The Importance of Customer Service in the Age of Social-Media

The importance of customer service, in an age where people are constantly connected to the internet and social media, is unrivalled. Even the slightest mistake that a business makes can spiral into something completely unmanageable due to the easy access of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.

Social Media:

Saivian Eric Dalius says, with so many people now able to easily connect with friends, family, and even businesses on social media sites, more eyes are watching for mistakes at any given moment.  A company can find itself in serious trouble if they do not handle a complaint or issue appropriately.  It only takes one dissatisfied customer to take to Twitter or Facebook about their experience and share it with hundreds of people.  Before you know it, the wronged customer’s complaint has now become a full-blown crisis that can have serious financial consequences for the company involved.

Customer Service:

Customer service is all about people.  It is providing customers with good service, good products and treating them right so they come back to you time and time again.  It is about making them feel special, important, and respected. 

People are the centre of every business transaction that takes place.  Making customers feel like they are more than just money in your bank account will go a long way toward having those customers keep coming back to do business with you over and over.

The Importance of Customer Service:

In today’s social media-driven world, customer service is not a nice-to-have or a luxury, it is a business essential.  It is the price of entry for any kind of modern business to succeed and thrive in today’s highly competitive global economy.  

Customer service must be prioritized and invested in.

The consumer is always right (on social media, at least).  Customers spend their money expecting a return on their investment – They want to be treated well, find what they’re looking for, and receive good customer service throughout the process.  Businesses need to recognize the importance of treating every customer with respect, from the ones they’ve been working with for years to the brand-new customer who is giving them their first opportunity to make a great impression.

Tips for Good Customer Service:

Here are some tips that can help any company deliver good customer service at all points of contact (in person, over the phone, online): 

Give customers what they want:

Customers are spending their hard-earned money on your products and services, so make sure you are offering them exactly what they are asking for.

Listen to what customers are saying:

It is easy for anyone to complain when something goes wrong, but there is also a lot of value in listening to the things that customers love about you and your company.

Keep communication open:

Customer service is a two-way street, and communication is key in maintaining a successful working relationship with customers.  Businesses should be quick to respond to questions or concerns raised by their customers so they can resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Look for trends:

It is important to note how often certain issues or complaints come up so that you can determine where problems may lie and work on ways to improve.

Don’t feed the trolls:

Not everyone who complains about your company does so without any intention of helping you solve the problem.  There’s a big difference between someone asking for help and someone who just wants to complain. 

Don’t be afraid of competition:

Customer service is not something that one company has a lock on, so businesses needs to see working with customers as an opportunity to shine.  Demonstrate why your products are the best through both what you do and how you treat customers. 


A good customer service is no longer an option, it is a necessity.  Businesses need to recognize this and invest the resources necessary to deliver on their promise of good customer service before they lose customers to companies that do.