or direct traffic to your branded hashtag.

Thursday Boot Company does this well by including the other brands in their family, @thursdays, @thursdayjackets, and @thursdaysneakers, in their Instagram bio:

  1. Tip #4: Use to Drive Traffic and Make Sales by Later

Since you only get one link in your Instagram bio that can connect to an external website, it’s critical that you use it wisely.

Unless you are dedicated to just linking to your home page (hint: this may not be the best user experience for your followers! ), you may need to update your bio to include a new URL any time you want to direct traffic to a different page on your site. Nobody has the time for that.

Fortunately, there is a tool that can make your entire feed clickable, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to push followers to your website — enter by Later. provides a clickable landing page for all of your Instagram posts, eliminating the need to continually change the URL and call-to-action (CTA) in your Instagram bio to match your most recent message.

Using allows you to easily redirect followers to specific items or pages mentioned in your feed posts without having to edit the URL in your Instagram bio.

And the best part? It’s completely free!

When you follow a brand on Instagram and come across an old post mentioning an article or product, only to discover that the connection in their bio has been changed to something different, it can be frustrating.

Avoid frustrations (and angry DMs) by making it easy for your followers to find your content and goods online with

  1. Tip #5: Include a Call-To-Action in Your Instagram Bio.

Since Instagram only allows you to have one connection on your profile, it’s a good idea to use the last line of copy to tell users what they’ll get if they click your link. A good CTA becomes valuable real estate at this stage.

For example, if you’re launching a new promotion, resource, or limited-time deal, notify your profile visitors.

Later employs a short and quick CTA to entice users to download our free tips, software, and guides.

Don’t be afraid to use emojis to help push more traffic to the connection in your Instagram bio. They will draw attention to your connection and add personality to your profile.