How To Run A Marketing Campaign From A Smartphone

How To Run A Marketing Campaign From A Smartphone

One of the important tasks that marketers embark upon these days is devising ways to create awareness digitally. Digital marketing is big business and nowadays, it is being carried out more via smartphones. This is because almost everyone around the world has access to mobile devices. Mobile marketing focuses on the use of easy methods to improve conversion rates. Small businesses use this strategy as part of a multichannel marketing solution, thereby reaching more customers with specific offers. There are more than five billion users of smartphones so running a marketing campaign from a smartphone can increase brand awareness. Let us see how this can be achieved.

Social media

Most smartphone users usually visit social media and it is interesting to know that some people even bought smartphones because they wanted to be more visible on social media. As shown by Pew Internet, Facebook is used by 62% of the world’s population while 47% of people use Whatsapp. There is hardly any social media platform without at least a billion patronizers. These statistics support the reason why the use of social media is one of the main marketing strategies when using a smartphone. By making comments and sending messages, you can easily create a personal connection with your customers or prospective customers. 

Your business can even be more appealing with recommendations and customer referrals. Some of the ways by which you can use social media advertisements are Facebook advertisements, promoted pins on Pinterest, and promoted Twitter tweets. To be able to achieve this regularly, you need to have a regular supply of internet so you can follow up on your leads. Sim-only deals are the best if you hope to stay online always without spending too much. Once your phone is unlocked to recognize any sim card, you can subscribe to a favorable data plan that will keep you online regularly.

Leverage on location-based marketing

All smartphones have the GPS function and this feature can come in handy when running a marketing campaign from a smartphone. Location-based marketing makes use of this GPS function to help marketers show promotions and relevant content according to users’ locations. This is often referred to as geotargeting. According to studies, more than 80% of marketers experience more success with promotions when they are location-based. The result of this is more engagement and better responses.

Make use of SMS marketing

This is simply the act of marketing by the use of text messages. Also known as text marketing, this method is a permission-based mobile marketing strategy where you send coupons, alerts, promotions, and deals straight to the phones of potential customers. A one-page text message contains 160 characters or less. In doing SMS marketing, you must keep your messages short so that they won’t wear out the reader. It should be short, concise, and deliver the needed intention across to the prospective customers. Text messages have high deliverability and engagement rates because people are always almost with their phones. Due to this fact, SMS marketing is an effective smartphone advertising strategy but it is good not to overuse it.

Optimize your emails for mobile

Smartphones have overtaken computers as the device most often used to surf the internet. The majority of the emails sent out for the purpose of marketing these days get opened on phones. Since customers have adopted the use of smartphones as their primary way of accessing the internet, you as a business owner need to devise ways to optimize email offers for mobile. This would mean that you make your emails look as presentable as it would look on a laptop. This will increase click-through rates and bring more customers to your website. These smartphone email marketing tips can help you achieve leads and improve your brand.

Final word

Running marketing campaigns from smartphones is becoming increasingly popular these days. Even when you build a website to optimize your business’ chances at leads, you have to make it mobile-friendly else, you will already be losing the leads itself. Devising ways that would make a visitor get hooked on to your marketing messages, emails, and contents from your smartphone requires a lot of effort but it proves very effective if properly executed. You can use the tips here and read more from the references below.