Reinforce Your Newsletter Sign-ups Using Double Opt-in Email Marketing

Reinforce Your Newsletter Sign-ups Using Double Opt-in Email Marketing

Every day, people receive a large number of unwanted emails that they did not request, wasting valuable time in the process of removing them. If you’re a business, the least you can do is respect their time and privacy by avoiding sending them unwanted emails. 

That’s where opt-in email marketing comes in. Before sending any emails, you need to gain the recipient’s permission. In this article, you will learn about double opt-in email marketing and how to implement them into your email marketing efforts in 2022.

Few easy-to-implement double opt-in email marketing methods that work:

● Your website should include a newsletter signup form on it. Since there are so many plugins like the MailChimp custom form and SumoMe’s scroll box App Plugin, having one should be simple enough.

● If you have a form on your website, add an opt-in checkbox to it. Inquiry forms, application forms, etc., are all examples of this.

●  At the end of each transaction on your website, include an email signup option.

●   You may also allow individuals to subscribe to your email list through social media. 

Ways By Which Double Opt-in Email Marketing Boosts Newsletter Sign-ups

 Here are the listed ways how double opt-in email marketing can boosts newsletter sign-ups. 

i). On your website, provide a signup form

According to a recent poll, 74% of respondents said they use these forms, and 42% said they were successful. 

A signup form on your website should be simple to create for double opt-in email marketing. It is possible to complete a simple, clean, and professional-looking signup form utilizing various technologies, such as MailChimp’s custom signup form or SumoMe’s scroll box app plugin.

Prospects should be able to provide you with information like their Name, Email Addresses, and, of course, their Location using this signup form. 

Additional information like a phone number or a particular product or service interest might be requested as long as the signup form doesn’t appear cumbersome. 

As a rule of thumb, you should only ask for the person’s name and email address if you want to personalize your email marketing strategy. Aside from weighing the pros and cons of adding more fields, search for more efficient methods of obtaining the data you need.

ii). Integrate your favorite email service provider with this signup form (ESP) 

The next step after generating a signup form on your website is to select an email service provider (ESP) to maintain your list, send out your campaign emails, and track your campaign’s performance. 

There are a lot of decent ESPs to choose from, so it might be challenging to make a decision. Here are some considerations to bear in mind while selecting a service. 

●  A robust infrastructure is essential if you don’t want your emails to be lost in the shuffle for any reason.

● An excellent reporting solution that provides information on the efficacy of your email marketing campaigns

● The Can-Spam Act It’s important to follow the rules if you don’t want to be labeled spam by your contacts.

● Using the list segmentation feature, you may arrange your contacts based on their demographics and other attributes. You’ll be able to send targeted email messages this way.

● A/B Email subject lines and content may be tested to see what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to find out what works and what doesn’t.

●  You may try out the service for free to see whether it meets your requirements.

● A reasonable pricing strategy. If you’re going to use the service extensively, you’ll want to pay a monthly fee proportional to the size of your mailing list or the number of emails you send.

●  Play around with the templates and make them your own.

●   Finally, a service that allows for Double Opt-in Email Confirmation. 

As soon as you’ve decided on an ESP, be sure to inquire about how to incorporate your signup form into their system. Every lead you collect should automatically receive an email from your service provider asking them to confirm their membership, so ensure your ESP is capable of doing so.

iii). Manage your to-do list

Your list should be segmented adequately from your ESP. If you want to launch a targeted email campaign, this is a fantastic place to start. 

Once you’ve weeded out the bad apples from your list, it’s time to categorize them in any way that makes sense for your marketing approach.

An ethical and successful email marketing campaign can’t be run in a day. If you want to build a strong relationship with your subscribers, you’ll need to put in the time, effort, and resources to manage double opt-in email marketing.

iv). Signup forms should be simple and to the point

For specific material, such as your newsletter or a freebie, signup is a barrier that consumers must overcome.

Keep the signup barrier low so that people don’t lose interest and leave by requiring an email address (e.g., It’s possible to receive additional information about them in the future by filling out forms.

v). Consistently send emails

They won’t forget about you and mistake you for spam if they receive regular emails. To begin, send a thank you or welcome email as soon as someone signs up for your mailing list. It would help if you made it a point to send them emails frequently. 

You can seek the best ways to enhance your email lists to send your contacts for a better impact.

vi). Allow customers to unsubscribe

Double opt-in email marketing is equally as important as talking about opt-in. A simple unsubscribe button can provide your existing customers the option of leaving or staying on your mailing list if you’re already sending emails to them.

vii). Allowing subscribers to change their settings is a good idea

Users can use the update preferences option if they don’t want to unsubscribe entirely. 

Subscribers will see that you respect their right to express themselves and that they are not at your whim. In no way is this a guarantee of zero spam complaints, but it is one less incentive for someone to designate you as spam.


Developing an audience through an additional opt-in step might be laborious but ultimately beneficial in the long term. It will assist you in gaining a more devoted audience that has the potential to acquire your products or services, which is the target audience you should have. 

Therefore, you should incorporate double opt-in email marketing into your marketing plan to expand your email lists ethically and cultivate a true community.