The Best Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Do you have no idea that why your website is not obtaining visits? Do you find it more difficult to make your clients sign up or subscribe to your website? It is just because of the increased bounce rate.

To make it simple, your customer or visitors skip your website even before you give them a chance of conversion. But bounce rate is not a serious issue. But increased level of a bounce rate really matters. So what is a Good bounce rate and what are the measures to reduce or to maintain a controlled bounce rate?

All these topics will be covered in today’s post. Would you be interested to know them?

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What Is Bounce Rate?

People follow a handful of methodologies and techniques to come up with a better website and that performs well on search engines but rarely concentrate on the bounce rate of their website. And that is the reason the bounce rate gets increased.

A high bounce rate is something a reflection of a poor or a wrong strategy. The reason behind this is, either you are not targeting on the right audience or there is no good user experience on your website.

What Actually Is Bounce Rate?

To make it more simple, when a user visits your website and leaves the domain just after reaching the first page then that’s a bounce. The bounce rate is calculated as, the total number of users who enter the domain Vs the number of visitors who exit on the same page.

The high bounce rate denotes that your website does not hold anything interesting or a landing page. You might even have no landing page at all or the CTA is playing a big mess in the home page. Any of these reasons would be a great factor to increase the bounce rate.

So it is time to think and act wisely that your business may not only obtain traction rather they also make conversions to expand your sales funnel.

And when it comes to online business, cart abandonment is a great issue that online entrepreneurs face. The finest reason in spite of you looking keenly to avoid cart abandonment is poor customer base. So you cannot overlook cart abandonment.

In order to resolve both these issues which are major causes for poor conversion rate or that restrict conversions, I have come up with a few standard solutions.

Let us dig them deep to get things sorted out and to improve conversion rate. 

Steps To Reduce High Bounce Rate: 

#1 Decline Pop-Ups:

Pop-ups are the most annoying thing that one could face while interacting with a website. When you enter the website if you find irrelevant pop-ups that keep on interacting your process, will you stay on the page any longer? Definitely no.

So, the same applies to your customer. Neil Patel’s analysis has stated that around 70% of users find these pop-ups annoying their session on the web.

This is one main reason behind the increased bounce rate. There are cases where a few marketers make use of bullying language on their pop-ups. This not only threatens but makes your customer instantly leave the page they are in.

If you think that these pop-ups play a vital role in making your customers sign up for your subscription, you may proceed but that will never help you build in the long run. To obtain organic traffic and generate good leads it is better to avoid such pop-ups.

#2 Build Quality Content:

Content is the biggest and healthiest way to bring in your customers. You need to be very clever in playing the right game with your customer and they are indeed oriented with the mindset of your customers.

There are websites that make use of the junk content that is in no way related to the website. It is highly important to take care of such content to avoid high bounce rate.

People these days come in search of quality content and they are so much involved in obtaining quality information. When you are not providing such informative content it would definitely disappoint your users and it is important to satisfy your customers.

#3 Make Your Website Mobile Optimized:

It’s a little tragic that we need to repeat how critical this is, yet the quantity of sites that still aren’t advanced for versatile is amazing. With the number of clients getting to the Web essentially from cell phones expanding each year, neglecting to enhance your website for versatile is for all intents and purposes asking for clients to skip and take their business somewhere else.

Tragically, propelling a versatile agreeable webpage is a colossal genuine annoyance, particularly for bigger sites. It’s simply that basic. It can be a careful procedure and might be past your own specialized abilities, which implies it can likewise be another (extensive) cost for your site or business. Be that as it may, it’s difficult to downplay exactly how urgent versatile streamlining is for each sort of site, and you ought to emphatically think about making your site portable agreeable, paying little heed to the time, exertion, and cost included, or the ulcers or restless evenings you cause simultaneously.

It’s additionally indispensably imperative to recollect tip #1 while enhancing your site for versatile. It doesn’t make a difference how lovely your site looks on an iPhone in the event that it takes over a moment to stack.

#4 Optimize Loading Speed

Numerous advertisers expect that if their bounce rate is high, the issue must lie with a page’s substance – when, the truth is told, major issues can emerge before a client even has the opportunity to peruse a page by any stretch of the imagination.

Of the considerable number of issues, a website page can have, taking everlastingly to stack is apparently the most noticeably bad. All things considered, it doesn’t make a difference how great or awful a page’s substance is if a client can’t read it (or even observe it), and 47% of clients anticipate that a site page will stack in two seconds or less, making on-page advancement pivotal to decreasing your ricochet rate.

