ways to generate interesting content topics for guest posting

Top 5 ways to generate interesting content topics for guest posting

Guest posting is an unsung hero in the field of link building. It will be unfair if we say guest posting only helps in link building. It helps in engaging more readers, getting more targeted traffic, and building authority. Since the last decade, this content publishing style is getting more popular each day. It is a regular job. You need to perform it on a regular basis. And that’s why after a time, you may feel the lack of content topics that can really excite your target audience. 

Generating content topics for guest posting is not a hard task. It is easy but you need to do it wisely. Today, we can share the top 5 ways to generate content topics for guest posting. But you need to make sure that if your competitor has posted content on the same topic, you should do it in a different way. You can understand that what’s already there, posting that again on the internet will not excite readers. 

Best ways to generate content topics for guest posting 

  1. Use tools and platforms- It is the easiest way to get content topics that you can write and post on guest posting sites. You can take the help of tools like Ubersuggest, Google Trends, Buzzsumo, and related other tools to generate content topics. Apart from this, you can keep an eye on Quora. It is the most popular community-based question and answers platform. Here, you will get related questions to your business. You can use those questions and provide answers via guest posting. 
  1. Use a content pyramid- Your website must have a blog section. You can use each blog post as the base of the pyramid. You can target each blog post and create two to three guest posts on that topic. In this way, getting backlinks will be easier for you. Many companies are following this way. They are generating information-rich blog posts and after that using each post as the main topic and creating sub-topics based on the rules of the content pyramid. 
  1. Try top referring content of your competitor- via this process, you have to identify topics that are sending good traffic constantly to your competitor. It will help you in understanding, which topics are actually in demand of people that you mainly target. Once you can identify the topics, you have to create better content so that people prefer to give your posts a read instead of visiting the content posted by your competitors. 
  1. Do content gap analysis- it is another effective way to generate content topics for effective guest posting. Tools like Aherf will help you doing the gap analysis. Here, you have to identify content topics that your competitors haven’t covered yet or find difficult to get the desired traffic. Here, you also need to create a better version of those contents so that people prefer to invest some time to read your content. 
  1. Update your too old content- If you have some content topics that you have posted years back but those topics have values still in today, you need to target those topics. You have to create a better rather updated version of those content topics and post on popular guest posting sites. After topic generation, pouring your attention to the content quality will be your next most important task. People do not prefer to read content if that’s missing modern information or not satisfying their pain points. 

By following these five ways, you will be able to easily generate interesting content topics for guest posting. You should do guest posting on a regular basis. Your content should be unique as well as informative too.