The Complete Guide For Webinar Marketing In 2020

The old days of 20 people sitting inside a stuffy boardroom or in a cold auditorium are over. The time of webinars, of efficient and easy communication, is nigh. A good webinar can be engaging, fun, and very engaging for both the viewers and the lecturers. Since we have unparalleled access to online hosting platforms since we never had such connections before and the best webinar software availble to us we can use it as a great tool.. Well, for some time, webinars have been an effective way to connect and educate.

Brands, business, companies, people are building more and more onto their webinars, getting the most out them, and now it’s your turn. Of course, if you’re thinking about how to do this, well, you are at the right spot. This article below can help you with exactly that. 

Be clear on your goals

This is probably the factor for better webinar marketing in 2020. Not because it’s so important, or so useful (even though it is). Rather, nobody seems to be doing it! People don’t think about their goals, they just jump into their marketing systems. There is no thought put into how to make the most out of your webinar, how best to approach your marketing project. 

So, be clear about what you want to accomplish with your webinar marketing project. What are your goals, what do you expect to accomplish by the end of the year, or quarter, or month? What are your core topics and systems that you want to accomplish?

Is your webinar completely sales-driven, or would you rather connect and network with other people in your field? Is the webinar completely educational, or is it some combination of the above? Only you can answer these questions, since they all vary from field to field, and company to company.

Create an event

First things first – you want to show people that you are professional, every step of the way. The webinar itself is a reflection of your brand and your company, both in terms of the content and the actual event. By this, we mean that people should have an easy time signing up. There should be no technical difficulties, have a clear and simple registration page, a good and well-rounded social media presence as well. 

Generate traffic to your webinar through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Keep these accounts set up, keep people working on them thoroughly and regularly. Hiring professional live event streaming services and proper technology will also guarantee that the entire event goes without a hitch. 

As far as promotional timing is concerned, it’s best if you start around 10 days ahead. More, and people will simply lose interest and forget about it. Less, and you won’t be able to maximize attendance rates. 

Remember to provide valuable information

Webinars are marketing and/or networking strategies. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t actually be useful. Quite the opposite, really. So, get working on a topic that you are extremely familiar with, a topic that you have the proper expertise and hard work. This topic should be one that is supposed to captivate your audience, to show people your worth, and hopefully lead to some conversions.

Now, you might be afraid of public speaking, and standing in front of a crowd. Luckily, you can sharpen up your public speaking skills before the event by attending a public speaking workshop.

It’s also much simpler to take a quick peek at your notes, you won’t have to memorize as much. Also, a random point – don’t let your webinars last for more than 45 minutes to an hour. Anything more than that will drain people’s attention spans, and you won’t really make the impact that you want to with the time you have. Anything less will make it seem somewhat cheap like you’re not giving as much content as you can. 

Push it forward, turn this into sales

Finally, you want to turn this into sales. Webinars are useful for your online reputation, and they are great at moving towards new clients and conversions. Namely, a well-rounded online webinar with strong content and solid strategy will help participants learn about the industry, it’s your chance to educate and to show people just how good you are at certain topics.

Answer questions, use interactive features, get a good Q and A going, and engage people. Present people with a sense of urgency and speed, get people to understand that you can add value to their knowledge and business through your webinar. 

Once the webinar is done, that’s when things actually begin. The live discussions that follow are mandatory they are the points where you can build your brand and your business, the moment where you make the most out of this entire event.

Prepare for a Multilingual Webinar Audience

As more businesses are moving online, there is an increased probability that you will have a multilingual audience. You should determine beforehand how to deliver a webinar for a multilingual audience in case the need should arise. Remote video interpretation services are one quick and easy way to prepare for a multilingual webinar but there are other options that may be available for foreign markets. Learning how to deliver a webinar for a multilingual audience will become increasingly important as more and more companies establish an international presence online.

Even as you move into a post-COVID global society, webinars and other online meetings and work functions are likely to become an increasingly common occurrence. Learning now how to deliver a webinar for a multilingual audience will just make the job that much easier as you begin preparing for an increase in webinars, work at home employees and working with other remote service providers.


And there you have it, folks, a guide on how to make the most out of your webinar marketing in 2020. First of all, get some good goals going, actually think long and hard on how and why you have to do the things you do. Being very clear on the nature of your webinar is crucial if you want it to be a success. Next, you want the event to shine. Get the best possible location, let the place shine. Have a good page, a good selling strategy, a proper social media presence – get good on every level. Finally, keep the webinar actually valuable, and try to get some sales out of all of this.