This is particularly valid for versatile locales. As per information from Radware, an association speed deferral of only 500 milliseconds can bring about an expansion in “crest disappointment” of over 26%, and a decline in a commitment of 8%.

Further, moderate stacking pages are among the main sources of shopping basket relinquishment for internet business retailers. Incredibly, just 2% of the world’s driving 100 web-based business sites have portable locales that heap completely in less than five seconds on cell phones – and one-fifth take very nearly eight seconds to stack totally, a criminally long time span for destinations that live beyond words change rate streamlining.

Before you even consider taking a gander at the substance of your pages, ensure your guests can really see them in a sensible measure of time.

 Steps To Reduce Cart Abandonment:

#5 Build Trust Improved Conversion:

A client shopping on the web puts a considerable measure of confidence in an e-retailer when they make a buy. They’re going to hand over their own and budgetary data, and after in excess of 31.8 million shoppers experienced charge card security breaks in 2014, buyers need more consolation that their information is secure.

One investigation found that 61% of customers didn’t finish a buy since trust factors were absent.

The most effortless approach to enhance trust in the purchasing procedure is to demonstrate to your client that their data is secure:

Some essential trust factors are like business verification through authority, delivery information, actual price display and business name in the browser address bar. Many businesses display their verified business name in the browser address bar; with the help of the Extended Validation Certificate. An Extended Validation Certificate is the type of SSL certificate; that verify business existence through a strict validation process and display company name in the browser address bar. The primary benefits of EV (Extended Validation) Certificate is:

  • Browser Green Address bar
  • 256-Bit Encryption
  • 2048-Bit Encryption Key Length
  • Unlimited Server License
  • Unlimited Certificate Reissuance (During Certificate Lifespan)
  • Mobile & Desktop Browser Support

If your e-commerce business is registered under government regulation; and you are looking to display your business in browser address bar. Then you can get more information about features and Cheapest EV SSL –, visit this page. Getting Extended Validation is simple if you have all the documents to obtain this.

#6 Do Not Surprise Your Customers With Increased Price Rates:

One of the best explanations behind truck relinquishment is sudden expenses. This ordinarily identifies with delivery costs that appear just toward the finish of the checkout procedure.

To decrease sticker stun and truck relinquishment because of value issues, ensure your delivery costs are straightforward while the client is perusing through your items. I suggest including a delivery number cruncher before checkout to assess shipping costs and limit shocks later on.

Another well-known approach is to diminish shipping costs by offering free or reduced transport in light of the request esteem.

#7 Include Guest Checkout Options:

Don’t force customers to create an account. This makes it feel like the buying process takes longer. Instead, offer a guest checkout option. All the information used to create an account will be gathered for shipping. At the end, you can offer to save their information for future orders.

#8 Implement Remarketing:

Some deserting can’t be forestalled, yet you can, in any case, recuperate them with Facebook remarketing. A Facebook following pixel put on your site can catch guest conduct and store information while connecting a treat to the guest.

You would then be able to make a Facebook promotion battle focusing on custom groups of onlookers, for example, the individuals who visited your site yet fail to make a buy. Introduce dynamic promotions to those clients in light of the items they saw to attempt and win them back.

#9 Help Customers With Quick Signups:

Once your new clients are alright with your image and have encounter setting things into a list of things to get, it’s an ideal opportunity to consider how you catch data about your clients. I comprehend that information is above all else.

In case you’re not compelling enlistment from the begin, ensure you remind them before they go. Ensure you do it deliberately and keep it basic. Too often have I been on an online business page where I feel like each bit of individual data is drawn from me like blood from a stone. This is off-putting, will harm trust and may prompt an exit.

In the event that effortlessness is the issue, Facebook is the appropriate response. On the off chance that you need to catch your purchaser’s information, a straightforward tap of a ‘Join with Facebook’ catch is all you require. Facebook is a commonplace, secure name the client will perceive and offers a solid invitation to take action.

Wrap Up:

This post is completely rendered understanding each and every single cause for improved bounce rate. I have gone through a certain live analysis that made business owners come out with their pain points on increased bounce rate.

Understanding the need and urge to fix and resolve the issue, I have gathered the most important steps that would reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions on both informative websites and commercial ones.

Get them all implemented to observe and obtain better results and to expand your sales funnel. Do not miss out to share your success stories in the comment section.


Photo by Mark Rabe on Unsplash