Recycle Your Content: How To Repurpose A Blog Post For Effective Social Media Engagement

Recycle Your Content: How To Repurpose A Blog Post For Effective Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms are an excellent place to find and engage with current and potential customers, and to raise your brand awareness at the same time.

Each platform is different, and utilises many forms of content in a variety of ways to engage with users. Quality content is the best way to entice customers in, but this doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch creating brand new content each day.

Successful blog posts can make engaging and effective social media content. Read on and find out how to recycle your old content to create something refreshing in no time…

Identify your best or most suitable content

Before you can start recycling, you need to know if the raw material is suitable or not. A boring or fairly dense blog post may not be the right choice for repurposing. You may, however, find a blog post that is outdated or less relevant now, but that is still easy to recycle and improve.

Your most popular pieces are the natural top choice for engagement on social media, as you already know that they have been successful in the past. If you are struggling to identify the best content yourself, the right social media marketing agency in Dubai can help. They can analyse which were the most effective and help you to repurpose them to have the biggest impact.

Break it up into bite size pieces

One of the best ways to recycle a blog post is to break it into chunks. Most social media platforms prefer short-form content over longer essays, and scannable and easily digestible content can be far more effective.

Consider breaking your blog post up by its headings and subheadings, and you will have a series of new posts ready to go on your social media page.

Consider the form you want your content to take

The platform that you wish to post your blog content on will play a role in determining the kind of content you create, but think about the best format to get your message across as well. You may realise that your blog post would actually work better as an infographic on LinkedIn, for example. Much like a short-form video on TikTok or a series of interesting and engaging Facebook posts may work best.

Promote your content

Once you have recycled your blog post in the way that seems best, it is time to post it. But remember, promotion is essential if you want to achieve the maximum social media engagement that you can. You should try and appear to as many people as possible by boosting your posts, use snippets of your content as ad copy, and share, share, share.

Final thoughts

So much of the blog posts and other content that have been published online over the years is now redundant, obscure, or completely forgotten. Don’t leave your old blog posts out in the cold. Give them a revamp, use the best format and recycle your blog posts in a way that boosts your social media engagement at the same time.