Six Reasons Why Maintaining Brand Consistency is Key to Successful Social Media Marketing

Six Reasons Why Maintaining Brand Consistency is Key to Successful Social Media Marketing

Have you ever wondered what makes a brand so convincing and so loyal to its subjects? 

One word: Consistency.

Brand consistency is how a business (online or brick-and-mortar) delivers messages aligned with its core values, customer experience, brand promise, and brand identity essentials. It refers to how “spot-on” your company’s marketing tactics are concerning your brand guidelines and identity. 

Many successful enterprises utilize the diversity of social media by creating multiple presences. It makes sense to do so, as social media is one of the most affordable and effective advertising company services, employer brands, and products. 

However, not all brands are successful at leveraging social media marketing to build brand identity. 

To be successful, a brand must maintain a strong voice and presence across all social platforms. But to do that, you need to understand why upholding consistency is the cornerstone of achieving success in social media – or pretty much any other form of marketing. 

Here’s a closer look at why maintaining brand consistency is crucial for succeeding.

1 It allows you to connect with your consumers via content

Undoubtedly, social media is an ever-changing landscape, and it takes seconds for content to become obsolete. Hence, maintaining brand consistency by posting regularly is crucial. If you go days between posts, it is implausible that your target audience will see your messages frequently enough to be influenced by you. 

On the other hand, it is also essential that you don’t bombard your social presence with posts, which can often lead them to block or unfollow you. This is a complex job, but once you figure out a posting rhythm that is both influential and consistent, you will have no problem connecting with your consumers. 

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Pro tip – It is wise to use a happy medium: post countless times every week (depending on your audience and platform) and share posts among all social channels. 

2 It makes your brand more reliable.

As you get to know someone, you begin to form ideas and assumptions about them based on your encounters with them. It may be difficult to pin down exactly who they are and what they are about if they are dressed in a ragged T-shirt and Bermuda shorts one day, a business suit the next, and then in a scuba diving kit later.

Assume that this same person is someone with whom you are considering doing business. Wouldn’t their inconsistent appearance make you worry about their constancy in their work? Because of being erratic, you might want to think twice about bringing them into your social presence.

If you’re not careful, your consumers may have the same sentiments about your brand. You’re giving mixed signals to consumers if your social media voice is wacky and amusing, but your product packaging is pristine and basic. This will confuse them and make them feel like your brand can’t be trusted.

3 It evokes positive emotions. 

Your audience will begin to identify pleasant emotions with your brand when you attach brand consistency to positive emotions (through well-produced phrases and pictures). 

Whether or not those positive emotion-evoking words and imagery are present, exposure to a stand-alone logo or your brand name eventually evokes such sentiments. Furthermore, simply exposing individuals to your brand can make them happy, and happy people are much more likely to buy (especially from a brand they trust).

4 It magnifies authority 

If brands do an excellent job of continually investigating their image, they can gain authority. Some businesses have perfected their vision to the point where the authority has linked the brand’s name to a specific product.

Do you want a specific example? Kleenex. That’s a tissue brand. Even though there are various other brands of tissues, people frequently refer to the product as Kleenex.

This is the pinnacle of brand authority: consumers immediately associate a specific product with a particular brand when consumers think of a specific product. Even this type of generalization, which we just discussed, occurs in some circumstances.

5 It does not create confusion among your followers.

When your brand does not maintain consistency in its posts, administers, designs, and handles its social media accounts, you risk alienating many friends and followers. The quality of both your items and the manner you market your business is probably why you have such a large following on social media in the first place.

When you’re inconsistent with the latter, some supporters may get dissatisfied with you, and you may withdraw their support. The purpose of social media is to reach out to as many people as possible, and you can only do that if you are consistent in your offering.

6 It separates you from the competition. 

A persistent style gives your company distinctiveness, making it easier for customers to identify you. The imagery you show will shape your brand aesthetic, especially on platforms like Instagram, which are all about pictures. 

Having a distinct and consistent look helps your brand stand out and enables you to remember who you are. Whatever your brand’s appearance is—sparkling, inviting, warm, serious, or comical —make sure your content reflects who you are as a company and appeals to the people you serve and wish to reach.

In All Thy Branding, Remain Consistent

That concludes our list of why maintaining brand consistency is crucial for social media marketing success. By putting the right processes, tools, and people in place, businesses are better positioned to reap the benefits of holistic marketing. 

By interacting with customers through a relevant and unswerving brand voice and visual, you can allow your customers to get to know you as an organization. And when customers feel like they know you well enough to trust you, they will be more likely to buy from you and recommend you to others.

That’s the magic of remaining precise and consistent. So, make it your goal to maintain consistency in all your marketing efforts and enjoy the results for years to come.